Peerless Genius System

Chapter 738 Beheading

“The world is finally quiet, hahaha...”

Python laughed and swallowed up a Wuhuang-class human being. It was also a great achievement for him. If he encountered his kind in the future, he would have bragging capital.

To the left, Ming walked white, looked at it with horror, Sholo was swallowed by it, ten dead, reached the demonic level of giant python, the strength of the belly is like steel cast can not be hurt, and its digestive capacity is extremely strong, the flesh and blood body is swallowed by it, a few breaths will probably turn into a beach of purulent blood.

“Holy shit, kid, you hang in there, Ben Duck to save you! ”

The Duck King suddenly attacked the giant python like crazy, using his duck mouth to peck all the strength of the giant python, and tore the body of the giant python with his duck claws.

Under its insane attack, the blood-red squamous armor on the surface of the giant python was pecked open and the blood rain was pouring.

“Damn stinking ducks! ”

Python was furious, the whole snake body twisted wildly, the huge tail splitting vertically, and the earth shook for it.

The shape of the Neha Duck Emperor is as electric as electricity, avoiding it from round after round of deadly attacks, still madly beating the giant python with its duck mouth and claws on the surface bloody.


Six people in Purple Moon Cave were staring at each other. Their impression of the Duck Emperor was cowardly and unjust, but at this moment, they found themselves seemingly wrong. The Duck Emperor was not a beast demon, but he was brave all of a sudden. He fought against a beast demon level giant python, which is unimaginable.

“Brothers and sisters, you take Yabu Xianlan back to treat Master, don't ask anything, this is an order, execute it! ”

Left to Ming issued an irresistible order, then sword swept up to assist the Duck Emperor to deal with the giant python together.

But the difference in strength was so great, the giant python had a dragon tail swing, sprayed blood directly to the left and flew out.

And the duck emperor also defeated the formation from time to time, his ability to escape may be invincible, but his ability to do so desperately is obviously weak, the giant python burst out of flames, it fell straight from the air, feathers all over his body were burned, some places revealed burning flesh, fell on the soil-filled ground, instantly the room went half to life.

The bloody red eyes of the giant python swept towards the Duck King and others, biting his teeth and cutting them: “It's your turn, before Honjong eats all of you one by one, I can vent my hatred! ”

It twisted the body of a giant serpent, slowly climbing up to the Duck Emperor, who was already the end of a strong crossbow, and others such as Ming to the left, vomiting the apricots of the orangutan, as if to let them experience the fear of death before it came.

“Why don't you listen to me leave? ”

Left staring indignantly at his brother and sister, sacrificing himself is enough, why five lives in vain?

“Brother, how can we leave you on your own! ”

“Yes, die together, live together. ”

“Even if Master were here, he would agree with us. ”

The five men looked at death as though they were full of fear, but did not retreat.


The left side didn't know what to say, and all the words eventually turned into a heavy sigh.

“Die!!! ”

The giant python opens its mouth and has a strong smell of smell. It really wants to swallow the six people and the duck emperor in the purple moon cave.

The other five in Purple Moon Cave were lucky enough to have swords and prepare for a final special death.

Suddenly, the python stopped attacking, and the snake's head stopped moving in the middle of the sky, as if it had petrified instantly, and then it screamed painfully and the giant snake's body rolled wildly.

“Click-click ~”

Rows of trees collapsed and tons of soil were photographed into the air. Python was like a dragon tumbling in the river, destroying forests in the area to a devastating extent, accompanied by its sharp and scalping cries.

Five disciples of the Purple Moon Cave busily raised the Duck King and the Left Ming and retreated until they left the devastating area of the giant python.

Six people and one duck look at this image unbelievably, have no idea what happened, why did Python suddenly stop attacking? Why is it painfully flipping again?

“Could it have eaten the goddamn kid and then it started turning against his stomach?” The Duck King muttered.

Just as it sounded, the python's belly broke open a blood cave, a shadow emerged from the inside, brought a thick stream of blood, the original wildly flickering python fell on the ground and stopped bouncing, the blood gutted from the cave, quickly dyed the surrounding soil.

“It's the son of a bitch. He's not dead! ”

The Duck King came to his senses and watched Sholo fall slowly from the sky shouting.

To the left, Ming Ming and the other five disciples in the purple moon cave were all blindfolded, horrified to see, they all thought Sholo was finished, this is an animal demon level giant python, swallowed a person there is a reason to survive, but now, Sholo not only survived, but also ripped the stomach of the giant python out, what terrible degree of strength did he reach?

Forests are destroyed within a mile's radius, the ground is volatile soil, and scattered fires are burning, just looking at it like a doomsday scene.

Sholo was spotless and stood in front of a giant python like an angel.

“You… who are you? ”

The dying python looked at him in horror, and it had no idea that it would fall into the hands of the young man in front of it today.

Sholo reached out and grabbed it, and the dragon knife spanned dozens of meters of space like a black light into his hand, responding slightly: "Kill your man! ”

Speak up, with a knife in your hand, Python's house-sized head was cut off.

Since then, an animal demon has passed away!

Sholo glanced at the snake corpse without a trace in his heart. He had warned the giant python many times. This giant python did not know to value the opportunity he had given him, so he could not be blamed.

When they approached the left and saw the immovable snake corpse on the ground, several people were frightened open their eyes. This is a beast demon, so beheaded, they really felt unreal, and Sholoh's image in their eyes was already as tall as a big mountain, and the shadow of the great shore was huge.

“Goddamn it, kid, you... you killed it?” The Duck King rushes up an incredible path.

“Can't you see it's fake? ”

Sholo didn't say a word back, and then frowned, "How can you smell like a roasted duck, you stinking duck, how can you make it so luscious? You fell into a fire pit? ”

As soon as I heard this, the Duck Emperor got mad and jumped up and slapped Sholo with his duck wings: “You gai, dare to speak cold language here, Ben Duck thought you were dead, you fought with this giant python to make this look like a wolf, know no, you and his mother dare to laugh at me, believe it or not Ben Duck pecked your Ding Ting Ting Ting to scrap. ”