Peerless Genius System

Chapter 684: Test Tube Infants

As for Sholo's explanation, Shen Shenyen did not believe it. She believed that there was a ghost. Based on her existing knowledge of Sholo, she assumed that Sholo must have taken the knife to the chief judge's house last night.

Of course, she didn't ask.

The trial then began, and the lawyers on both sides soon began a debate on the lip and tongue sword.

Bai Yuquan's lawyers grabbed Su Xiaobei as Bai Yuquan's biological daughter and opened a series of statements. From the family background, economic strength and other advantages of the Bai family, they believed that Bai Yuquan was the most suitable person to have Su Xiaobei's custody, and could give Su Xiaobei a healthy and happy growth environment.

Su Li's lawyer Ning Wanxiu was equally unwilling to show weakness. He believed that the Bai family could give Su Xiaobei's glass as well. Su Xiaobei was raised by Su Li from birth, and Su Xiaobei was deeply emotional. If Su Xiaobei's custody was awarded to Bai Yuquan at this time, it would undoubtedly be a shadow of childhood for Su Xiaobei, and Su Xiaobei's physical and mental health would not grow well.

Schollo sat in the audience, as if watching an intense debate, and both parties were extremely talented lawyers and professional.

After a red-hearted debate, the chief judge's center of gravity obviously biased towards White Jade Springs, not to say that it had the influence of the White Family, but just because Su Xiaobei was the biological daughter of White Jade Springs, Su Xiaobei did not take advantage. Even if Su's lawyer said that smallpox had fallen, it could not change the fact that Su Xiaobei was Aunt Su, and White Jade Springs was Su Xiaobei's biological father.

“Brother Shaw, I don't think you have a problem with that. It's fair and just enough! ”

Bai Guoxiang sat not far from Sholo with a tapped cane in his hands, his old face filled with a comforting smile, like a winner, “Just think of the old husband with such a lovely and beautiful great-granddaughter, in my heart, not to mention how spacious and comforting. ”

“Old man, this is not the end result yet, don't be too happy.” Sholo smiled as a reminder.

Bai Guoxiang laughed at the stall and said: “Is there any suspense in this outcome? Xiaobei's custody must have been given to the Bai family. ”

Baiying, Snow White, Yu IELTS and others all had smiles on their faces. Su Xiaobei was their white family. There was white blood in their bodies. It was undoubtedly the case that they should be sentenced to the white family.

Sholo raised his eyebrows and laughed without saying a word. In fact, whatever the result, he could accept it. The Bai family can indeed give Su Xiaobei more love. From Grandma and Grandpa's, Tai Dung's, the eight aunts of the seven great aunts, Su Xiaobei will become a true princess in the Bai family. The stars celebrate the moon.

Of course, he preferred Su Xiaobena back to Su Li's side. He was acting weird in private.

“Miss Sue, do you have anything else to say on your side? ”

The chief judge instructed Su Li to speak on his side. In fact, he gave Su Li's side a last chance. If he was still unable to impress him or provide something more convincing, he would give Su Xiaobei custody to the Bai family.

“Your Honor, Judges, we still have something to say. ”

Ning Wanxiu stood up and instructed his assistant to hand over a document to the chief judge and the judge. "In the hands of the chief judge is a medical receipt from Xiahai Yangtze River Hospital. It is a medical certificate that Su Jing received a tube baby at Yangtze River Hospital four years ago, with the seal of Yangtze River Hospital and the autograph of the director. ”

A test tube baby?

What's that supposed to mean?

Not only the Presiding Judge and the Judge, but even Sholo and Bai Guoxiang, who are sitting underneath them, show their doubts.

Ning Wanxiu continued: “Your Honor, the judges, Su Xiaobei is not actually the daughter of Baiyuquan. There is no blood relationship between them. My client has made this clear to him during the summer sea, but he does not believe it, or forcibly abduct Su Xiaobei. ”

“Son of a bitch, what are you talking about? How could Beck not be from the White House? ”

Bai Guoxiong lost control of his emotions, stood up abruptly, angry at Ning Wanxiu, he hurt his little girl for days, and now he tells him that he is not his great-granddaughter at all, which makes it difficult for him to accept.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

The presiding judge struck a few times with the hammer of the trial and coughed dry: “Master Bai, please be quiet, this is the courtroom! ”

Baiying and the others persuaded him to calm down.

Sholo frowned deeply, because he mentioned this Yangtze River Hospital, and when he went to college, a very nasty thing was hooked up and remembered, which was still the third year, Zhang Dashan held a propaganda poster from Yangtze River Hospital and told him to do an amazing thing about crying ghosts —— perfect the human genome plan.

He's heard of this genomic program, which was launched in '90, designed to unlock all the codes of about 25,000 genes in the human body, while mapping human genes, so that genetic diseases in humans can be controlled and completely solved, and even people with broken hands and feet can grow new hands and feet, a great project to regenerate every organ of the human body, and even make Jurassic Park no longer just a science fiction story.

And all they have to do is -- donate!

Sholo refused on the spot, and the donation process had to do something unspeakable. His mind was more traditional and he was not allowed to behave that way. Zhang Dashan was different, saying that there were many beautiful nurses in Yangtze River Hospital, imagining that the beautiful nurses would help him.

Finally, it did not resist the soft and hard bubbles of Zhang Dashan. It cannot be said that it did not resist the persuasion of Zhang Dashan. To be precise, it did not resist the temptation of money. As long as he passed the medical examination and completed the donation, he had a cash reward of 2,000 yuan, and it was permanently confidential. At that time, the father of the family was building a farm, it was in the entrepreneurial input stage, the family was spending too much, and the meal fee paid to him was only 500 yuan per month, so for him at the time, 2,000 yuan was a fine income.

Then, nothing happened. He and Zhang Dashan went to Yangtze River Hospital together. Both of them passed the medical examination and became a secret donor...

This has been a difficult thing to look back on, and if we hadn't talked about Yangtze River Hospital and test-tube babies, Sholo wouldn't have remembered.

Why so coincidental?

Why did Su Xiaobei call his father when he saw himself?

When Su Li's sister received the test tube, she did not use the fine son of White Jade Springs, but the fine son of Yangtze River Hospital?

Sholo's brain is a little confused right now, because all of this makes him a little overwhelmed. If Yangtze River Hospital uses the finest son he had donated, isn't Su Xiaobei his own daughter?

“No way...”

The quantity is how powerful the psychological qualities are, and Schollo can't stay calm at this time.

This is incredible, this is so surprising, so... a little dog blood!