Peerless Genius System

Chapter 675: Jealousy

The plan to close Su Li's distance was interrupted, and Shen Shenyen questioned him in an aggressive and compelling tone. Of course, Shao Lo had no good tone. He simply said one word and left Shen Shenyen mute.



After walking into 1305, Sholo realized that it was a suite, or a room and a hall, with a nice space of over 100 square meters, with superior configuration and decor, looking elegant, tidy and rich.

The woman's lawyer is called Ning Wanxiu. She came here to learn more about Su Xiaobei so that she could make a strong attack in court two days later and take the initiative. They went on to talk about them. Sholo went to the bathroom to bathe herself, strolled long distances, and sweated after intense exercise. Somewhat uncomfortable, it was necessary to take a bath.

By the time he came out of the shower, the lawyer had left.

I wonder if I also realized that I was a big light bulb. Shen Shenyen got up: “I went to take a bath too, and I felt terrible all over myself. ”

As she spoke, she fanned herself to the bathroom with her hands.

Sulu sat on the sofa, and to cover her inner nervousness, she took a book and turned it over and looked at it. A piece of blue silk dropped, scattered casually, drooling down to her waist. That extraordinary character, like an angel falling into the mortal world.

“What is this book about?” Sholo walked over, naturally sitting next to her, and his nose easily smelled that faint fragrance on the woman.

“If you're interested, look for yourself.” Su Li closed the book and put it aside.

“But I'm only interested in you now.” Sholo reached out and held her in his arms.

Sulu also panicked at first, but quickly became like a warm sheep, leaving Sholoh in his arms.

“As I said, you don't have to pretend to be strong all the time in front of me, Beck will definitely come back to us.” Sholo patted her back softly in comfort.

Su Li's heart was slightly shocked. She didn't think that Sholo had already seen her helplessness. Yes, when Su Xiaobei was taken away by the Bai family, she was really helpless, even collapsed. Su Xiaobei, not her own daughter, was better than her own daughter. She could not live without Su Xiaobei.


He nodded softly, closed his eyes and snuggled in the arms of a man, as if he were a small boat undergoing a wave at sea, returning to a safe harbour.

Holding her like this, Sholo was satisfied and remembered the process of meeting the two people. To be honest, he did not love Su Glass at first sight, but only paid more attention to this woman after the relationship between the two of them had occurred. He found her cold and hot outside and often said something sincere, but his concern came from sincerity.

Perhaps after they had a relationship, Su Li thought of him as her husband for the rest of his life. Funny how he always thought that she would ask for a divorce one day and then be with other men.

“What a couple of wrongers! ”

Shen Qinyeon came out of the shower and saw the two people on the sofa holding each other together. He didn't go to destroy this image. After whispering, he went back to his bedroom to stay, and shut the door.



“Mind your own business, I can handle it myself. ”

Soon after, Sullis left Sholo's arms and got up and poured herself and Sholo a cup of tea.

“You think you can win this case? ”

Sholo cautioned, "The people you're going to be suing are the Whites. ”

Su Li thought about it and said, "There should be no problem. ”

“So confident?” Sholozanne said differently.

Su Li did not answer this question again, and took the teacup and sipped it gently.

“By the way, how's your Luna Media doing?” Sholo suddenly thought of Lyon, the magnesium country, and had to ask, after all, that Lyon was one of the partners in Li Moon Media.

Su Li glanced at Sholo for a while and said: “It's okay, I've recruited twenty or thirty artists with dreams to cultivate.” Reflected for a moment, looked up and asked, "Why are you suddenly asking this? ”

“Nothing, just curious, that... if, I mean, if Lyon dropped the capital, what would it have to do with Glass Moon Media?” Sholo looked a little unnatural.

Glass frowned. I felt the man's question was getting stranger and stranger. Why did the topic suddenly turn to Lyon?

“There are no financial problems, even if Lyon withdraws its capital, it has no effect on the Li Yue media. The reason I let him participate in the stock market is to have a better foothold in the West with the influence of the Kennedy family in the future. ”

“Yes, in the future, if you are going to make Li Yue Media into an international entertainment company, I will strongly support it. I am not familiar with the rest of the Magnesium Country family, but the Michelle family should sell me a face. If Li Yue Media enters Magnesium Country, the Michelle family can help you.” Sholoway.

Sue glanced at him, “Will the Michelles sell your face? ”

It's incredible.

“Perhaps. I've dealt with them a little.” Sholo raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Did you deal with the Michelles?

Su Li increasingly felt that Sholo's real identity was very mysterious. If he was only the owner of Lo Fang and Jin Medical Hall, how could he interact with the Michelle family of one of the four great families of Magnesium? There was no intersection between the two. What identity was it that made Sholo and the Michelle family connect?

Though she wanted to know, she didn't ask, and she remembered that Sholo said that the time had come to confess everything to her, and before that, she was afraid to ask.



In the middle of the night, the breeze blows in from the balcony, bringing cool and comfort.

The bedroom is occupied by Sulu and Shen Yeon, while the lobby is reserved for Sholo, and a soft sofa as a bed is also a good choice.

Sholo didn't sleep, he was lying on the couch watching TV, and the actress in this show was played by Sullis, why would he watch it? The reason is simple, it's an idol show, using the emotional development of the male and female protagonists as the main line, and seeing several kissing shots, he almost couldn't resist smashing the TV.

“Squeak ~”

The bedroom door was gently pushed open and then gently closed.

Sulu was wearing pink pajamas with lots of rose petals printed in silk on her pajamas, and the regular pajamas were sweet and cute that she could not speak of.

“Still awake?” She walked over and placed a neatly folded list next to Sholo.

“Seeing your own woman kissing another man, do you think I can sleep?” Sholo is in a bad mood, very bad mood.

Su Li found out that Sholo was watching a play starring herself, and she glanced at Sholo white: “It's not a real kiss, it's a borrowing effect. ”

“Borrow a seat? But I saw your lips stick together!” Sholo has a big creep in his heart.

“is a double actor. ”

Su Li felt it necessary to explain clearly, “Besides, if I have to play this kind of kissing scene with others, there is also a diaphragm in the middle, don't be jealous! ”