Peerless Genius System

Chapter 660 Flight

“Ian, you got work to do! ”

Inside a luxurious villa, the young man who had previously picked Ian up in a luxury car pushed open the door and said to Ian, who was sitting on the couch on the phone.

Ian made a silent gesture at him and smiled: "Honey, we're going to the movies tonight. At 7: 00, I'll pick you up at the University of Washington. I'll be there. Love you! ”

Finished, hung up.

As soon as he hung up the call, the smile on his face immediately converged and the character of the whole person changed dramatically, at a time when he was like an exasperated beast.

He asked coldly, "They want me to kill Thousand Face Killer Shaw Ching, right? ”


The young man nodded, “I want you to leave immediately and use your tracking power to find him, Your Excellency the President has...”

“Phew ~”

Ian instantly came to him, five fingers on his right hand, pinched his neck, and pressed him all over the wall, coldly saying, "What if I refuse to execute? ”

Even though he was strangled, the young man had a slight panic on his face, and he said in calm terms: "Ian, you were a former death row inmate, and you should be honored that the federal government chose you to participate in the study of genetic warriors, and that's why you can live and fall in love like a normal person.

There is no free lunch in the world, no absolute freedom, you have to lose whatever you get, and anyone has a shackle that restricts him, and I remind you that everything you have now, including your life, is from the federal government, and you have to obey the federal government, or you will soon lose what you have. ”

Ian's eyelids jumped, loosened him, and punched him on the solid wall in front of him.

The wall was just like tofu, and his fist easily smashed a hole in the top.

Ian gasped like a crude beast and murdered: “If I wanted to, the federal government would soon disappear from the world! ”

“But you wouldn't do that, would you? ”

The calmer and more accommodating the young man is, obviously, not the first time he has encountered this situation, “Without the special drug dispensed to you by the federal government, in less than half a month, your body will rot into pus and become maggots' food. You may not be dead when your whole body is full of maggots, and your consciousness will be clear, I'm afraid, until they devour your brain and you will eventually die. This method of death should be the most disgusting and tragic in the world. ”

It was like touching Ian's most vulnerable nerve, causing his forehead to sweat beads and dissipate a lot of brazenness from all over his body.

The young man patted him on the shoulder, comforting him: "Ian, open up. Everyone in this world lives like a dog, and I am no exception. When the shackles on my body are tightened by my master, I have to work hard to accomplish the tasks the master has told me, otherwise all I have to do is wait for my death and elimination. Think about it. You're actually luckier than most people.

As long as you follow the orders of the federal government, you will spend an endless amount of money. You can also pursue your love. I know that you love that Chinese girl very much. You want to stay with her forever. It's worth acknowledging that, since you love her and want to stay with her forever, then, work hard for this goal. There is no such thing as winning without effort. You can only get what you want with your life. ”

Ian was silent, and all the resistance was slowly dissipating.



The Pentagon was blown up and the Department of Defense headquarters moved to an underground base in Washington.

President Oba and Cabinet ministers are all here at this time, with a lot of high-tech instruments, four 82-inch monitors on the wall, military command and control systems beside each other, and several young men and women officers busy working.

“Report, Your Excellency, the genetic warrior has departed, it is now located in the Mojave Desert!” A technician reported to President Oba.

“What does it do in the Mojave Desert?” President Oba said coldly.

The technician nodded: “It should be. ”

Then what are you doing destroying the Mojave Desert?

Everyone here is confused, and of course, they have 100% confidence in the genetic warrior's ability to trace it, and if they smell each other, the genetic warrior can find it in any corner of the world.

“Wasn't his target the Mojave Invisible Fighter Research and Development Base!?” A cabinet minister suddenly shouted.


Everyone couldn't help but catch a breath of cool air. The Mojave Invisible Fighter Research and Development Base was expensive to build, and the latest Ghost 5 was at the most critical stage of R&D. If interrupted, the previous period's huge investment would be turned into a shadow.

“I found it. I found it. It's gone!” A technician suddenly shouted with excitement.

President Oba and everyone else glanced forward and could only see a black dot moving on the monitor, until the technician lowered the resolution, which made it clear that it was a person running.

The technician explained: "I scanned and photographed with satellites, depending on the direction the genetic warrior was traveling, and accidentally captured the figure of annihilation.” He goes on, "Incredibly, his running speed is close to 150 kilometers an hour! ”

- What?

Everyone glared at each other and could not believe such a report.

“Are you sure he's on his own running and moving without other means of transportation?” The Minister of Defence asked with a sip.

“Satellite photographs show him running, about 50 to 80 meters away.” The technician said.

“What's going on? Is he a genetic warrior from China? ”

The Secretary of Defense took a deep breath of air and turned to President Oba, "Our genetic warriors are only at that level. ”

President Oba did not pick him up, and his face was shady and frosty.

The technician, after analyzing the photographs taken by the satellite and all the data, was stunned: “He didn't seem to be running, he was flying. ”


My God, what kind of international joke are you, that humans can fly without the aid of an external aircraft?

How is that possible?

People were shocked again, and the Secretary of Defense was angry: "What the fuck are you talking about? Are you saying he's a Superman? ”

“Minister, this is a photograph taken by an investigator from the Mojave base. ”

The technician projected a group of pictures onto a huge display screen, all desert pictures, unusually flat, and the technician explained, "The desert in the photograph is a place that was destroyed, and he left no trace, but how could a man run in the desert without footprints, unless he was flying and his feet didn't touch the sand in the desert? ”

As soon as this is said, everyone here truly feels a shock from the soul.

What the hell kind of world is this?