Peerless Genius System

Chapter 703 Negotiations

Rain, leaching down, the leaves of the tree are dripping down the water beads, everything seems to be drinkin '...

Su Glass stood in the rain, her clothes were wet, her hair was chaotic, her cheeks were tight with a few strands of wet hair, tears flowed quietly down, and mixed with the rain. She couldn't tell which were the rain and which were the tears. She looked painfully at Sholo who stood barely. There was nothing she could do. There was nothing left for her to do but cry.

Vajra's eyes also turned red, full of blood, all swordwounded Sholo, like a hero to the end, only endlessly desolate.

“Wang, kill him! Kill him! ”

Curisa urged loudly that, for Sholoh, he was now fearful, and Sholoh had become his nightmare, a nightmare that must be destroyed as soon as possible, and he did not want something to exist that feared him.

The underworld looked at Sholo with no expression, then took a step, and instantly came to Sholo's face.

“Why stand up? Why don't you just lie tight? ”

The voice was apathetic, he was thinking that if Sholo did not stand up, he would do so. Even if he was the great demon king in the prophecy of the witch woman, he was going to let it go, but he had to stand up and provoke his Wang Wei, and he could not do it even if he deliberately discharged water.

Sholo's consciousness was all restored, and he stared fearlessly at the man in white in front of him, coughing up a few bites of blood and saying, “Why... can't you lie down? ”

“Am I lying? ”

Frown frowned slightly, "Do you think you can fight now? ”

“I think… yes! ”

Sholo's last sound was like a roar, his hands and feet were unusable, and he hit him hard with his head to the ground.

However, the surrounding silver bulge rose, Sholo this collision, nothing at all, instead, Sholo, the blood splashed on his forehead, the whole person fainted sinking backwards and backwards, eventually standing unstable, falling on the ground full of rain.

Weakness, poverty, pain!

Sholo was lying on the ground, unable to struggle for a moment and a half, much less bounce.

“You're strong, but unfortunately, you met me. ”

"I'm stronger than you, but you don't understand invisibility, you're doomed to die today. Besides, we were in a hostile relationship with the Shaw clan a thousand years ago. I should have forced you to tell me where the other Shaw clans are, but I'm not going to do this. You're the only one I'm going to kill today! ”

Sholo grinned a few times: "Do I... have to... thank you? ”

There was no sound, the sword in the sheath slowed out of the sheath again, the intent to kill was to agglomerate the tip of the sword. This sword, he was ready to pierce Sholo's head, and stabbed it from the brow heart...

“Stop!!! ”

Sulu ripped his heart out and shouted, while a divine and inviolable pressure swept away in this space.

Curisa and King Kong, as well as the distant JC, looked at her with incredible eyes, at a time when she was scattered all over silver and a pair of purple eyed demons were extraordinarily beautiful, like a god, only visionary and not blasphemous.

“Holy… Your Holiness…”

Curisa called him astonishingly, he was so confused. Rather, the Holy Lord had not recovered his memory and could not awaken the Holy Power. But what about this atmosphere that kept him from worshipping? Doesn't the Holy Power awaken require the restoration of memory?

He paused, turned around and looked over at Sulu.

Purple eyes and Silver Hua flashed away, Su Li became ordinary again, but her restraint was lifted, she rushed towards Sholo at all costs, one accidentally fell to the floor, “Wow” splashed countless splashes of water, despite the pain on her body, she climbed up and continued to run towards Sholo.

She sat on her knees and held Sholo in her arms.

The arrogance of the past is long gone, she is like an ordinary woman, holding her beloved man to tears, pear blossoms with rain, God sees pity.

Watching her cry, Sholo felt painful. He lifted his trembling hand so hard that he wanted to wipe away his tears for her, but found his hand full of blood. Even with rain, he could not flush the blood completely. He was afraid to smudge her face. The hand stopped in the air for a moment and hesitated, eventually falling.

Laughing and comforting: “Wife, no... don't cry, you don't look good when you cry... I... I'm fine...”

“Whatever you say, whoops...”

Su Li murdered him. He cried even harder. He was still choking silently. Now he cried directly.

Sholo stunned and laughed.

Vajra wiped his tears, such a pair of bitter lovers, he couldn't bear to look big and crude.

“Your Holiness, please step aside! ”

It's not an order, it's a request.

Su Li put down Sholo gently, stood up and stared at him with resentment: "You say I am your holy lord, well, I command you now, let him go! ”

"I'm sorry, I can't do it! ”

“Can't you do that? ”

Su Li coldly said, “Then you can only take my body back. He is dead. I will not live alone. My life is in my own hands. You cannot keep me in your custody for 24 hours, and I will always have the possibility to kill myself. Consider the advantages and disadvantages carefully. ”

Hearing this, I was caught in meditation.

“Wang, you can't let that kid go. He's the great demon king of witch witch prophecy. This is the best chance to get rid of him!” Curisa was deeply afraid that the underworld would let go of his nightmares and make a quick sound.

“You shut up! ”

Su Glass shouted at him and drank. “When I regained the name of the Holy Lord, I was the first to kill you, skin cramp, burn you alive with fire! ”

“Grunting ~”

Curisa had a chill, sweaty waterfall, and although it was unlikely that Sulu would do so when his memory was restored, there would certainly be a punishment for him, because in this way, their Holy Lord really loved the Shaw clan.

Culissa stopped drinking, Sulu glanced back and stared at the meditation coldly: “How'd it go? ”

Without speaking, he bowed slightly towards her, nodded his head and turned away. The long sword also fell into the sheath, letting Schollo go by default.

Su Li only felt that all her strength had been stripped out. She had just negotiated with these two Guangdong people, but she also used great courage. At this time, she finally negotiated. It was like she had closed the ghost gate for a while. Her body was tired, but the result was delightful.

She leaned down and kissed Sholo's lips gently, then whispered in his ear: "Live well, take care of Su Xiaobei, don't come to me unless you have enough strength, promise me, okay? ”

Sholo shook his head and wet his eyes with tears: "Wife, you... have you forgotten, you promised me that you would go on a honeymoon with me...”