Peerless Genius System

Chapter 719: Unshackling

“This son of a bitch...”

The old man in Tianshan bit her teeth cut, sweat beads appeared on her forehead, she danced long, and the space around her was distorted by her powerful air spot. Together, she pulled a finger from her hand and punched into the pitch-black heavenly and earth cage, which constantly repaired the cracks.

It's just that, over time, the rate of repair has clearly failed to keep pace with the rate of creation, so that more and more cracks appear on the surface of black cages, spreading like spider webs.

“Dragon, aren't you going to help?” The old man of Tianshan shouted at the old man by the name of the dragon, who looked down at him silly.

“Sister, let me help you! ”

The Dragon surname old man only reacted, Dayi Rin, high-profile shouted, then flew up, came to the high air with the Tianshan old man, the true power, that is, the internal power, came out through the hands, from the back of the Tianshan old man transmission into.

Together, the laws of heaven and earth were affected, and the space around them was extremely distorted, as if it were a piece of wrinkled paper.

But the effect is also evident: the black light of the heavenly and earthly cages rose, the crack repair speed accelerated, all the cracks were finally repaired, and the entire heavenly and earthly cages appeared indestructible, completely suppressing that beast inside.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Intense collisions in heaven and earth cages, but only collisions, do not affect its integrity and no cracks recur.

The old man from Tianshan and the old man from the Dragon surname fell back to the ground. The latter wiped the sweat from his forehead. "If it weren't for the two of us, Sholo would have been able to break through the heavenly and earth cages. This power is amazing! ”

“This is the perversion of the Shaw clan. ”

The old man in Tianshan gasped and his red face was weary. "My mother untied the shackles on the bastard. If he eventually became the great demon of the world, the dragon, I will go home with you! ”

“Sister, calm down, calm down, don't say that Sholo is not a demon. Even if we are here, and there is a mysterious Light Clan, it's not that simple for the demon to want to perish.” The old man with the dragon name carries a beard that doesn't exist.

“Boom ~”

A thunderbolt came from the direction of heaven and earth's cages.

“Pfft ~”

The old man of Tianshan gushed a breath of blood without a sign. He turned his head and looked at it. A large hand came out of heaven and earth's cage. The big hand was as white as bone, as slender as a ghost claw, and the pitch-black nails were as sharp as a sharp knife, scattering an evil smell.

“What is this? ”

In the shack, Gu Qian Lin, who saw this miserable white hand, stared and the whole person was about to suffocate, because the big hand did not look human at all, but like some evil creature, and the mutated carcass in the movie was like this hand.

Is this Sholo's hand?

What happened to his hand?

For a while, there were countless questions in my mind, combined with a whisper that didn't resemble a human voice, Gu Qian Lin felt only a trembling chestnut from her soul.

Gu Qian Xue and Xiaoquan stood still at any moment and opened their eyes to see all of this incredibly.

“Through heaven and earth?! ”

The old man's face was full of shock. If he was held in a cage in heaven and earth, he would not be able to escape.

When one hand comes out, immediately followed by the other, the two hands pull to the left and right sides, as if to break the heavenly and earth cages open to the hard-boiled.

“Damn!!! ”

The old man of Tianshan shouted and flew halfway into the air again. His hands were constantly stamped. He punched an invisible finger into the cage of heaven and earth. The old man of the Dragon surname assisted her in a very tacit way.

The black light of the heavenly and earthly cages rose sharply, but no matter how sharp, it did not seem to have stopped Sholoh, and a striking crack began to spread upwards and downwards as two miserable white hands pulled down.

“Ho ~”

With a whistle, the heavenly and earthly cages snapped and burst apart with the broken sound of the glass box.

“Pfft ~”

The old man in Tianshan sprayed a lot of blood again and fell from the air. Good thing the old man in the Dragon surname responded promptly and caught her, which avoided the result of falling to the ground.

The heavenly and earthly cages were created by her hand and maintained by her true power, arguably as part of her body, such as today's cage was broken and her body was wounded by severe repetition.

She had no time to worry about her physical condition, and the first time she landed she looked in the direction of the heavenly and earthly cages. She had a strong bad feeling that it was not Sholo, but a monster, who escaped from her heavenly and earthly cages.

Sure enough, looking up, I couldn't help but stare at what Sholo was like at the moment.

It's a human monster, almost three meters tall, and the skin is white and bloodless, but the muscles all over the body give the body an explosive sense of strength, hands and feet, completely clawed, dry and dry as the claws of the devil, white hair dancing, facial five-officials, teeth exposed, scarlet eyes are strange.

“This... is this Little Lo? ”

Xiaoquan swallowed a hard sip of saliva and a cold sweat waterfall. How could they become such monsters in the Shaw clan? It's impossible.

Guqian's eyes trembled so violently, I can't believe how this happened to Sholo.

“Monster... Monster...”

Gu Qian Lin was frightened and pale, holding the gun in her hand long ago, but this gun, which could easily kill others, did not give her any sense of security.

“This is the form of battle after the Shaw clan unraveled the shackles?” The dragon surname of the old man, he was also the first to see this form of the Shaw clan, like an evil creature in hell.

“This son of a bitch has completely turned into an outsider by the name of Dragon. This is the consequence of your deception of my mother, untying the shackles of the Shaw clan. I will see if you have the strength to ambush him.” The old man in Tianshan left a bloodstain on his mouth, watching the old man laugh.

“Ho ~”

Just after her voice had fallen, Sholo became a human monster and shouted, her body was bloody, her body burst, and she swept at them with fierce pressure.

“Boom! Boom!”

The ground cracked under its foot, and the entire space filled with that evil smell on it.

“The son of a bitch is unconscious and he can't bear such power! ”

Old Tianshan's eyes were full of shame, digging for bitterness, “Dragon's name, it's your turn! ”

The old man laughed bitterly, then stepped forward and took a shot at Sholo.

The palm of the volleyball turned into a white energy ball, and the ray of light impacted on Sholoh as fast as possible. Sholoh, who twisted wildly, couldn't even hide, raised his hand for a beat, and the white energy ball turned direction, breaking through the void and hitting a mountain peak a few kilometers away.

“Boom ~”

Just one loud noise, and the mountain peak, along with the layer of snow covered on it, burst into flat flats.