Peerless Genius System

Chapter 736: Who sang?

In the endless forest, the ancient trees cover the day, the thousand years old vines are as fierce as they are, and from time to time there is an array of unidentified beasts roaring from afar.

After spending the night here, I haven't felt very safe. Six disciples in Purple Moon Cave definitely didn't dare to sleep over, but Sholo closed his eyes to support God, as if he had already slept behind a tree.

Having witnessed Sholo wipe out more than a dozen members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps with a knife, and the ability of an expert in the peak realm of martial arts not to fight back before him, Left to Ming, they have revered Sholo as a god deep down inside.

“Brother, this guy named Sholo is clearly only a martial artist. Why is his strength so horrible? ”

“Yes, more than a dozen members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps are all martial artists and great martial artists, and there is also a master in the realm of martial arts, he actually knifed the result, I'm afraid that momentary strength reached the status of Wuhuang. ”

“Weird all over him, never seen such a weird guy! ”

The disciples of Purple Moon Cave could not help but whisper the discussion of Sholo. Now they have all cooled the Duck Emperor to one side, not to say the dominant eye, but the strength Sholo showed was too shocking, making them completely wonder why.

Left to Ming raised his hand to stop: “Brother Xiao should have refined some kind of secret method of hiding his true strength, so it seems that he is only the rank of a martial artist, well, don't talk about Brother Xiao anymore, nobody likes to talk about him behind his back. ”

Several brothers and sisters nodded obediently.

“Hey, newborn, what are you doing standing still? Come and wrap this duck around the wound! ”

The duck emperor hates the taste of being chilled, ripping the duck's voice out and shouting out loud. In fact, its wounds are almost fine.

The Bishop of Chaos taught him two kinds of school dropouts: physical recovery, and escape ability. For 500 years, he practiced both kinds of school dropouts. Of course, he reached the point where fire was pure blue, and the penetration wound of a short arrow was pediatric for him.

The six disciples in Purple Moon Cave did not know that the Duck Emperor was not an animal demon whose attitude to it had been deflected by 180 degrees. Instead, they went forward and carefully handled the wound. The three disciples also carefully blew their mouths towards the wound, not to mention how considerate they were.

Sholo sees it all in his eyes, and now that he has judgment in his heart, this purple moon cave is still quite decent.

For the first time in more than 500 years, the Duck Emperor has not received the attention of anyone but his own master.

“Honorable, what's wrong with you?” Left to clear concern.

“No... nothing, the sand is in my eyes. ”

The Duck Emperor quickly explained, and then he was very embarrassed to say, “Don't call me the honorable one, this duck is not really a beast demon, it just speaks human language, the honorable one can not bear this name Duck. ”

“What shall we call you?” A female disciple asked curiously.

The Duck King thought about it, and then a serious book said: "Call me Grandpa Duck, Ben Duck is over 500 years old, you can just call me Grandpa. ”


All six disciples in Purple Moon Cave are stunned. How can this take advantage of us? But what do you think is a common duck, if it's an old man, we can still call you Grandpa, but...

“Let's call you the honorable one, in our hearts you will always be the honorable beast demon!” To the left lies the words of righteousness.

A male disciple also hurried to conciliate: "Yes, reverend, you just stood out for us to face the Black Blood Mercenary Corps alone, that figure is too great, too handsome, you are a well-deserved reverend man. ”

“Oh, really? Really handsome?” The Duck King suddenly came to the spirit.

“He's so handsome!” A female disciple said with certainty.

“Hahahaha... Fantastic, Fantastic, Gaga...”

Duck Emperor Le blossomed, ripped his throat and shouted excitedly. Finally, he hummed a song. La La La La was disgusting, but he was intoxicated inside, singing and singing. La La La La La was endless.

On several occasions, he tried to cover his ears, but feared hurting the Duck Emperor's self-esteem. He had to endure it for a while. One look was painful.

“Sing again and I'll bake you! ”

Sholo couldn't stand it. He copied a wooden stick and threw it at the Duck Emperor who had forgotten my song on stage. He hit the Duck Emperor in the head and smashed it to the ground.

“Fucking duck! ”

The duck emperor scolded and climbed up. When he thought he couldn't beat Sholo, he had to put up with the spirit of AQ. "Jealousy, you must be naked jealousy, jealous that I sing so well. ”

“Do you hear yourself singing? You don't have any points?” Sholo opened a faint-eyed path.

“Ben Duck is a god of songs, how can the song not be nice, newborn, tell me, how was Ben Duck humming?” Duck King's Road.


Six people in Purple Moon Cave suddenly fell into a difficult situation, it is really not nice to hear. If the truth is, it hurts my self-esteem, but if it sounds good, it is not the slapping of Sholoh, how can I say this?

“Who was singing just now, disturbing his heart, causing his breakthrough to fail, come out and die! ”

When they hesitated, a cold voice suddenly sounded, and then a giant snake head came out in the woods, spitting out the orangutan red, all bloody red, just a giant python, the body of the giant python was as thick as a large water tank, with an indescribable smell of smell, that strong sense of oppression caused the six people in the purple moon cave to instantly sweat.

Beast... Beast Demon?!

Python Beast Demon, this time truly is a powerful beast demon!

“Run, Venerable, Brother Shaw, run! ”

Left to the cry of mindfulness, turning around to escape, against the upper beast demon, they have no ability to resist, the only option left to them is to run.

“Wanna run? Don't even think about running! ”

Python's triangle eyes were filled with anger, huge snaketails swung, the instant the mountain swayed, five or six large trees were broken, huge trees were photographed flying up and then hit the ground again, blocking their escape route to the left.

It twisted the giant snake body and slowly came out of the woods: “My lord didn't easily feel the opportunity for a breakthrough. You goddamn human beings are fine, singing such a horrible song, disturbing my lord's heart, eventually leading to my lord's breakthrough failure, and wanting another breakthrough opportunity, my lord has to wait for at least a hundred years, you really deserve to die, say, who was singing just now? His Highness wants him to live, not die! ”

Six disciples of the Purple Moon Cave subconsciously glanced at the Duck Emperor.

The duck emperor struck a spiritual spirit. After facing the eyes of the giant python, he quickly pointed at Sholo: “Gaga, gaga...”

I didn't dare say anything, so I told the giant python in its duck language that it was sung by Sholo and pushed the pan onto Sholo.

“What the fuck did you just say in Duck?” Python stared at it coldly.