Peerless Genius System

Chapter 663: Closing


Cabinet ministers in the underground base, after seeing the outbreak of Sholoh, were all stunned and thought that genetic warriors could tear Sholoh to pieces with the advantage of total crushing, but after seeing Sholoh's power, they became suspicious.

President Oba's face changed and the smile that appeared so easily dissipated again. He now finally knows why Thousand Faced Killer Xiao Ling is able to wave in the rising wind of Japan. These are the strengths that go beyond the category of ordinary people. None of them in the Magnesium Country necessarily can suppress them.

“What do you think, it hurts? Humph...” On the Mojave Desert, Ian showcased his flesh and blood glued to his claws, smiling coldly.

“Fine! ”

Sholo smiled slightly and the five eye-catching bloody mouths in front of his chest healed at a visible velocity. After just a few breaths, he was intact and had not even left a scar.

“What are you... what are you capable of?” Ian's face changed so fast that he couldn't believe it to look at Sholo.

“You don't need to know! ”

Sholo locked Ian in a riot, struck a lightning bolt, and took the initiative.


Ian sighed and shouted after a moment of inactivity.

Between the blinks, the air field struck, the two were facing bombardment, fists, claws, leg shadows, collisions, violent forces swept like a storm, sand and dust, tons of sand were splashed into the air.

At the same time, like two beasts, no one backed off, wildly bombarded in a dull stampede, battlefield shifting speeds, mumbling, bombing, howling, and the whole thing!

“Oh, my God, are these two humans still fighting? ”

The magnesium army, which flew about a kilometre away, was completely stunned. The battle between the two humans reached this level, it completely disrupted their perception of the world. It shocked their vision. Such a violent storm of power, they were still so far away, they could still feel the real thing, the numbness of their scalps.

Cabinet ministers in the basement had lost sight of the specific battle scenes of Sholoh and Ian, all replaced by heavenly yellow sand, and they could only look at the satellite photographs, from the satellite's point of view, and only see Sandstorm blossoms spreading across the Mojave Desert, which of course they knew was due to the constant shifts in the battlefields of Sholoh and Ian.



The offense is like a storm, dense and fast!

The impact is like a flood, a flood!

The battles between Sholo and Ian seemed to turn every inch of the Mojave Desert over.

“Sholo!!! ”

Ian nearly reached a runaway state, shouting loudly and trembling in the sky. He did not hate Sholoh, but rather wanted to be with Huang Rulang forever for the sake of the battle. To this end, he was crushed one time by Sholoh, but he rose and slaughtered again.

Resolute, crazy, dead!

Ianna's proud body was covered in blood under Sholo's ghost claws, but his offensive momentum had not diminished, but had become even more appalling, as if the wounds on him could add strength.

“Boom ~”

Finally, the fists of the two collided in the simplest and most brutal way, the fierce forces rolled over, a dull blast erupted, and then swept across the sides, each retreating more than a dozen steps.

Heavy fighting has stopped!

Ian was covered in blood, and there were cracks in the bones of his entire right arm, like the severe pain of being pierced by tens of millions of steel needle holes. Not only did this arm lose its fighting power, but his consciousness was a little blurred.

And Schollo's right phalanx had a crushed fracture, blood seeping through the surface, so his entire right hand was fleshly blurred.

“That's good, that's great! ”

Sholo praised Ian sincerely, while the system spent 100,000 points healing the palm of his hand and quickly recovering his phalanges and flesh.

“My goal is to kill you...”

Ian mumbled and rushed to Sholo again after a brief stagnation, but now he's at the end of a strong crossbow, not as fast as he was.

Sholoh leaped from time to time and flipped from time to time, turning like a ghost behind him, taking Ian's waist straight to his right palm, the power of the Dragon's 18th palm suddenly erupted.

“Cuckoo ~”

The palmar surface collides with the lumbar spine, resulting in misalignment of the bone joint.

Ian was struck by lightning, his pupils suddenly enlarged, screaming, losing balance on the spot, and “Wow” spit out a lot of blood.

“Wishes are good, but reality is cruel! ”

Sholo walked up to him, staring down at him, with a faint mouth.

Ian's face cracked like a ghost, staring straight at Sholo: "... kill you, I'm going to kill you...”

Struggled to get up from the ground and hit Sholoh with his back paw.

Sholoh's eyes were slightly cold, he kicked his foot in his abdomen, only listened to the "bang”, Ian burst out like a shell, fell more than a dozen meters away, the state of biochemical genetic warrior was forced to dissolve, he regained his appearance as a human being, that white face, though full of blood, looked handsome and charming.

Defeated, Genetic Warrior Defeated!!!

Seeing Ian recover to the appearance of ordinary people, all the people in the underground base opened their eyes, their faces filled with incredible colors, genetic warriors can be said to be one of the most powerful secret weapons developed by their magnesium country, after nuclear bombs, why lose? What kind of existence is that Thousand Face Killer Xiao Ling? Even a genetic warrior who can't get a knife gun can defeat him?

Thriller, unspeakable. Thriller spreads all over the body. Everyone heartily feels a chill from the soul.

President Oba's eyes were trembling, and when Sholo defeated the genetic warrior, he was not angry, but scared, and his hands with coffee were trembling incessantly.

On that dry, hot Mojave desert, Sholoh stepped in front of Ian and said, "Ian, you lost! ”


Defeated yourself?

Ian opened his eyes in horror. How could he lose? Sholo can't be killed. The vision between him and Ryan will be shadowed. No, absolutely not, absolutely not!

With that in mind, he did his best, trembling up from the ground, holding his fist and hitting Sholo.

But his power today, not even an ordinary man, can compare. When he hit Sholoh, he was shocked back by Sholoh's internal forces, and the whole man flew backwards two meters, and his mouth and nose bled.

Immediately after a brief pause, he climbed up and rushed towards Sholoh again, despite everything.

“There's no end! ”

Sholo's eyebrows wrinkled and his inner strength burst, and Ian was shocked out without even touching his body.

This time, Ian was badly injured, his five dirty hearts were severely hit, his blood sprayed several large mouths and his face pale to the extreme.

Sholo doesn't want to ignore him anymore, turns around and walks to the Invisible Fighter Base.

“Sholo! ”

Ian lay on the hot sand in a large font, screaming with all his strength.