Peerless Genius System

Chapter 720: War

Gu Qian Lin saw her heart tremble, and before that, she had never imagined that the power of mankind could reach that level, smashing a mountain with one hand was simply unimaginable.

“This kid...”

The old man with the Dragon surname slightly flashed, I really didn't think that Sholo could easily open his palm power. I couldn't think more. Sholo's white monster rushed up at him with a yell. He immediately vacated and flew to the distant valley, leading Sholo to fight in the wasteland of the man's smoke to prevent accidental injuries.

Ho ~

The white monster howled and chased up.

The speed was extremely fast, the old man with the dragon name had not yet reacted, it had already chased behind him, the dry claws held the old man's back head, and directly pushed him from the air to the ground.

Destroy the shackles and be mighty!

“Boom ~”

Just one loud sound triggered a thousand layers of snow in the valley, such as meteorite falls, landslides like mountains, and the whole valley was in turmoil.

“It's my husband, Sholo, wake up!!! ”

The old man with the Dragon surname broke free of the control of the white monster, an old face was horrible, and he fought back with extreme speed, while trying to awaken Sholo's consciousness.

But it was obviously ineffective, with no mercy from the white monster, and the plot pushed the opponent to the point where he was ready to die, purely a naked killing machine.

“Boom! Boom!”

Where the battle took place, the earth collapsed, and the horror of the abnormal energy fluctuations generated under the bombardment swept away like ripples. Many peaks could not withstand this energy fluctuation, which broke apart and turned into dust in the air like snow.

“Dragon, I'm here to help you! ”

The old man in Tianshan drank loudly, stood up and quickly joined the battle.

Xiaoquan hesitated for a moment and felt that he had to give Sholo to the ambush before finally joining the fight.

Together against the white monster Sholoh turned into, it was difficult to divide the defeat for a moment. At first, the ground fought, the valley was crushed and destroyed, and then the battle shifted to the air. The fluctuations caused by the limb collision affected space, and the space crackled, creating distorted images.

The Dragon surname elderly, the Tianshan elderly and Xiaoquan Ren were all hit by white monsters, but they all stubbornly swept away, releasing the life they had learned unreservedly.

“Boom! Boom!”

There seemed to be deafening thunder in the sky, terrible threats swept everywhere, the heavens and the earth discolored, Gu Qian Lin and Gu Qian snow on the ground only felt the air become heavy, so that they could barely breathe.

“Sister, look what a monster you're married to! ”

Gu Qian Lin sincerely felt worthless for her sister. She actually lost herself to a monster. It was horrible. She looked like a mutilated corpse in a biological and chemical crisis.

Gu Qian snowed silently and looked up at the white monster in the sky and the war between the three elderly men. His eyes turned red.

Is this really Sholo?

She couldn't help but wonder, without any physical features of Sholoh, claws, white skin, fangs, red eyes, which was like an evil, powerful creature from hell.

“Sholo, you don't blame me for what I did to you! ”

A roaring sound shook the heavens and the earth, and the old voices swung back between the heavens and the earth through no superior pressure.

The dragon name of the old man danced with white hair, and the whole man was golden, like a Buddha, shot from the sky towards the white monster.

“Buzz ~”

The heavens and the earth seemed to sound a loud Sanskrit, a huge golden palm emerged from the air, a person's body size compared to that of an ant and an elephant, the lines on the golden palm were clearly visible, breaking open the void, and striking down at the white monster with a devastating atmosphere.

The wind and clouds turn colorful, and the mountains and rivers grow strong!

The white monster seemed to smell a dangerous breath, subconscious to escape, but at this time, the old man of Tianshan was sworn and his hands were insanely stamped on his chest.

“Heaven and Earth! ”

Accompanied by a roar, a small black cage appeared empty-handed, confining the white monster, and because the cage was too small in the sky and earth, it looked like an unfit black garment wrapped around the body surface of the white monster, confining it to prison.

White monsters keep howling and struggling to break free from the control of heaven and earth's cages.

“Little Lo, don't blame the old lady, we just want you to wake up! ”

Xiao Quan's face was stretched out, his hands raised, not knowing where to move a four-story room-sized mountain stone from, and then threw it hard at the white monster.

A giant mountain rock burst like a meteorite across the sky, falling towards a white monster.

“Boom ~”

It triggered layers of dust and tons of heavy snow.

They delayed for a little while, and the old man's golden palms were stamped solid.

“Boom ~”

The earth was pouring like a wave, several mountain peaks had collapsed, and Xiao Quan Ren's boulder against the white monster instantly turned to powder, and the entire Tianshan Mountains were in violent turmoil.

The inhabitants at the bottom of the mountain and the tourists who traveled here thought that an earthquake had occurred, because there was a wave of vibration coming up from the bottom of the foot, the fear spread, everyone ran to the open area, but saw the golden glow at the top of the mountain, and there was an unprecedented avalanche, a terrible energy fluctuation on the top of the mountain, invisible, but you can see that space produced a ripple like a water wave.

“Shit, what's going on over there? ”

“Isn't this an earthquake, a movement from the top of Tianshan? ”

“What about the golden light? The top of Tianshan is full of snow, there are no talent there, why is there a golden light? ”

“Legend has it that there is an old man living in Tianshan who doesn't know if the movement has anything to do with him. ”

“This legend has been around for thousands of years. Even an old man from Tianshan died long ago and turned to dust. ”

The people underneath looked at the top of Tianshan and couldn't speak of shock and fear, wondering what terrible things were going on there.

At the top of Tianshan, many mountain peaks completely collapsed, and the original location of Tianshan's old man's cave was not spared, only because at the moment when the heavenly cage was created to trap the white monster, Tianshan's old man came to the cave, with her strength, to protect the cliff.

Dragon surname elderly, Xiaoquan returned to this cliff before and after, and fought a great battle with the white monster. They were all exhausted, and each person was more or less injured and could hurt them, which is enough to show how powerful the white monster is.

The old man in Tianshan was the most seriously injured. After all, when the previous cage was broken by the white monster, she was injured. She joined the battle, the wounds were aggravated, and several pieces of blood were sprayed in her mouth. The appearance of a 17-year-old girl changed dramatically. The dark hair instantly turned into white hair, and the complexion changed from a face full of collagen to an old woman's face. Her skin became rough and many more geriatric spots.