Peerless Genius System

Chapter 702 Killing

Severe pain traveled from the arm to the brain, and Sholo couldn't help but groan in agony. Soon, the ability to regenerate quickly began to work, and the whole bone and flesh recovered from the broken right arm, intact as it had been.

“All... must die, all of you... must die! ”

Sholoh smiled like a demon and looked, and Kulisa's knife was pulled, spinning from afar into his hand, his right arm swinging to the ground, a dark black knife from the tip of the knife, immediately appeared a striking crack in the ground.

“Raise your hand and throw a knife in the foot room, this guy...”

Curisa couldn't help but suck in the cool air, and Sholoh's strength was completely beyond his expectations, creating a knife when he waved it. Such strength was horrible.

King Kong was also shocked, at this time Sholo and a demon escaped from Nine Ghosts Hell, so strong and terrible!


Sholo scolded, twisted with a knife, running around with his torso, dancing with his hands, roaring like a hurricane, entwined with the death of the underworld, forcing the underworld to retreat.

Though the meditation retreats, there is no defeat, precision interception, strong impact.

“Psst ~”

The sword collided several dozen times in a row, Mars splashed, the speed of both men's moves was incredibly fast, confusing, almost impossible to see how they were getting their hands out, and between the sword collisions, the horrible energy fluctuations swept the wind, the whole wetland park seemed to blow a dozen levels of wind, and the ground collapsed under their feet.

Curisa has taken the place of watching over Sulu, seeing that Sholo and Minato are almost tied, the shock and intimidation of their hearts is unspeakable, but this is their "king" of the Light Nation, besides the returning Holy Lord, is the strongest power of the "king", but can't even imagine killing each other for a second.

The JCs watching from afar were all frightened and shaken up. If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, who could believe that the world actually had such a horrible existence?



The battle between Sholo and the underworld has gone into a white-hot state, but it can be seen that the underworld has gained an overwhelming advantage.

“Boom! Boom!”

Sholo was knocked off, rolled out of the ground as fast as an uncontrolled car, provoking countless dust, but after stabilization, he did not pause at all, roared near the underwater, the knife in his hand was affected by his killing intentions, and the buzzing sounded a thirst for blood.

“Boom ~”

After dozens of blows, Sholo was struck out again, stabilized, and he was equally tenacious and insane in the direction of the underworld.

He was hit several times in a row, like a shell flew out, and Schollo was very aggressive. No matter how many times he flew, he was always stubborn and insane and swept up towards the underworld and continued to fight, and every time he was hit, he had an additional wound on his body. By now, it was already scarred and covered in blood, and the appearance was tragic, but the smell of blood flowing through his body was even more intense.

“Is the Shaw so stubborn? ”

Curisa truly felt a trembling chestnut from her soul. If she had been replaced by someone else, she would have been lying on her back when she had seen deep bone wounds. How could she have stood up and fought? This Shaw clan is simply a monster that cannot be judged by common sense.

“Sholo... that's enough... stop fighting...”

Su Lai was sad. The knife was not cut on Sholo's body, but in her heart. Tears poured out and soaked her beautiful face. The blood man was her husband, the man she loved. She never knew what heartache tasted like before, but now she knows.

“Kill!!! ”

Sholo, covered in blood, shouted and came back to the underworld.

The underworld looked at Sholo with no expression: "It's over! ”

When the voice had just fallen, his body had turned into ten of him, and all of a sudden he rushed up to surround Sholo, ten of whom he was exactly the same, and they were all the same as real people.

In Sholo's slight stunner, the ten underworld strikes simultaneously.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft.”

Ten swords penetrated Sholoh's body, two crucified his feet, two pierced his palms, two pierced his arms, two pierced his thighs, one on his back, and one on his chest, directly stabbing Sholoh into a blood hedge.

“No!!! ”

Sulu's emotions went out of control and he shouted.

Vajra opened his eyes and looked with horror.

JC watching from afar, people were shaking their legs, people were pissing incontinently, and people were paralyzed directly on the ground.

At this point, ten of them disappeared one after the other, leaving only the underworld with the sword stabbed into Sholoh's chest.

“Boom Boom ~”

A thunderstorm sounded, the clouds rolled over the summer sea, the rain fell after the thunder sounded, not light rain, but not pouring rain, it was the kind of leaching, it could rain for a long time, and soon the whole city was wet.

“Dang ~”

Sholo's knife fell on the floor, and the scarlet was hidden in his eyes, restoring a normal look between black and white, his hair unchanged and still white.

“Pfft ~”

Pulling the sword out of his chest, Sholoh's entire man fell to the ground, bleeding from his body, mixing with rain, quickly dyeing the surrounding ground.

He glanced at him, the sword went into the sheath, turned around and walked back, and the rain couldn't even get close to him, making him even more unlikely to get wet.

But just four or five steps later, he stopped, because he sensed that Sholo was not dead, and there was movement behind him, turning around, and a deep marvel on his indifferent face, because Sholo was struggling to climb up from the ground, despite all the blood and deep bone wounds all over his body, and that poor guy wanted to get up and fight.

“He's still not a human being, is he... is he not dead? ”

Curisa's eyes were full of fear. He could see clearly that the last sword of the underworld pierced Sholoh's heart. That was a lethal part. Even the Shaw clan should hang up. How could it still be alive?

“Monster, that guy is a monster! ”

“Terrible, terrible! ”

“Who says there are no demons in this world, these people are demons! ”

JC watching from afar were all scared, their feet as negative as a kilogram, difficult to move by half.

“Pfft ~”

The lightning thundered in the sky, and the silver white lights of the lightning more clearly reflected the scenes of Wetland Park.

In that silver white light, Sholoh stood up, limbs trembling, even though blood continued to gush from his body, even though his face was extremely white, his posture was not very straight, and he was holding his back like an old man, but he finally stood.

He tried so hard to raise his head and looked up at the underworld, like a fierce, fearless soldier, when all his comrades died in battle, facing the enemy's army, he still blew the Submachine, picked up the Submachine gun, sand and shouted resolutely: "Kill!!! ”