Peerless Genius System

Chapter 667: Troubleshooting Leon

Schollo was just as powerful and as frightening as the ancient Greek myth of war god Ares.

The Federal Government, headed by Secretary of Defense Arnold, chose to compromise in order to preserve Myung-chul by withdrawing all personnel from the Invisible Aircraft Base, allowing Sholoh to destroy the Base and revoking the internal wanted warrant, ordering the FBI and JC never to clash or friction with Sholoh, otherwise they would be charged with treason.

All they want is for this plague god to leave magnesium soon, stop messing around in their magnesium country, citizens' demonstrations, international public opinion, make their federal government like a leaf boat in the ocean, as if it were going to be wiped out by a wave of shock at any moment.

“Boom! Boom!”

With a deafening explosion, the R&D base of invisible warplanes in the Mojave desert became a piece of rubble.

At the same time, President Oba returned to God from a state of irrationality. Japanese Prime Minister Ampei Jinzo called to express condolences. The two leaders, unable to say anything about each other on the phone, together scolded China, scolded Sholo, as if two children who had been bullied by the same person were disclosing their grievances to each other, barking and crying together.



At 7: 00 p.m., outside the University of Washington.

Huang Rulang was wearing a water-blue suspender skirt and was standing there waiting for Ian. After her relationship, she learned to dress herself up and put on a light makeup on her face. The delicate five officials seemed to be inked, delicate and classically elegant. Her black hair was slightly curled at the ends, and her earrings wore two silver earrings.

Just a little outfit, her beauty is extra dusty!

Sholo took a taxi and saw her at first glance in the crowd.

He walked out of the car and walked straight towards her.

As he reached a few meters away, Huang Rulang also saw him and shouted at him after a moment of inactivity: “Sholo. ”

“Are you expecting someone?” Sholo asked her.

Huang Ruan subconsciously wanted to deny it and then felt like he had done nothing wrong, nodding his head and admitting: "Yes, I'll wait here for Ian. ”

“Don't wait, he'll never come.” Sholoway.


Huang Rulang's heart trembled slightly and didn't understand what Sholo was saying.

“He is a man of the federal government of the Magnesium Country. Unfortunately, before he died, he asked me to come and tell you that he loved you very much. For your sake, he was willing to do everything, including his life!” Shallow didn't think that Huang should remember Ian, remember Ian well, rather than hate Ian ever since, although it was a sad experience, it was able to grow people, wasn't it?


Ian's dead?

The look on Huang Rulang's face instantly stifled, his eyes immediately turned red, crystalline tears spinning in his orbit.

She stared at Sholo and the tears didn't stop coming down: "How do you know? ”

“I happen to know! ”

Sholo said a faint word, turning away, he knew that Huang Lan had a good face, had an arrogance inside him, was unwilling to show a weak side in front of others, he now believed that Ian and she really liked each other, that Ian's death was a big blow to her, it was a little easier to cry out.

“Sholo, is that you, Thousand Face Killer Shaw? ”

Huang Rulang endured grief and shouted loudly at his back. The other day, the man in the Facebook mask broadcast live, she suspected that it was Sholo, because the voice was too similar.

Sholo stopped and didn't say back: "This is not something you should be thinking about. ”

Just keep walking to the side of the road waiting for his taxi.

And Huang Ruan, no longer able to control, squatted on the ground, whining and crying, she knew that Sholo was the killer Xiao Han in front, so the words did not lie to her, Ian was so much to her that she quickly fell in love, but the man suddenly left the world, which was a painful blow for her.

“Yo, beautiful, what are you crying about here? I've got my makeup on my face! ”

A white young man from the University of Washington walked towards the yellow, with green eyes, golden hair, white shirts, naturally revealing a princely nobility.

Blush, tall, bearded, this white young man is definitely the white horse prince of many girls.

Huang Ruohan ignored him and got up and walked inside Washington University.

Two black bodyguards blocked her way, and the white young man smiled at her and reached out and introduced himself: "Beauty, meet me. My name is Lyon Kennedy! ”

The words "Kennedy" are particularly pronounced. No one knows that the "Kennedy family" is one of the four families of the Magnesium Country. This name is a gold sign. He came to Washington University to hunt and rejoice. He didn't find a girl on campus who moved his heart, but he didn't expect to meet a girl in front of this school, so it's a real surprise.

And it looks like the girls of China, Japan and South Korea are at the height of Fenghua Zhengmao. If they conquer beneath them, it is absolutely the supreme enjoyment.

“You must have something sad going on, or I'll take you to a movie. The cinemas in Washington are all open at my house. You can go to any cinema you want, and I can give you a place to go. ”

Lyon took out his car keys, pressed them, and a Bentley car parked on the side of the street rang a few times, mastering countless women, who already knew that and took the fastest and most straightforward way for women to smash it with money. Few women, especially girls who were still in college, could resist the temptation of money, and their vanity was no weaker than that of women who entered society.

“Fuck off! ”

Huang Ruran scolded and drank at him.

Leon stunned, didn't think it would turn out like this. If you can't tempt him, force him. He put on a cold face: “Do you fucking know who I am? Talk to me like that and die! ”

If Huang Ruan doesn't want to talk more to such an asshole, he has to leave the two black bodyguards.

But they couldn't do it at all, and the two black bodyguards stretched out their arms and stopped her.

“Out of the way!” Huang Rulang drinks furiously.

“Out of the way? Come on, watch a movie with me and go to bed with me. Do what you want. ”

Leon Wilbury seduced, “Beauty, you won't lose money with me. I'll give you $200,000 afterwards. Imagine, those street girls won't make that much money in a year, and you, just stay with me for one night and get $200,000. You can buy whatever you want and go wherever you want. That's a good thing about falling pies in the sky. Don't worry, you Asian women are weak, I'll be very gentle in bed. ”

“You filthy bastard!!! ”

Huang Rulang did not mention how angry he was, his subconscious made him break his grandson's leg and kicked him hard under Lyon's crotch.