Peerless Genius System

Chapter 729 Wild Flavors


As soon as he heard the name, Sholo's fist clasped his consciousness, the bone festival “clicked”, and an uncontrollable burst of anger appeared in his eyes. He would not forget that the man who took Sulu was also the one who scrapped both his hands and his feet. This was a deep bone marrow revenge. If he saw Curisa, he had no doubt that he would not lose his mind and that he would do everything to kill Curisa.

“You say Curisa hung you up and beat you, is it true or not? If you lie to me, I'll kill you! ”

Sholo looked at the duck emperor, his eyes filled with Xiao Sher's killing machine. In other things, he allowed the stinking duck to run the train with his mouth full. But in this matter, he had to lie to him and fool him. That was embarrassing. Don't say that he was a disciple of the Lord of Chaos, that is, the King of Heaven. He also did well.

“Grunting ~”

The duck emperor struck a cold tremor and swallowed a hard sip, lifting his right duck's wing: “Ben Duck swears that if Ben Duck lies, he will be struck by thunder. He will have to die so that he can fall into the cattle path for the rest of his life and become a cattle! ”

“Aren't you an animal now?” Sholoh squints coldly.

The Duck Emperor scratched the duck's head with embarrassment: “I'm sorry, the scholar spoke too long, I almost forgot that I was a handsome duck, but God damn it, Ben Duck definitely didn't lie, that Curisa was as smart as you, knowing that Ben Duck pretended to be his master behind their back to scare them away from crossing the two realms, after coming to the Duck's residence, he hung Ben the duck for seven days and seven nights, seven days and seven nights, the dignity of Ben Duck is gone. ”

At the end of the day, he choked off the duck tears again.

Sholo for a while. Shh. Smart as me? As long as IQ is online, who can't find out that it's not the Lord God of Chaos at all, but someone who pretends to be a ghost behind his back and gets hung up and beaten for seven days and seven nights. Dignity is gone. You stinking duck have dignity?

In fact, I lived with this stinking duck for 10 days in chaotic space, and Schollo felt a little bit more clearly about his spleen. For example, when he lied, he would deliberately avoid your eyes, and his eyeballs would spin, which was clearly a sign of weakness of heart. Now that he spoke, he didn't show these characteristics, so he had 99 percent credibility, nearly 100 percent credibility.

“You want your dignity back, you got that skill?” Sholoway.

“Goddamn kid, you ask a good question, you ask a good question, you ask a loud question, yes, Ben Duck really doesn't have the skill to find Curisa's trouble, but you do have the ability to split the chaos space, freely cross the two realms, Ben Duck watches over you, to regain dignity doesn't necessarily have to take Ben Duck personally into battle, there is an idiom well said, borrow the knife to kill, Ben Duck borrow your son this world treasure knife to destroy the wind of Curisa's Dead Street (gai).” The Duck King's duck wings actually lifted his thumb like a man.

Lend a knife to kill?

MD, the plot is with me, and I take it for granted that I don't hide a word at all.

“Bang ~”

Sholo didn't mention how depressed he was. He stretched his hand and slapped the Duck Emperor hard.


The royal duck royal screamed miserably.



With a common enemy, Sholoh accepted the Duck King, brought this stinking duck with him, and told him to shrink to the size of a giant fly and stay on his shoulder when nothing happened.

In order to determine the direction of the Optical Nation, it seems very necessary to ask someone!

However, every duck flew all day over this vast forest, and no one was seen, and it had not reached the edge of the forest.

“Goddamn it, this forest is too big. At your scud speed, it hasn't even flown all day. It's just too big.” The Duck King couldn't help but sigh.

Sholoh was also a frown, he could fly from the northernmost tip of the island to the southernmost tip twice all day, but the forest was invisible, infinitely alike, and he was sure he wasn't lost, choosing the north direction, that is, the forest was bigger than the two island countries.

It sounds exaggerated, but it's true!

Sholo chose to fall back to the ground, flying all day, hungry already.

The ancient trees in the heavens cover the day, the thousand years old vines are as strong as a dawn, a wave of unknown beasts roar in the mountains, close to each other, that roar like thunder, with the coming of the night, the hunters go, this vast forest every moment in the scene of weak meat eating.

“Ho ~”

Sholo had just landed, and a beast had targeted him.

It looks like a boar, except that this boar weighs at least six or seven hundred pounds, like a moving mountain, with claws on its limbs, serrations, two fang outsiders, barbed barbs on exposed areas, at least 20 centimeters long.

“Raccoon? ”

Sholoh once again appeared in the diagram of the beast in the mountain sea scripture. The beast in front of him looked too much like the raccoon power recorded in the mountain sea scripture. His raccoon eyes were red, his mouth was filled with staggered sharp yellow teeth, and his mouth was filled with disgusting saliva.

“Goddamn kid, it looks like it's preying on you for a tooth festival.” The Duck King's unbeaten voice rang.

“Teeth festival? Just see who punches whose tooth festival.” Sholo couldn't help laughing.

At this point, the raccoon, like a wild boar, pulled himself against his limbs and ran straight at him.

Sholoh was light in shape and flew into the air, avoiding its impact, and this raccoon hit a big tree that took three adults to surround him, only listening to the "boom” loud, the tree broke its waist, and the huge tree pen fell on the ground, stirring up heavy sand.

“This gai has so much power to crash!” The Duck Emperor was in a deep, dark shock.

Sholo, however, lifted his knife directly in the air and, with only one knife, cut off the head of the giant and instantly killed it.

Soon afterwards, the forest smelled like roast meat, one duck at a time, sitting by the campfire for a full meal.

“Tsk tsk, this taste is absolutely fragrant and unwanted, Ben Duck has never eaten such good barbecue. ”

The Duck Emperor regained his original shape, ate a drum drum, like a leather ball, lay lazy on the lawn, even if he was already hiccups, still had a piece of barbecue in his hand, slowed down and then ate it.

Sholo ignored it, frowned at the night sky, came to the secret, but he found that the journey to Optical was not easy, it had been more than half a month. If Optical wanted to be unfavourable to Sulu, time would have been enough, and even now he could not stop Optical.

With this in mind, there is tremendous frustration and burning inside!

“Hey, Goddamn Kid, what are you having tomorrow?” The Duck King greeted him with a warm welcome.

“Roasted duck. ”

Sholo was in a bad mood and said back to him without being angry.

The Duck King stunned, and then shouted directly: "I'll go to you ~! @ # % …… ”