Peerless Genius System

Chapter 655: Bombing Day

So I'm a monster, too. What do you mean?

Sholo thinks Ian has something to say, but now he's got a rough guess about Ian's identity, most likely a military genetic fighter by Sarah Michelle, or how could he have easily found himself as a secret weapon, a genetic fighter who could have moved around randomly? And it doesn't seem to have been approved by the military, some of which are out of common sense!

“Sir, sir...”

Knocking on the door sounded, someone shouting at themselves outside.

“Remember, don't bother my woman again. If I ever hear her cry because of you again, I'll step on you into a mud!” Ian coldly dropped a sentence and leapt like a miracle out of a window, disappearing into a heavy night.

Sholo didn't chase him out, he just looked in the direction of his departure and sighed softly: "Come in! ”

Granted, the door was gently pushed open, and a member of the Cripple Gang walked in with a respectful smile on his face, washing himself clean, wearing a pair of briefs and a tight white short sleeve with thin short-sleeved clothing so that two points on his chest could be seen clearly.

Before he could talk to Sholo, he was shocked by the big tree in the room that came through the window and looked at the myriad spider web-like cracks on the wall around the window. He suddenly struck a chill and suddenly felt daisy, because he felt that inserting a big tree in the window was definitely suggesting something.

“Something wrong?” Sholo turned around and asked indifferently.

“Grunting ~”

In response to Sholo's gaze, the lame gang members swallowed a hard sip of saliva and felt like a lamb, while the other side was a hungry wolf running through the halibut. He regretted giving the master advice on how to turn that shit upside down, and then pushed himself into a fire pit.

“Sir, let me squeeze your shoulders and slap your legs.” He had some chills.

Sholo's eyes squinted slightly: "Dressed like this to help me squeeze my shoulders and punch my legs? ”

“Don't you like it, sir? ”

The lame gang member came up with a hard scalp and had already come in. Even the fire pit he had to endure. No big deal. Don't look at himself as a person tonight. He still circled around Sholo, turning around and selling his body, like a young lady is disturbed.

Sholo withstood an anger and asked, "What are you doing? ”

The lame gang member was stunned and said, "I've made it so obvious, can't you see? Does the gentleman like me to be blunt?

He coughed dry and calmed down: “Sir, tonight… I'll sleep for you tonight, do whatever you want.” He's on the bed with his ass up, "Come on, don't pity me! ”

In my heart, I shouted: For the prosperity of the gang, selling an ass is nothing, and then I will be above 10,000 people, it is not worth mentioning the bitterness and grievance.


Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled tightly. At this time, he can't say nausea. This nausea is like a maggot crawling all over his body...

Outside the door, the lame boss and his gang were eavesdropping on the movement inside, hearing that little brother spared no effort to sell his body inside, the lame gang boss had to put up his thumb and say to the gang next to him: “Look, look, this is Saddam, in order for the gang to stand up and sell their hues, this is the big deal, this is the spirit of who I won't go to hell, you idiots learn! ”

“Yes, yes, the Master is right. ”

When the gang nodded their heads together, they really felt that Saddam had sacrificed too much this time, thinking that the area beneath him would be forked by a circle, and they got a chill and really pinched a cold sweat for Saddam.


At this point, there was a scream coming from inside.

The crowd subconsciously thought that the daisy had been screamed out by Saddam, and the next second, the door was smashed open by a human shell, and Saddam, who was wearing exposed shorts and a Hello Kitty cat, was lying unknowingly in the hallway.


The Cripple Gang boss and the gang took a sip of cool air, I don't understand how this could have happened, because their companion Saddam was obviously kicked out by the gentleman inside.

“Boom ~”

One foot stepped on a falling door panel, such as a jack pressed down, and the entire door panel instantly cracked.

The lame gang boss and the gang raised their heads in horror, only to face Sholo's indifference to the extreme.

“Tired of living, looking for someone to disgust me? ”

Sholoh lowered his head and stared at them coldly, sounding like he was from the Nine Ghosts of Hell, giving the impression of an utter chill.

In just one word, this group of people were frightened by the cold sweat waterfall and trembled.

“No, no, no, sir, we were wrong, I just thought you... you...”

“Think I'm a gay? ”

Sholo picked up the lame boss's words, humming.

The lame help the boss subconsciously nodded, and then shook his head desperately. How dare you admit that you think Sholo is a Gay? This is definitely faster.

Sholoh was angry and raised his hand to help the boss's heavenly lid.

“Forgive me, sir. Forgive me, I dare not. I dare not again. ”

The lame help boss was scared to death and screamed, but he witnessed Sholo kneading a gun into a piece of iron mud and shooting it at his head. Then he had a reason to live again.

“Hoo ~”

Sholo's palms suddenly stopped over his head, and the wind continued to pour and numb his scalp.

“I told you, I'm just staying here for a while, except for three meals and tea. Don't bother me, okay?” Sholo Cold Channel.

“Understood, understood! ”

How dare the lame boss and the gang disobey is totally deterred by Sholoh's strength.

“Just so you know, I'm going to sleep in that room on the roof, and get me a high-configuration computer. ”

Sholo turned around and walked upstairs without returning his head to add, "Be able to connect! ”

“Yes, sir. ”

The lame helps the boss to focus, such as slapping the chest with relief, he just closed through the ghost door, repeating: God bless.



The next day, Sholo posted the exact date of the bombing of the White House online.

Given FBI Senior Search Officer Scott Michelle's report on Thousand Faced Killer Shaw Cold, the government of the Commonwealth of Magnesium gave high priority and raised the threat level to level A. The White House entered a first-degree state of alert around it, centered around the White House, within 500 meters of each other, full of JC, FBI members, and SEALs, all armed with live ammunition guarding the White House, not to mention a single person, even a fly, who would never fly into the White House.

The White House is the face of the Magnesium Nation, and if it is bombed, it is the face of the federal government in the face of the world, something that the Magnesium Nation absolutely cannot allow to happen.