“This transmission array is meant to serve the people of the realm. Although we have a responsibility to regulate the transmission array, we allow the use of the transmission array as long as it is not for non-perpetrators and there are reasonable grounds to go elsewhere. Our transmission array in Purple Moon Cave leads directly to Stan City, 200,000 kilometres away. ”

After listening to Sholo's words, he took it from the left, after all, it was normal to use the transmission array, which was too easy for their disciples in the purple moon cave to do, since he was able to pat himself on the chest guarantee.

“Stan City also has plenty of transmission arrays, all around and can go anywhere you want. ”

A disciple in purple laughed and asked, "By the way, where did you end up? ”

“Light Holy Land!” The Duck King came out.

Light Holy Land?

Six disciples of Purple Moon Cave changed color all over their faces.

Sholo glanced at the Duck Emperor and explained: "We have a long history of the Light Holy Land God and want to see what it really looks like. ”

“So that's it. ”

Nodding to the left brightly, suddenly, “Many people in the mystery wonder what the Guangzhou Holy Land is, but Brother Xiao, the Guangzhou Holy Land is too far away from here, you may have to go halfway around a lot of transmission arrays to get there, it's cumbersome, so, when I get back to Purple Moon Cave, I'll get you a detailed route map, then you can follow the route on the map, it's convenient. ”

Sholo was stunned, and then Guan 'er smiled: “Well, thank you! ”

This left direction is very enthusiastic, but there is an enthusiastic reason. After all, in this endless forest, the Black Blood Mercenaries are scattering their forces to hunt them down. With his blessing, there is a layer of security. Although it is purposeful, it is not disgusting. At least this left direction is the right way to go. So anyway, if you want to go to Purple Moon Cave to borrow the transmission array, you can be the umbrella for the six people once.

“It's all right, Brother Xiao invited us to eat such fragrant raccoon meat, and my siblings and I appreciate it.” Speaking to the left, put down the barbecue in your hand and get up to thank Sholo for his courtesy.

The other five also followed suit, expressing their gratitude to Sholo.

“There's nothing to be thankful for. There's too much barbecue. Ben Duck and the kid who killed this day can't finish it even if they eat it for four days. It's a waste to keep it. You newborns are very polite. Ben Duck likes it tight, and he's willing to eat a little of our barbecue ben Duck. ”

The Duck Emperor stood up as an old good man and glanced back at the three bodies on the ground, "Unlike these dead heads, they came up to eat meat like bandits, and roughed up Ben Duck, which is what they deserved. ”

It was an offense to the beast demon honor, so it was killed by the beast demon honor!

Left to Ming walker suddenly, heartfelt: It seems Brother Xiao did not reach the martial arts level, like them, just a martial artist or a great martial artist, just said that he killed the Black Blood Mercenary Corps, I think it must be to satisfy the vanity to lie, killing the three Black Blood Mercenary Corps caps is the beast demon honor.

Well, that makes sense!

If a person reaches the peak of Wu Ling or the rank of Wu Wang at a young age, it is a demon. How can there be such a thing in the world? Six people quietly relieve themselves and make fun of the fuzzy thoughts just now.

“Sex ~”

At that time, a burst of voices sounded in the woods.

“No, it must be the Black Blood Mercenaries! ”

Six disciples in Purple Moon Cave changed their faces, and the rather sweet-looking female disciple shouted.

“Don't be afraid, the Black Blood Mercenaries are nothing. In front of this duck, they're just a couple of bugs, and this duck can sneeze them up to 18,000 miles away!” The Duck King waved his hand, oh no, it should be the duck wings waved, calmly drunk.

Hearing this, Sholo almost choked on his own saliva. What kind of a king of ducks, this stinking duck is clearly the king of disguises, disguised as disguised as unrivalled.

To the left, he set his mind to the other five: “Yes, the honored ones are here, the Black Blood Mercenaries dare not take us, don't be afraid! ”

There is an animal demon honored to rely on, these disciples in the purple moon cave are more certain in their hearts, subconscious towards the duck emperor a few points.

“Son of a bitch in a purple moon hole, look where you're going! ”

Accompanied by a cry of true power, a dozen shadows emerged from the woods, five big three thick, muscular dragon tray burst, led by a middle-aged man about 40 or 50 years old, middle-aged man with a scar on his face, looked abominable.

He grinned and said to Ming's group on the left: "How dare you burn the roast meat here? You little bastards are so stupid, give me the eight valves of Xianlan and I will leave you with a corpse. ”

“The men killed directly, the women raped and then killed. The three little bitches were skinny and fleshy. It must have been particularly cool to dry. Hey...” A man with a pointy-mouthed monkey cheek looked at the three female disciples in the purple moon cave and laughed.

As soon as this was said, the other members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps laughed coldly and looked obscene swimming over the three somewhat sexy disciples.

“If you don't want to die, kneel down to Grandpa Duck and get lost!!! ”

In order to set his image in the eyes of these purple moon cave disciples, the Duck Emperor twisted the first two steps on the duck's ass, and then pointed the wings of the duck at the middle-aged man, the voice was quite dignified.

“Beast... Beast demon? ”

These dozen members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps have turned colorful, and no one expected that one of their disfigured ducks would be a beast demon-level beast.

The middle-aged men headed by him similarly stood still for a while and did not know how to proceed. Faced with an animal demon, they had no arrogant division of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps. When the animal demon was angry, they would definitely kill him on the spot.

“Lord Beast Demon, we do not mean to offend your majesty, just that these disciples of the Purple Moon Cave have robbed our Black Blood Mercenary Corps, and we want them back. ”

“Yes, Lord Beast Demon, we were so angry that they cheated on the people under their jurisdiction, relying on themselves as representatives of the Light Holy Land, that we chased them all the way here. ”

“Lord Watchbeast, give us a hand! ”

The members of the Black Blood Mercenaries immediately pleaded guilty and paid tribute to the Duck Emperor.

“It's bullshit, blood spraying, you black blood mercenaries are not guilty, life is not a day or two, in this endless forest, you still want to do it against us, see how bold you have been, this eight valves Xianlan is our purple moon cave has a great opportunity to get, you found out, want to take possession of it, kill us, but hardly say that eight valves Xianlan is your property, you are not black and white ability, it is simply first-rate.” Left to the bright, angry and unstoppable reproach.

These words can make the members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps look pale and red for a while biting their teeth to the left.

“Afterlife, don't worry, Ben Duck is in your hands, these little bugs can't lift any waves! ”

The Duck Emperor decided to force this to go on. It was going to be the true beast demon in the eyes of these purple moon cave disciples. After all, the name 'beast demon esteemer' sounds so good, it doesn't have to sound so good.