Peerless Genius System

Chapter 674 Enough

Hilworth belongs to a five-star hotel that offers an elegant and high quality of life, whether it's an elevator or an aisle, and it's easy to feel happy walking here.

Sholo walked to the door of room 1305 and stopped, then took out his phone and dialed Sully.

It rang two times, and it's on.

“What's the matter? ”

Su Li's voice is still cold, not to say her deliberate arrogance, but her characteristic of speech, a habit that she has developed for a long time.

Though it's cool, the sound lines are soft, which is a qualitative change compared to when you first met it, and Sholo was still warm to hear.

He coughed softly: "I'm at the Hilworth Hotel, just outside your room, you open the door. ”

As soon as that word came out, there was no sound at the end of the phone.

Sholo was wondering if there was a problem with the phone call. The 1305 door opened and a beautiful figure appeared behind the door.

The tall green silk, the fine white neck, is a dusty beauty, a sexy beauty, a beauty that does not devour the fireworks of man, but who is not Sulu?

A white corset skirt wrapped around a fabulous figure, like a soft wave, clavicle arrogant, like a beautifully carved face with a cool, demonic appearance, like freshly shelled chicken protein flawless enough to subvert any man.

At the moment of seeing Sholo, Sulu's entire person stood still, holding the position of holding a cell phone call, and looked at the man with a beautiful eye.


Sholo put his phone away, "You're not gonna keep me out here, are you? ”

Sulu finally confirmed that this is Sholo, not her hallucination, from the summer sea to the capital, more than a thousand kilometers, more than an hour ago they were on the phone, and now they're standing face to face, how did this guy do it?

“Tap ~”

The phone slipped off her hand and fell to the ground.

Sholo was almost a subconscious reaction, his right hand glanced at her and held her phone in his hand. "What's wrong? You don't have to get excited to drop my phone, do you? ”

Su Li ignored his cold joke and looked at him incredibly: “You... how did you do it? ”

“How did you do that?” Sholo deliberately pretended not to understand.

“You didn't say you were in the summer sea more than an hour ago, so why are you here?” Sulu Dao.

Sholo laughed: "I lied to you, I was on a plane from Beijing airport. I was just about to transfer back to Xia Hai. I called you as soon as I said you were in Beijing, and I came to see you. ”

He had to say that he couldn't tell the truth, I'm afraid Su Li would treat him like a monster.

“Have you just returned from Japan tonight? ”

Su Li calmed down a lot, which only makes sense. If Sholo came from the summer sea, it would really be a supernatural thing.

Sholo nods his head, “Hmm."

In other words, he took a step forward. Closer to Su Li, the distance between them was about a dozen kilometers. His face was almost on his face, and he could clearly feel each other's breathing.

“What are you...? ”

Sulu's cheeks immediately turned red and her subconscious mind had to retreat.

Sholo reached straight out and hugged the woman's slim, soft waist from behind, coughing dry: “Haven't you ever heard of Little Don't win the wedding? ”

Upon hearing this, Su Li's pretty face became redder. He tried to push him away and whispered, “Come on, someone's here. ”

“Anybody?” Sholo frowned slightly.

His voice just dropped, and there was a sound coming out of it.

“Miss Sue! ”

A woman in a black business suit walks into Sholo's field of view, spreads out like a waterfall, wears a pair of glasses, looks just like her, but is in good shape, especially in this business suit, and shows her concave figure well.

After seeing a man standing at the door, the woman shut her mouth.

This should be Sully's lawyer!

Sholo guessed in his heart that he had not yet waited for him to speak and that another woman's voice had sounded.

“Glass, who's outside the door? ”

Wearing a long black dress, the fluttering wave curls emitted a few roses red, lined with a beautiful white face, a full-bodied figure revealing the wonderful charm of the wild, a pair of flesh-coloured stockings wrapped under the long legs, high heels in double crystal colour, a noble and elegant scent all over the body, is Shen Zhenyen.

“Sholo?” After seeing that it was Sholo, Shen Shenyen also stopped.

Sholo had a headache and wanted to get a little closer to Su Li. Now the plan is to completely soak up the soup. A lawyer, a girlfriend, two hundred watts of electric bulbs. He gave Su Li's waist a traceless hand to retract and then pushed out a smile and greeted Shen Yeon: “Long time no see, Miss Shen. ”

“It's been a long time since I've heard that you've been to Japan. It looks like you've learned a lot there. When you come back, you'll know that the glass is broken.” Shen Qinyeon walked up, some jealous way. She and Su Li were best friends. Her best friend was completely captured by a man. It would be difficult for her not to be jealous.

“Say something. ”

Su Li looked at her strangely and pushed her gently.

“I'm not wrong. I could see clearly. This guy's got his arm around your waist. Both of you have a tummy patch.” Shen Zhenyen was better at this than he was at it.

Su Li even had red ear root.

Sholo was a little embarrassed, but he was calm. "We're husband and wife. Isn't it illegal to have this kind of affection? ”

Husband and wife?

So this is Miss Su's husband!

The woman's lawyer was sudden in her heart.

“I didn't say you broke the law. ”

Shen Shenyen felt that there was some confusion about Sholo's offense, and immediately turned the subject away. “By the way, Sholo, your Jinya Hall doesn't give me a chance to live. Right now, Xia Hai's market share, my Chinese Pharmaceutical Group and Renhe Pharmaceutical Industry are far behind the Jinya Hall. I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before Jinya Hall occupies the national market. I just wanted to ask, must things be so great? ”

“I'm not taking care of Jin Medical Hall, if you want to talk about cooperation, you can call the head of Jin Medical Hall yourself.” Sholoway.


Shen Shenyen groaned softly, “My economic strength of China Pharmaceutical Group is much stronger than that of Jinhe Medical Hall, plus Renhe Pharmaceutical. If the two of us join forces, your Jinhe Medical Hall may not have enough funds to spend with us. It is indeed necessary to talk about cooperation, but I am not talking to you, but you are talking to me on your own initiative. ”

“Really? How much money do you think my gym needs to spend with you? Is a billion dollars enough?” Sholoh's strong response.

A billion?


Don't say that Shen Yeon was surprised. Su Li and the woman's lawyer were equally stunned. A billion dollars, converted into China's renminbi, is more than six billion yuan. More than six billion yuan went to Jin Yao Tang. Then Jin Yao Tang is like Tiger Tian Yi. What is the Chinese Pharmaceutical Group? What is Jenhe Pharmaceutical? Fight a war of attrition? Who the hell consumes who?

Shen Shenyen looked at Sholo and felt the back of the spine chill. For the first time, she thought this man was so horrible!