Peerless Genius System

Chapter 672: The Urgent Mind

Solemn elegance, round arched windows and stone masonry, luxurious carpets for Yongrong, dining table, conference table, toilet and sofa, if not walking in from the outside, Sholo would have thought it was an office hall, not an airplane.

The soundproofing of the plane is well done, you can't hear a tiny bit of noise here!

Across the street from Sholo, sitting a black man, inches, suit shoes, skinny figure, is President Oba of the Magnesium Nation.

Sholo looked at him grinningly, crooked his head, and smiled: “Mr. Oba sent me back to the country himself, and deliberately prepared a billion dollars for me. I was really flattered. ”

The words of a false serpent were just filmed.

President Oba drew blood from the corner of his mouth and his heart was dripping blood. That was a billion dollars. He was asked to find another opportunity to severely deter and deter the affluent small nations to soothe their wounded hearts.

“Who the hell are you? Genetic warrior in China?” He looked straight at Sholo like he was trying to see through.

“Genetic warrior? ”

Sholoh snorted, and the red wine in front of him at the back sighed, “Human genes are almost perfect, you break this perfection, you forcibly write into other species and get genetic warriors, although they are much faster and more powerful than ordinary people, but genetic defects,

They're not destined to have a healthy body, and I advise you to stop developing this genetic warrior, and you have more leisure time to develop this than you do developing mechanical warriors, and artificial intelligence is not necessarily weaker than what you call genetic warriors. ”

The death of the Xie Wenchang family disgusted him with this project to transform the living, and he sincerely did not want such a tragedy to happen in the world.

When President Oba heard this, he immediately rebutted: “Artificial intelligence is not well controlled. Once the machine has become intelligent, it may be the ultimate disaster for us humans, I...”

“A genetic warrior can be completely under your control? ”

Sholo smiled and interrupted, “If genetic change, genetic warriors can't be called human beings, they're brand new species, you think you've mastered everything about this brand new species, but there's a saying that life always finds a way out, and if genetic warriors get out of control, isn't it the ultimate disaster for humans? ”

President Oba was dumb and did not know how to argue.

Others on the plane, including his secretary, also frowned and fell into contemplation.

"Ian is just one example of success in hundreds of trials," added Sholo. "Isn't Mr. Oba going to feel wandering or guilty at all when everyone else falls victim to the trial and dies tragically in a closed lab after failing? It was a living human being, and it was used as an experimental mouse for a tragic human transformation experiment. ”

“They're all on death row!” President Oba defended himself.

“Are there no human rights for prisoners on death row? Isn't human rights your magnesium country's favorite propaganda?” Sholoway.

President Oba is once again silent.

Sholo continued with a laugh: "They'd rather be executed than live experiments. ”

President Oba waved, "We're not talking about this. You haven't answered my question. Who are you? ”

“A Chinese national. ”

Sholo smiled, “Native Chinese! ”

“How many perverted characters like you in China?” President Oba also asked that this was one of his biggest concerns.

“A lot." Sholo means a long way.

“A lot?”

President Oba and the secretary next to him were shocked, and right in front of them, they turned their federal government into a lonely boat on the ocean, unsettled, and if there was much more, hiss… pour in the cool air, I can't even imagine.

“Of course there are many! ”

Sholo nodded his head and subconsciously emerged an old figure. That was the old man he met when he went to the NSA headquarters. The old man had an invisible aura around him, but it was memorable, as if he had a great sense of God. He believed that the old man was no ordinary man who could be lower than, even himself, the old man in strength.

Looks like we need to revisit China!

As President Oba thought, he does not think that Sholo is lying. China is a country with 5,000 years of civilization. It is a mysterious ancient country of the East. China's kung fu is famous in the world. Although this era is about the power of science and technology, who can truly explain whether the power of science and technology is better than that mysterious and powerful kung fu?



President Oba's private plane landed at Xia Hai Airport and then flew to Beijing City. He wanted to meet Xi in China. He had a stomach to talk to Xi, and he needed to learn to say something. Why send someone to his Magnesium country to make trouble.

Of course, Schollo doesn't care anymore.

What he cared about now was seeing his wife Su Li. When he stepped onto the familiar land of the summer sea, he immediately stopped a taxi to drive to Starling Moon Bay. When he was abroad, he didn't even realize that he would want to see her so badly.

Even though it was urgent, it did not use light work, causing unnecessary unrest or news.

The Star Moon Bay Hotel is a typical European classical setting, where you can experience a rich and elegant atmosphere.

Sholo was anxious to meet Sului's heart. After a short taxi, he walked to the hotel, took the elevator to the 52nd floor, didn't even go to his apartment, and walked directly to Sului's apartment door to ring the doorbell.

Like a man who confessed to his girl, he held a bunch of flowers in his hand, while the other held the chocolate he had bought for Su Xiaobei in the country of magnesium.

“Putong... Putong...”

The heartbeat was very strong, with unspeakable excitement and tension.

After ringing the doorbell for a long time, I could not hear any reaction inside. Sholo pressed again a few times, but nothing was moving at all. The door in front of me was heavily closed and the tattoo did not move.

What the hell is going on?

Are you asleep already?

Sholo looked at the time, the time in China is 10: 00 PM, you shouldn't have slept so early.

After pressing for a few moments, nothing happened. He stopped pressing. He took out his phone and called Sului. Soon he got through. Sholo asked directly: "Aren't you home? ”

The other end of the phone was stunned, and then Su Li's delightful and constantly cold voice rang: “Are you back home? ”

“Well, now stand on your doorstep. Where are you?” Sholo asked eagerly.

“Jingcheng.” The sound line of Sulu is clear and unseen.


Sholo was stunned, his excitement and the burning bonfire were poured into the rain and extinguished instantly.

“What are you doing in the capital? ”

“Something's going on. I'll get back to you when I'm done. I'll explain what's going on. ”

“Send me the address and I'll come. ”

“Are you coming to the capital too?” Su Li was slightly surprised.

Sholo focused on the beginning: "Yes. ”