Peerless Genius System

Chapter 696 Power Differences

“Holy Lord? What the fuck are you talking about here? ”

Sholo smiled coldly, his voice was gloomy, two rows of bloodstained teeth were clearly visible between his lips, the system had healed his internal injuries, and after a shock, a fierce hegemony suddenly erupted on his body, shaking off Curisa's right foot, slamming his hands on the ground, and standing strong with the power of a bounce.

The gaze was grim and spicy, his hands were frozen, the ghost claws ripped apart, and he precisely snapped on Curisa's shoulders, shouting, powering, hard-boiled through the rock-like flesh, deeply embedded in the ten fingers, and took Curisa to the wetlands park with that conspicuous fake mountain boulder.

“Click-click ~”

The trees in Wetlands Park collapsed, not just broken, but crushed. The ground they stepped on collapsed as fast as paper paste, and countless turf and dirt scraps flew into the air.

“Boom ~”

In the moment of collision with the Stonehenge Fake Mountain, a thunderbolt exploded, and then the Stonehenge Fake Mountain exploded like a powerful shell inside it, turning into numerous splashes of gravel of various sizes, and for a time, centered on the Stonehenge Fake Mountain, a dozen meters in radius of gravel rain.

Sholo leapt straight into the air and slapped him with his right hand toward the rock's fake mountain.

“Ho ~”

Accompanied by a deafening dragon, the horrible palm wrapped around the rolling wind to the ground, a huge wetland park wind thunder array, only heard a loud "blow”, the earth sank, trembled, dust covered the sky.

Sully was completely stunned. Is this still her husband, Shore? Does this power still belong to humanity?

At this moment, Sholo was so strange to her that she thought she knew the man well enough, but now she suddenly realized that she knew him only on the surface.

The white man beside her changed slightly, apparently not expecting Sholo to be so strong.

Until the sand and dust scattered, a giant palm printed on the ground, more than a metre deep, striking, numb scalp, like a giant slapping at the ground.

Sholoh couldn't stay in the air for long enough to fall back to the ground, his breathing became a little deep and impatient, and his hands were full, his internal energy was a little heavy, and he searched for a moment in the pit without finding any trace of Curisa.

Shattered bones?

This is absolutely impossible, the physical strength of the opponent is not weaker than that of him, and although he tried his best to shoot, he was not confident that he would be able to kill the opponent and injure him at best.

Where'd it go?

Sholo looked in the pit and still had nothing to gain.

“You stinking mortal, you've reached this level of strength, when you really impress me with this filthy land! ”

At this point, Curisa's voice came down from above, and Sholo looked up, his pupils couldn't help but shrink, and that Curisa's legs were slightly forked apart, actually staying more than ten meters in the air, dressed in white and covered in a layer of silver light, looking like a goddess.

With Su Limei's eyes wide open, I can't believe this scene. How can a man stay in the air on his own? Where the hell did these two purple-eyed people come from?

“Get down!!! ”

Sholoway must be a god, scolding him, no matter how powerful his opponent is, he will never retreat.

Curisa slowly fell back to the ground, his shoulders bleeding out, thanks to Baisholo, but he ignored it and a pair of purple pupils stared coldly at Sholo.

“It's almost time.” The man in white has a faint opening at this time.

Curisa nodded to show herself clearly and said to Sholo, “Mortal, if you can touch me again, I will lose! ”

Sholo was too lazy to talk to him, biting his blood-dropping doorteeth and rushing off, like a runaway angry beast, powerful to approach Curisa, grasping the iron fist wrapped around the raging wave and slapping the shore of the fierce impact.

Extremely fast and powerful!

At the urging of anger, Sholoh had no reservations, his strength burst out, and the whole space was filled with the wrath that spread through him.

“Let's show you now how big the power gap is between us! ”

Curisa sneered, shaking her body, dodged Sholo's iron fist, and the instant appeared five steps away, leaving again after a slight stagnation, and came behind Sholo.

Sholoh suddenly turned around, but he just moved, and Curisa followed, and no matter how fast Sholoh turned around, he moved faster, like a ghost charm, always drifted behind Sholoh.

What is this speed of movement?

Sholoh had a frightening emotion, he had the power of Limbo Microstep himself, even the bullet could dodge, but even so, it was still much slower than the other party's speed. The next moment, he didn't turn around, he just punched back and bombarded out.

Due to the lack of vision behind it, this punch is completely obscene, but the power it contains is ambitious.

Just as soon as it came out, there was a tingle on his arm. At first glance, a big hand grabbed his arm, and his five fingers were embedded in his flesh like a knife, and blood seeped out.

“Break your hand first! ”

Curisa smiled cold and the elbow weight of the other hand focused on Sholoh's right arm joint, and the crisp bone split sounded as the whole right hand paused backwards in a 'V’ shape.

Sholo looked at his broken arm, his brain blank, the whole world instantly silenced, and he didn't even feel the pain.

It's broken?

Is this your arm?

After a brief standstill, the intense pain swept across the body like a tide.

“Break one more leg!” Curisa, the devil's voice sounds.

Sholoh hasn't reacted yet, his left leg is sore, and Curisa kicked Sholoh's left leg joint with her toe from the side.

“Cuckoo ~”

The sticky blood poured out and the prickly bones penetrated the flesh and spurred out, and the left leg was kicked by Curisa.

“Ah ~" Sholo's throat gave off a painful grunt, and his forehead poured out sweaty beads, his face slightly distorted due to severe pain.

“I'll give you another leg. Get lost! ”

Curisa had no mercy at all and flew up and kicked Sholo in the back.

Sholoh was completely irresistible, and his body was smashed out like a shell, falling like a piece of soft mud 20 to 30 metres away.

Humiliation, pain, unwillingness!

The broken arm broke his leg and the pain could not be described in words. Sholo bit his teeth off so as not to let himself make an excessive howl.

Why is this happening?

Why is this happening?

Sulu's body could not move and saw such a miserable shallow, her tears could no longer hold down, her heart hanging like a knife.