Peerless Genius System

Chapter 686: Turn Off the Lights

After receiving Su Xiaobei, there is no reason to stay in the capital.

When he flew back to the summer sea at 12: 00 that night, even after booking a ticket, Su Xiaobei fell asleep on Sholo's lap shortly after boarding the plane because of the late hour.

Look at her quiet, angelic face, the love that Shorone can't speak of!

Sulu was sitting beside him with an eye mask, and his cool and elegant face was stunning, especially with that little cherry mouth.

“Honey, I have an immature suggestion for you?” Sholo hesitated repeatedly, turning his head and whispering to her.

Su Glass did not take off his eyecloth, but said faintly: “What advice? ”

“We are a licensed couple. Bei, although not our own daughter, is more like our own daughter. We must be raising adults together for the rest of our lives. When she grows up a little, she will find that everyone has a father's last name, and only she has a mother's last name. She will definitely ask us this question, right?” Sholo puked clearly.

Upon hearing this, Sulu took off her blindfold and looked at Sholoh with a beautiful pair of eyes, seemingly guessing what was going on in Sholoh's heart.

Sholo continued: "I think we can avoid this embarrassing problem in advance. Just change Beck's last name to mine and she won't have that question in the future. ”

“Change your last name? Shaw Xiaobei? ”

Su Lai Dai frowned. After a few times in her mind, she immediately rejected the name. “If you change it to Shaw, the name doesn't sound good. ”

“If you can change your name, Beck will use it as a nickname.” Sholoway.

“So what did you change her name for?” Su Li asked.

Sholo shook his head and smiled: "Not yet. Didn't you just say it was an immature suggestion? ”

I really didn't think about it. It was just a sudden thought of a problem. Even if I had to change my name, I wouldn't change it randomly. In addition to being nice, I had to check with Mr. Su Xiaobei's birthday.

“Wait till you think about it.” Su Glass said, putting the blindfold back on and closing his eyes to support the gods.

“You don't object?” Sholo asked surprised.

Su Li decided to look at him for a moment and asked him back: "Why should I object? ”

She used to be a person. Now that she is married, she is still a man approved by herself. Su Xiaobei's surname was changed to 'Shaw’. In the future, she and Shao Lo had children. Of course, the children are also with Shao Lo's surname. Can't make Su Xiaobei different. If that were the case, wouldn't she clearly tell Su Xiaobei that she was not their biological?

Sholo raised his eyebrows: “I hope you don't object. ”

Su Li was silent for a while, and then some doubts arose: “Why did you say this all of a sudden? ”

Why do you say that all of a sudden?

Because Su Xiaobei is my own daughter!

Sholo answered in his heart, but he would not say it. Although it is not within his control, Su Xiaobei is the child of his sister Su Jing. This is an irreversible fact. If Su Li knew, how should she feel? And how do we face triangles like this?

One more thing is better than the other, and the results are good now!

"It's not sudden," he replied with a smile. "I've had this idea for a long time. Now I feel the time is right, I'll tell you. ”

Su Li turned slightly and thought Sholo was right.

Then he took out a blindfold from the bag and said to Sholo, "Want one? ”

“Yes, you put it on for me.” Sholo looked over.

Su Li looked at him with some grudge and then started wearing it to him.

“Looks like my glory turned into a few thousand watts human bulb.” Shen Qinyeon opened his eyes from a state of close-sighted cultivation and saw this scene. He couldn't help but vomit.

“Miss Shen, you have this awareness. I am so glad for you!” Sholo laughed.

Shen Qinyeon was so angry by this sentence that he shouted “Sholo, you bastard” and closed his eyes again and turned around.

Su Glass squeezed his girlfriend's arms, reaching out and squeezing them on the soft meat between Sholo's waist.



Back in the summer sea, it was more than 1: 00 a.m. Shen Shenyen called the driver to pick her up.

“Not going to my place?” Su Li asked her.

“No, or someone's gonna have to say I'm not very conscious!” Shen Shenyen glanced at Sholo with some pointer.

Sholo hugged Su Xiaobei, who was asleep, and pretended to hear nothing.



Back at Starling Moon Bay, Sholo placed Su Xiaobei on her own cot and turned around, holding Su Glass's slim waist.

"Wife, it's getting late, it's time to rest. ”

Su Li's cheeks were red, how could she not know what Sholo was thinking right now, in a reprehensible tone: “Go back to your apartment and sleep. ”

“We are husband and wife, there is no reason to sleep separately. ”

Sholo was too lazy to talk to her and hugged her in a princess position.

To be honest, after tasting the taste of a woman, Sholo imagined her wife Sulu's body more than once in her mind, imagining herself taking possession of her, not talking about perverts and colored embryos, but how normal men would react.

After a long time of newlywedding, Sholoh had difficulty controlling the hormones in his body.

“First... take a bath...”

When Sholoh fell on the bed, Sulu's heart pounded and his hands gently pressed against Sholoh's chest, his cheeks red against the ripe red apple.

Sholo smelled a sweaty smell on himself: "Then wash it together! ”

“You go first.” Sulu uses a slightly inaudible sound channel.

“We've seen each other's bodies a long time ago. There's nothing to be ashamed of. Come on, honey. ”

“No, if you don't go, don't... don't touch me!” Su Li was resolute on this issue.

“All right then. ”

Sholo had to temporarily depress that desire and go to the bathroom.

He didn't come in until he washed it and unlocked the bathroom door.

“Still watching out for me!” Sholo couldn't help but find it funny.

By the time Sulu came out of the bathroom, she had put on a translucent silk white nightdress with a suspender strap. Under the lights that were rather dim in the room, the woman's luminous carving, such as a beautiful jade, appeared perfectly drenched and swayed her figure. If it was hidden, she wobbled slightly.

The floor was padded with carpet, Aunt Lee would clean it regularly, very clean, she was not wearing shoes, a pair of snow and white barefoot stepped on the carpet, like a water flower.

Beautiful. Beautiful!

Sholoh was very qualitative, but was also fascinated by Sulu's sexuality.

“You turn off the lights! ”

Though he admitted to being a man, Sulu was still uncomfortable under Sholo's eyes, and his beautiful face was bright red.