Peerless Genius System

Chapter 707: Gunshot Up

Schollo had always believed that there was nothing to be gained, so he had a lot of concerns about this sudden and self-integrated system, which he could not use without, and now that he wanted to, his concerns were not superfluous.

“Destroy, I will fight you! ”

Just as he was thinking about things, a scolding came along.

Sholo raised his head and saw a man holding his head staring at himself with his tiger eyes. His body was strong and fortitude, and he had a thick sense of strength. However, his face was pale, his eyelids were deep, his eyes were hidden in blue, and his breathing was a little rushed. If he looked at his head alone, he would definitely be mistaken for a man who was sick and creamy.

“Ren Mao Hua, what's wrong with you?” Ji Siying's eyes were filled with disgust, even scolding.

“Ming Ying, I love you more than Jin Jian. For your sake, even if your opponent is stronger, I won't let Maohua retreat. ”

Ren Maohua expressed some admiration to Ji Siying, and then turned his eyes back on Sholo, “Destroy, come and fight with me a duel between men, only the strong deserve to have ideas. ”

“Get out!”

Sholox had no expression and responded to him with one simple word.

The tone was very blunt, but the deterrent power on it made Ren Maohua punch a chill, a cold sweat immediately burst out, even more reminiscent of the scene of the day being beaten very tragically by Sholo, but when he thought of Sholo injured, it was not long before he woke up, he did not believe that Sholo's strength had restored to its peak state, which is why he had the nerve to come out and shout out loud Sholo shouting, to fight Sholo, so that he could win the favor of Kiss.

He set his mind to it, and his mouth revealed a smeared smile: “Don't drink in front of me. With your strength now, any B fighter can beat you up. I warn you, if you don't dare to fight me, then don't think about it. She is the future wife I let Maohua identify! ”

Hearing this, Ji Siying was really ashamed and annoyed. She refused this guy how many times she didn't know, and every time she refused to give him any thoughts and opportunities. But he, instead of giving up, persisted in pursuing her. Sometimes she wanted to quit the position of liaison officer and avoid this annoying guy forever.

“Ren Maohua, don't be ridiculous, there is no possibility between me and you, you should die of this heart! ”

“Ming Ying, my heart, my soul has been snatched away by you, you let me die, that is to tell me to die.” Ren Maohua frowned.

Sholo coldly picked him up and said, “Then go to hell. ”

Ren Maohua glanced at him and said unkindly: “Shut up if you dare not fight me, nobody will treat you like a mute! ”

“Ren Maohua, I have a fire that I don't know where to vent. I advise you not to mess with me, otherwise..."

“Or what? ”

Ren Maohua's face was filled with laughter. He ate Ding Shaolo. He is now a sick cat and can't make any big wind waves. That's why he dared to take the opportunity to recover the scene he lost last time and win back the favor of the beauty. “Destroy, you are ill now, you do not deserve to say this, or I advise you to leave Ming Ying, she is my wife, you do not want to stain fingers! ”

“Ren Maohua, you...”

Kiss was angry to bite her teeth, and what this guy said was disgusting to her.

“Si Ying's wife, you know? When I can't sleep at night, I always miss you, miss everything about you, put your picture on the wall of my room, I love you, I really love you, I can't live without you.” Ren Maohua once again expressed his admiration for Ji Siying.

“You bastard, how many times do I have to tell you to give up!” Ji Siying's cheeks were red.

“Giving up? Giving up is impossible, not in my life, I must catch up with you, this is the goal of my life.” Ren Maohua shook his head.

“Phew ~”

Sholo's figure shook and instantly came to him. His right hand protruded like a predatory snake, locking his neck like a steel plier, his arms lifted, Ren Mao's feet left the ground, and a strong sense of asphyxiation poured into his brain.

“Ren Mao Hua, is there water in your head? ”

Sholo raised his head and looked at him like a wolf, "Or didn't you think the lesson of the day was enough? Need me to give you more memory? ”

The tone is cold, still kind of cold.

Ren Maohua was stunned and thought, "Shit, didn't this guy just wake up from a coma after being beaten half to death? Strength is stronger than ever. What is this?

He squeezed a slight smile and quickly explained: “Mistake... misunderstanding...”

“Misunderstood? ”

Sholo grinned, “I don't think this is a misunderstanding! ”

The voice just dropped, throwing Ren Maohua directly, Ren Maohua flew into the air for four meters before falling. Sholo's right foot, about to touch the ground, was compressed to the limit of the spring slammed into his chest.

“Boom ~”

A dull blast erupted, Ren Maohua felt all five dirty six hearts tremble for a moment, shouting, mouth spraying blood, body in the ‘C' shape, like a shell flying backwards and hard, fell on the ground more than a dozen meters away.

“Hiss ~”

The NSA headquartersmen watching from afar took a sip of cool air. At first, they thought Sholo was a sick cat, fatigued, and his strength was lowered to the lowest point. But now, it doesn't look like that at all. That Ren Mao Hua is going to die.


Sholo's figure was fictional, and he dragged the shadow, and instantly came to Ren Mao Hua's heel. He stepped on his chest and stared at him indifferently: “Is your mind clearer now? ”

“Doom, misunderstanding, this is... a misunderstanding...”

Ren Maohua wanted to cry without tears. He kind of knew what it meant to die or not, saying that the tiger's ass couldn't be touched, and he, who touched the tiger's ass, clearly used his feet to kick the tiger's ass, tens of times more serious than touching it.

“Doesn't look sober enough! ”

Sholofa said with no expression, and then he kicked Ren Maohua like a leather ball.

“Cuckoo ~”

There was a crisp crack, Ren Maohua's pain was unbearable. When he stopped, his mouth and nose were spilling blood. He had not yet waited for his breath to slow down. Sholo followed suit and appeared in front of him.

“Let me ask you one more thing. Are you clear? ”

“I... I was wrong, right... I'm sorry... I was wrong, I know I was wrong...” Ren Maohua begged for forgiveness with Sholo's feet in his arms.

Sholo shook his head: "Still not sober enough! ”

Go ahead and kick Maohua again like a leather ball.

Kick over and kick past, Ren Maohua was in pain, he didn't even know how many bones were broken, the sharp pain of drilling finally made him cry like a child.