Peerless Genius System

Chapter 735: Second Kill


A short arrow, filled with a hazy, empty voice, like a black lightning bolt, suddenly flew out of the woods, penetrating through the right duck wing that was bragging about the Duck Emperor, bringing a bloody stain and nailing it to a tree in the distance.


The duck royal screamed and fell, and a few white feathers fell off from it.

“Honor, how are you? Are you okay, Honor? ”

Six disciples of the Purple Moon Cave rushed up and lifted the Duck Emperor up.

Where can the Duck King go on loading at this moment? It hurts so much. Tears are bursting in his eyes. He shouted: "My duck wings, my duck wings, it hurts me so much, gah...”

There is no such thing as a half-breed demon of the honor of the wind and temperament of the man, the human setting, oh no, it should be a duck set, at this time completely collapsed.

The six people in the purple moon cave face each other, I can't believe the demon of the Hall of Fame would be so disrespectful to the ghost crying wolf howl.

“Shit, you stinking duck, you almost fooled me. I'm glad I'm not smart, or I'll be a laughingstock for everyone in the regiment! ”

The just departed member of the Black Blood Mercenary Regiment returned, and the black-pressed self-forested room fanned up, talking exactly to the middle-aged man, the scar on his face looked terrible in the light of the fire.

“Goddamn it, kid, why are you still standing there? It's your turn!” The Duck Emperor shook Sholoh, "How dare you pretend to do it again? It must be at a price. Wow.

Sholo patted the dust on his clapper, stood up and slowly walked up with the dragon knife. He glanced at it and smiled. “Don't go on? ”

The red rose on the face of the duck, and he scolded: "Goddamn it, kid, did you intentionally, pediatric things like short arrows, if you want to intercept it, you must be able to intercept it, you intentionally looked at the arrow shoot through the duck's wings. ”

“Duck, you look at me too high! ”

Sholo lifted his eyebrows and laughed. In fact, he could actually intercept the short arrow, just to see that the stinking duck was pissed off at the way it was dressed so hard in there, just to teach him a lesson.

“His duck motherfucker! ”

The Duck Emperor hates to bite his teeth off, of course he knows that Sholoh is ignoring it. With Sholoh's strength, how could he not even stop an arrow that flew in?

Sholo ignored it again, turning to a group of Black Blood mercenaries, the dragon knife in his hand flattened, the tip of the knife pointed straight at the middle-aged man with no expression: “Two paths, either go away or die! ”

Get out of here or die?

These people of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps are all foolish. This is only what they say to others. When did they say it to them in reverse, and it came from the mouth of a martial artist, this damned thing is not going to be brain watering.

Six disciples of Purple Moon Cave also stunned. This is headed by the elder figure of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps. His strength reached the peak of Wu Ling. Half his feet went into the realm of Wu Wang. Others are also the realm of the Martial Master and the Great Martial Master. They really don't understand where Sholo's confidence comes from. He dared to say such words to the group of Black Blood Mercenaries with the strength of the district martial level.

“He's a duck. He's definitely an ancestor!” Duck King Gambai whispered a whisper.


The leading middle-aged man couldn't help laughing and slowly turned into a sneer, and he looked at Sholoway, “Boy, you're the first one in this part of the world to tease our Black Blood Mercenaries, and I'm sure you'll be the last. ”

“Brother Panther, stop talking to him and kill them! ”

“Yes, it's a disgusting hatred for a duck to fool our Black Blood Mercenary Corps and not let them live. ”

“Show them what cruelty means! ”

The members of the Black Blood Mercenaries stared angrily at Sholo, waiting only for the middle-aged man to give the order, and they hugged him and chopped Sholo and the Duck King's knife to death.

“Draw your sword and prepare for battle! ”

Shout left to Ming, take the lead in drawing the sword, and stand in the same camp as Sholoh.

“Pfft ~”

The other five disciples of the Purple Moon Cave drew their swords. For example, the enemy stared at the Black Blood Mercenary Corps and prepared to fight them.

“Yo, a couple of little bugs still want to fight, nice, I like it, go, give them all to me!” The middle-aged man showed off his killer and snagged his fingers forward in the yin.

The award-winning members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps immediately drank furiously towards Sholo and rushed off to them.

“Looks like he chose to die. All right, all of you! ”

Looking at the members of the upcoming Black Blood Mercenary Corps, Sholoh lifted and landed the knife directly, cutting it clean off.

“Boom ~”

A fierce knife lasted more than a dozen years. If a thunderbolt is punished, the void falls straight down, the forest wind lightning array, the wind is raging, the sand is covered, and the body of the members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps under the blade explodes instantly.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft.”

They blew up in their bodies with powerful bombs, flesh and blood, turning into blood, and the people on the margins were beaten out by this force, and their bodies broke several trees, all of them fell to the ground, their mouths bled, and they broke their breath without struggling for a few moments.

The only man who survived was the middle-aged man, whose whole body was covered in blood, whose clothes were shattered, whose arm was broken, and whose blood was gushing from the broken mouth, and whose painful groans were coming out of his mouth.


Six people sucked the cooling air in the purple moon cave, gazed and shook their faces.

One knife, just one knife, actually killed dozens of people in the Black Blood Mercenary Corps in a second, repaired into the realm of Wu Wang, the guy was seriously injured, only a breath left.

How is that possible?

Isn't this Sholo the realm of talented martial artists?

“What do you mean cruel? Shit, that's cruel!” The Duck King's unstoppable spirits were deeply deterred by Sholoh's cruel means.

Sholo did not speak, walking one step towards the middle-aged man on the ground.

“You… who are you? ”

The middle-aged man stared dead in the eye at Sholo, full of terror, and the young man turned this place into a Huroyard with a knife.

“Didn't I tell you, either get lost or die, unfortunately you chose the latter! ”

Sholox had no expression, and after that, he knifed the middle-aged man.

As a result, more than a dozen members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps have all died.

I can't believe my eyes, a warrior-level guy, killed a dozen members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps two or three times, which is unimaginable.

They looked at Sholo with dismay, and all the beasts and demons exploded weakly. This is the true Sha God, who killed the three black blood mercenary regiments before.

“Shaw... Brother Shaw...”

Sholo lifted his hand and interrupted what he wanted to say.

“Do you remember what you promised me? ”

“Remember, we at Purple Moon Cave are always welcome to use Brother Xiao, and I will also compile a detailed road map to the Optical Holy Land.” Left to Ming Ying.

“That's good, wait till dawn and go to your purple moon cave. ”

Sholo nodded and then walked back to his position, sitting down and keeping an eye on the tree.