Peerless Genius System

Chapter 710: Here Comes Guqian Snow

Be strong, be strong!

Sholo had only one conviction. He knelt outside the cave of the old man in Tianshan for seven days. He did not eat or drink for seven days, nor did he move. His eyes were unusually firm.

Xiaoquan Ren was very worried about him. During that time, he wanted to give him water and food, which was stopped by the elderly Dragon surname.

“If you want to be strong, if you can't bear it, then my husband will be disappointed in him! ”

The old man with the Long surname reached out and grabbed a piece of roasted lamb, Jinjin, and ate it tastefully. He was very good at making his mouth. He let Xiaoquan build a simple cold shed here. He didn't expect to be able to shield the wind, but only hoped to cover the snowflakes coming down from the sky.

“Xiao Lo...”

Xiao Quan looked at Xiao Lo's direction and mumbled worried, then asked, “Senior Dragon, will she promise to help Xiao Lo? ”

“Hard! ”

The old man shook his head and didn't hide it from him. "Although my cousin is a knife-mouthed tofu heart, you have to get really harsh, even if Sholo kneels to death, she won't be touched. ”

“How good is that! ”

Xiao Quan Ren heard this, an old face immediately turned into a bitter melon face. If Xiao Lo really died on his knees here, how could he have an old face to go back to see Xiao Zhiyuan and Huahuoying and his wife, and Xiao family finally had a descendant who could awaken the power of blood veins. If it just fell, how much would it cost the Shaw family?

“Calm down, you've lived a hundred years too. How come things are always so rough? Haven't you ever heard of man-made things? ”

The old man with the Long surname carried the non-existent mustache centered teachings, “There is a certain number in the underworld, can I let my sister help him, depending on his own opportunity and creation. ”

Xiao Quan nodded. After all, Xiao Lo was a member of their Xiao clan. Both of them were bleeding from the Xiao clan. They were relatives. Seeing him kneeling for seven days and seven nights, and not eating or drinking, he was unable to be as calm and tolerant as the Dragon family.



On the morning of the eighth day, the sky rose again with snowflakes like goose fur.

Ice and snow, cold and windy, the whole world is white, but occasionally bare rocks can be seen outside the snow.

On his knees, Sholo covered himself with a thick layer of snow, and his tips condensed a lot of ice crystals. If he looked far away, he would only make people think he was a one-man snow pile.

“Hey, someone's coming! ”

The old man with the Dragon surname acutely perceived the smell of others in the snow.

“Looks like two more, coming this way.” Xiaoquan Ren also spoke in peace.

“Boom ~”

The doors of the cave retreated to both sides. The old man from Tianshan flew out of the cave to look far and wide in the middle of the sky. The 17-year-old girl's face suddenly frowned: “My apprentice is back! ”

She got the news 10 days ago that her apprentice was coming back to Tianshan. She was in an extra good mood. After 10 days of waiting, she finally came back, which made her feel doubly good.


Gu Qian Xue?

Sholo's physical condition is not particularly good. For the past eight days, he has been consuming his inner strength to resist the severe cold, consuming a great deal without food intake. Everyone is a little tired and can't feel the extremities. Hearing about the disciples of Tianshan's old population, he remembered Gu Qian Xue.

Old Tianshan fell back to the ground and fell in front of him. He looked at him with complicated eyes. He wanted to make a speech and dig a few words of irony, but eventually he didn't say it. He was just old, but he was actually a little girl. He said harshly: “Son of a bitch, give it up. Even if you kneel to death, I won't be touched! ”

“Senior, please help me! ”

Sholo had no words, sincere pleading.

“Hmm, obsessed, asshole like you, I'm too lazy to take care of you.” The old man of Tianshan hummed.

At this point, two girls appeared in sight, wearing thick down jackets.

The girl on the left is cold, a beautiful face filled with a refreshing, refreshing, bright skin that matches the white down jacket she was wearing, a long body, a beautiful and deep pair of eyes on her cool, sophisticated face, that extraordinary temperament that first brings the word 'first love’ to the mind of her boy.

It's Gu Qian Xue!

On the right, is her sister Gu Qian Lin, the color of the down jacket is orange red, no police uniform, Gu Qian Lin is a little less powerful, and a few more young women look beautiful.

“Master! ”

Gu Qian snowed far away and saw the old Tianshan man. He couldn't help but wave happily.

Old man Tianshan smiled at the flowers, waved back, then cold Chonglong surname warned: “Dragon surname, my apprentice is back, you talk less, if you make my apprentice unhappy, I will fight with you! ”

“Sister, look what you said, she is your apprentice, then I am her uncle, how can I upset her, Besides, talking to little girls is my husband's best.” The Dragon's name is Old Man. Hey, smile.

“Shut up!” The old man of Tianshan drank.

The old man with the Dragon surname raised his eyebrows and shut his mouth. He couldn't help but ask for this old demon. His temper was still good to put away.

Soon, Gu Qian Xue and Gu Qian Lin arrived in front of the cave.

Gu Qian Xue and Tianshan's teacher were deeply apprenticed, and it was a tight hug from the moment they met.

“Yuki, how come you look so thin? Is it bad to eat under the mountains? ”

Heavenly Mountain old man's eyes revealed love. Guqian Xue was pulled out by her hand. Her feelings for Guqian Xue were like those of her own daughter. However, the love that should have appeared on the face of a 40-50 year old woman appeared on the face of a 17-18 year old girl. It was inevitable that she looked strange.

Guqian snow shook his head and held Tianshan's old man tighter: “Master, I miss you so much! ”

“Silly girl...”

The old man in Tianshan patted her back gently and saw his lover again. He was really excited and tearful.

After the ancient Qian Xue and Tianshan elderly people narrated, Gu Qian Lin pulled Gu Qian Xue up close and asked quietly: "Xiaoxue, is this your master, Tianshan elderly? ”

“Hmm” Guqian Snow is at the top of the list.

“How does she look about your age? ”

Gu Qian Lin was completely foolish and could not connect the woman who looked like a seventeen or eighteen year old girl to the old man in Tianshan.

Gu Qianxue explained: "My master, her elderly family, has a way of staying young forever. ”

“Living forever in youth? Immortality? ”

Gu Qian Lin was shocked, as a modern JC, how could she not believe that such a subtle thing, immortality was just an unrealistic fantasy of people, how could it be achieved?

As long as they are human beings, they will experience old diseases and die without exception. But now the elderly can break this pattern and live in youth forever. This is incredible.

“Little girl, there's so much you don't know in this world, don't be like a frog sitting in a well, thinking what you see is everything.” The old man in Tianshan carried his hands against Gu Qian Lin, and the girl's face looked old and autumnal.