Peerless Genius System

Chapter 721: Return to Truth


Gu Qian Xue greeted the elderly man in Tianshan, tears like rain, “Master, you... what is wrong with you? ”

Since childhood, her master was the face of a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl, but now suddenly she becomes an old man with some rickets on her back. Her face is full of traces carved out by the ages. Her hair is pale and she shows old age. Even if she is stupid, she knows that something extremely bad has happened.

Tianshan old man coughed a few times, with her rough hand, touched Guqian snow's head, and said graciously: “Silly girl, why are you crying? This is what I look like. ”

Nonetheless, Guqian snow could not help but weep.

“Sister, the reason you can keep your face at the age of seventeen or eighteen is to make the divine power permanently reside in your youth, but now what? Has it lost its utility?” The old man's face is full of worry.

The old man from Tianshan sneered: "You don't think it's going to take real energy to unlock the potential for that son of a bitch in the war? At the expense of true power consumption, there is not much real power to consume now, and my mother is seriously injured, so she is naturally hit back. ”

“Sister, then you won't follow... Master went to his old house?” The old man with the Dragon surname asked carefully.

As soon as I heard this, Tianshan's old man got angry and picked up a stone from the ground and threw it at the old man with the Dragon surname. Then he sipped on the water: “Boo, you old bastard with the Dragon surname dare to curse me, do you want to die? ”

Throw the stone and stop, and come up and scratch the old man with the Dragon surname.

The old man with the Dragon surname hastily explained: "Sister, calm down, I'm caring about you. ”

“Don't worry about my ass, you can't wait for my braids to go home now, but I regret to tell you that I have at least 500 years left to live, 500 years, enough time for me to rest and rest, and then it will not be a dream to restore my youth, I will definitely live longer than you.” The old man of Tianshan was vicious and harsh.

“Sister, look at you. Brother really cares about you. If there is nothing to curse you, why don't you understand?” The old man shook his head helplessly.

“Boom ~”

At this point, a loud tremor shook the sky.

A bloody red light, like a well blast, swept up against the sky from the far reaches, and the horrors of power swept across all directions.

“Boom”, "Boom”...

The earth shook violently, causing a large avalanche, and more than a dozen peaks collapsed.

At the same time, the boulder dust at high altitude brought by this bloody red light fell. For a time, the sky was like meteorite rain. This is a catastrophic image. The top of the mountain was destroyed in such a way that the vast avalanche could be seen by even those at the foot of the mountain.

“Is it Little Lo?” Xiaoquan opened his eyes.

“Playing big, the Shaw clan is really perverted. After being slapped by their husbands, they are still intact, and their strength seems to be stronger.” The old man with the Dragon surname couldn't help but swallow his pharyngeal spit and burst out a cold sweat.

The old man in Tianshan gasped and watched with horror the bloody light hanging in the sky.

The bloody light was like a flame, the bears burned, half the sky was red, and a fierce air of blood filled between the heavens and the earth, suffocating and frightening.

“Hoo ~”

That bloody flame drew a fierce trajectory in the air, falling straight on this fracture, silent, but the pressure on it, pounding like the sea, havoc, surge.

This is a frightening force. Gu Qian Xue and Gu Qian Lin are dying to crumble. Even the Dragon name is elderly, they are shocked. This guy is really getting stronger. Can the Shaw clan really improve their fighting power indefinitely?

Soon, however, all the pressure dissipated like a tide.

Under this bloody flame is a shadow of a man, who steps towards them, and every step, the bloody flame extinguishes a point, and after five steps, all the bloody lights are scattered, and then the body is revealed, Sholo.

White hair without wind, long eyebrows like willows, body like jade trees, skin white, especially at the neck, fine as porcelain.

Her upper body was naked, her muscles were clearly lined, her lower body was wearing a black pants slit, and her body exuded a complex temperament, evil charm, Arjun, handsome, gentle, handsome, but she also had a sense of emptiness and goodness, and her pupils were scarlet, but only at this moment, she did not give a strong killing scent.

Cold, arrogant and isolated, with the flavor of the world scattered independently!

Gu Qian Lin was completely obsessed. This is definitely one of the most wicked and handsome men in the world, none of them. Such a Sholo really made her feel strange.

Gu Qian Xue stayed and then cried with joy. Sholo came back and was no longer that horrible white monster.

Sholo took a few more steps forward, and his white hair and red eyes disappeared. Instead, he replaced them with dark hair and the eyes of ordinary people. The vast repression just now disappeared from the invisible. He gave the feeling that he was a normal person who could not be normal anymore.

What the hell is going on?

Breaking the limit? Reached a new height?

The old man with the Long surname, the old man from Tianshan and Xiaoquan face each other, they don't think that Sholo has become ordinary, because even they can't detect Sholo's shallow depths, which can only be an explanation, which is that Sholo's realm is above them, or that he has reached a state of regression.

Without waiting for them to talk, Sholo had come to them and offered each of them a kneeling prayer, and then stood up and sincerely thanked them: "Thank you, seniors, old ladies, for helping me improve! ”

“Lo, have you regained your mind?” Xiaoquan let the excited path go.

Sholo nodded, laughing: “I recovered, and I was fighting this power, so that you could suppress it temporarily, so that I could break the limits, regain consciousness, regain control of my body. ”

“Sholo! ”

Gu Qian Xue ignored everything and ran forward and held Sholo tightly.

“It's okay, don't worry.” Sholo patted her back softly in comfort.

“Son of a bitch, what are you up to now? ”

Tianshan old man incredibly looked at Sholo, it seems she was wrong, Sholo is not the great demon of extinction, before the white monster looked like the great demon, now the mind is restored, there is no shadow of the half demon.

“Probably okay. ”

Sholo had no joy or sadness on his face and was confident in every move.

“Sister, where's Master's dragon knife?” The old man with the Dragon surname asked with excitement.

Old Tianshan glanced at him: “Why are you asking? ”

“Of course, try it for Sholo. The dragon knife doesn't even recognize the old man. You can let Sholo try it, see if Sholo can control it. If he can control it, give him the dragon knife, and the dragon knife has the sense of justice of the master and his old man, and can help the person who holds it to his heart. ”

Looking back at the state Sholo had just lost control of, the dragon named Old Man slapped his thigh, "Old Husband's Day. Oh, this dragon knife is made for Sholo! ”