Peerless Genius System

Chapter 732: Purple Moon Cave Temple Disciple

Solved the three so-called Black Blood Mercenaries, not too many times, footsteps came, three men and three women appeared carefully in the woods, after seeing the three bodies on the ground, all looked shocked at Sholo.

“Brother Tai, did you kill these three black mercenaries?” The man who walked in front of him, looking like Svenjuya, put his sword away and held his fist to salute Sholoh.

Sholo had just returned from his meditation and looked up at them. All six of them were wearing purple clothes, and the weapons in their hands were very uniform. They were swords. If I'm not mistaken, it should be the purple moon cave disciples that the Black Blood Mercenaries had just spoken of.

Cut a piece of raccoon flesh, chewed it slowly and nodded lightly: “Yes, I killed it. ”

Did he really kill him?

These are the three Wu Ling, they all died on the spot, this age will never be more than the majority of the guys to have reached the peak of Wu Ling? Or have you broken through the barrier of Wu Ling and reached the rank of Wu Wang?

Six people couldn't help but breathe a sip of cool air. They thought it was incredible. If the guy in front of them was young enough to be Wu Wang, I'm afraid the whole mystery couldn't find a second person. Even if he wasn't Wu Wang, he was the peak of Wu Ling, and his talent was extremely perverse.

“Are you from Purple Moon Cave Heaven? Listen to these three dead heads. They are hunting you down by the Black Blood Mercenary Corps?” The Duck King is the Lord who can't control his mouth and carries two old duck wings.

A talking duck?

Beast... Beast demon?

Six people suddenly frightened a frightened, who could think that a blind duck actually reached the rank of Beast Demon, a young, at least martial, man, a beast of beast strength, God, this world is crazy.

The man who looked like Sven and Elegant set his mind and bowed to the Duck Emperor: "If you go back to the monster, we are indeed men of the Purple Moon Cave. ”

“Why did the Black Blood Mercenaries come after you?” The Duck King walks back and forth and enjoys the feeling of being respected.


The man with the face is hesitant.

“Brother Left, no! ”

“Yes, Brother Left, this Eight Valves Xianlan is a hundred years old rare encounter, we found this stock so hard, the Black Blood Mercenary Corps chased us for it, if you tell this beast demon, it will surely take it for itself like the Black Blood Mercenary Corps. ”

“Eight valves of Xianlan is to be taken back to Master's old house for medical treatment. Without the eight valves of Xianlan, Master will not last two months. ”

The other five pulled aside the man who looked like Svenjuya and whispered to persuade him that it was an animal demon and that there was also a young man who was very tall, and if he moved his mind, they had no counterhand at all.

Though they spoke very little, Sholo could hear clearly, and he just smiled and didn't show up.

The man who looked like Svenjuya thought about it and sighed: "Brother and sister, do you think you can hide from them without telling me? No, maybe we can hide it from that brother, but we can't hide it from an animal demon. If they're really mean, we have no use for this trick. ”

When they heard this, all five bowed their heads. How could they not understand that Brother Left was telling the truth? In front of an animal demon, the eight valves of Xianlan were completely invisible. Now they are so upset, what are they doing here with the fire?

“Fuck him, what are you whining about there? It's strange how people in your secret world like to mumble.” The Duck King scratched the duck's head.

He greeted us with a smile on his left, then answered the question just asked by the Duck Emperor: “Dear demon beast, the Black Blood Mercenary Corps is hunting us because we have gained a great deal of opportunity and have harvested an octave of Xianlan. ”

No hiding, honesty.

“Eight valves of Xianlan? What the hell is this? Show this duck. ”

The Duck King looked at Sholoh, and he had a better understanding of what was in the original world, and he had little research into what was in the secret.

The other five disciples in the purple moon cave were shocked. They said: "It's broken, this beast demon seems to be trying to make the idea of eight Xianlan, obviously asking Brother Left to hand over eight Xianlan.

“This is it. ”

Smiling bitterly to the left, honestly took out the eight valves of Xianlan hidden in his arms.

It's an orchid with eight petals, each red as blood, and an intense floral scent that spreads from it to the surrounding space, and it's very spiritual, refreshing, and very unique.

“Wow, those are beautiful flowers and they smell great! ”

The Duck Emperor looked a little crazy, and brought this octavian orange with its manly duck wings and put it in front of him to admire.

The height of the other five nerves in the purple moon cave is tightened, which is the straw saved by their master, and no flashes are allowed.

“Hey, young newborn, can this orchid be given to this duck, who will make a specimen and put it on the bookshelf to admire.” The Duck Emperor is very fond of the Eight Valves Xianlan and has made a request.

“Pfft ~”

The sword came out of its sheath, and the five disciples of the purple moon cave, who were originally nervously tight, were immediately angry.

The Duck King jumped and the feathers on the duck's head were rooted upside down.

Ming raised his hand to the left to stop his brother and sister, and turned to the Duck Emperor with a good voice: “Beast demon honor, please forgive them, this eight valves Xianlan is to be brought back to our master for medical treatment. Our master is seriously ill. Without this eight valves Xianlan, he will not last two months. I hope that the honored will raise his noble hand. We will remember the honored man's grace in purple moon cave. ”

Sholo, who had always been a visitor, stood up and walked to the Duck Emperor: "Stinky duck, give them back the eight valves of Xianlan. ”

But the Duck Emperor is not the kind of unreasonable duck, honestly return the Eight Valves Xianlan to Ming left: “I told you, if it is for life-saving, how can this duck be taken for its own? ”

Are you coming back?

It feels a little unreal to withdraw the eight valves of Xianlan to the left.

The other five were also stunned for a moment, when they put their swords back into the sheath, and their hostility towards Sholoh was immediately diminished.

“Alas... what a beautiful orchid, if only this duck could make it into a specimen collection.” The Duck Emperor sighed with regret.

Sholo glanced at it indifferently: "People are hunting them because of this orchid, you stinking duck still expect them to give it to you, I'm afraid it's not Shi Lezhi. ”

“Goddamn kid, Ben Duck, isn't this giving them back?” The Duck Emperor grumpy.

Sholo stopped talking and sat down again.

“Thank you, Brother Tai, thank the beast demon honored, we have written down your kindness in the purple moon cave.” Left to the Ming dynasty of Sholo and the Duck Emperor.

The other five also followed in saluting one duck at a time.

“Now that you think it's love, there's an opportunity for you to give it back.” Sholoway.


Six people showed puzzling faces.