Peerless Genius System

Chapter 739: A Collision

A pecker?

Sholo rolled his eyes, because he suddenly remembered a cure for the disease that was passed down by the rural family when he was a kid, which was to have the duck peck the boy's dick, and the boy's dick used it because he had been bitten reddish by an insect or something, and now he thinks it's pretty speechless.

"" You're touching me, you stinking duck, "she soothed. ”

The Duck Emperor froze and snorted: “His duck, you're not touched. If it weren't for the fact that you can't go back to chaotic space, Ben Duck would be lazy to save you. ”

Place two duck wings crossed in front of your chest, close your eyes, twist your back and take a nasty stance.

“Shaw... Senior! ”

At this time, Ming left greeted them, just wanted to call Brother Sholo-Shaw, but the word ‘brother' was hard to hold back, converted to seniors, a man who even beast demons can kill, where do they have the courage and Sholo-Shaw Brother-in-law, the secret power is honored.

Sholo nodded and glanced left at Ming: “Is everything okay? ”

“Nothing, just take a break for a while.” Smiling to the left.

Sholo stopped talking and was going to spend the night somewhere else.

“Seniors, the body of the beast has a nucleus of beasts. The nucleus of beasts contains intense spirituality, it can be used to refine the alchemy, or it can be used to cultivate the autonomous absorption. The higher the level of the beast, the more precious the nucleus of beasts is. This giant python reaches the level of the beast demon. Its nuclear value even goes to the city, and everywhere will be the object of truth and connivance. Don't seniors intend to dig up its nucleus of beasts?” Seeing Sholo seemed unprepared to handle the body of the giant python, he spoke plainly to the left.

“Beast nucleus? ”

Sholo obviously heard something like this for the first time and frowned.

Several disciples of the Purple Moon Cave were stunned and thought, "Does this guy not even know the core of the beast? Then where did he grow up, he didn't know anything.

Nodded brightly to the left: "Yes, it is the nucleus of the beast. ”

He took the initiative to go towards the body of Python and slowly cut the body of Python with his sword. The dead beast demon, although thick in skin, lost his protective power. The body could still be cut open. After some labor, a green core of beast was removed from the body of Python.

The nucleus is spherical, about 56 cm in diameter, and a palm can easily hold it, although it is green and stained with a little blood. It can be seen in a clear way, and there is a white smell all around it.

“There is such a thing in this giant python?! ”

The Duck Emperor was amazed and walked over to play with the nucleus in his hand. "It's like a green night pearl, but it's as soft as a bouncy ball. It's amazing. ”

Sholoh has little interest in the core of the animal. His strength has risen to this level, and he has long been out of the realm of relying on the outside to cultivate something that can be raised again: “If you like it, put it away and put it on your bookshelf for good. ”

“Goddamn kid, Ben Duck is waiting for you to say that. ”

Duck King hey hey smile, and then like a trick, he lost the core of the animal.

This can make the six people in Purple Moon Cave look stunned. I don't know where the Duck Emperor hid the cores.

Sholo was also curious about this, the stinking duck was wearing a sailor's uniform or no bag. Besides, white feathers are white feathers. Even though a beast core is not big, it's hard to hide it, so he asked: "Where did you hide it? ”

The duck pointed to the ring worn around his finger: "Here. ”

“The ring? ”

Sholo actually noticed the ring around his neck a long time ago, but it looked like a decorative piece of jewelry, no surprise, nothing special.

“You don't know that. This is the space ring my master gave me. I can put down a lot of things in it. The duck also remembered it at the last minute. I hurried to bring it with me. It's really a home trip. It's a must-have for killing people.” Duck King Joseph said.

Is there such a magical object in the world?

In addition to shock and shock, the six men of Purple Moon Cave were able to store a ring that they had never heard or seen before.



One night of silence, the next day just dawn, Sholoh walked north from the endless forest to Purple Moon Cave Sky.

And one hour after their departure, the deputy leader of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps came here with a dozen people following the instructions of the previous informer's men. When he saw that the place had been damaged and lay on the body of a giant python, more than a dozen people had their faces completely discolored.

“I told you that kid wasn't a normal guy, now it's time for you to believe me.” A long-faced, flesh-faced man said with horror and fear, the same guy Sholo had let go before.

The deputy chief was a strong man in his 40s, with deep orbits and three obvious frontal prints on his forehead. He did not speak, but measured the surrounding conditions with no expression.

Soon, the men put the bodies of their companions neatly together. Of course, they were all complete. Those bones were incomplete, so it was difficult to collect them. The body of the giant python was also surveyed back and forth.

“The deputy chief, Brother Panther and his men are all dead, and, after exploration, this is a giant python with the strength to reach the level of Beast Demon. His belly was pierced through a large hole and eventually beheaded. The core of the beast was also removed alive.” A subordinate reported the results of the survey to the Deputy Head of Mission.

Beast demon level python?

After hearing these reports, everyone couldn't help but inhale the cool air, even the demon can be slaughtered, how strong is that guy?

The deputy chief's eyes also burst with fear, his hands behind him trembling uncontrollably, and he turned his head to look at Brother Panther's belly: “What kind of guy is that? ”

“He looks handsome, looks like he should be twenty-five or six years old, and his weapon is a black knife, all painted, and his superficial strength looks at the warrior's realm.” His belly was shaking with trembling memories.

Twenty-five or six?

Everyone heard that his face had changed and changed, and it was incredible that a young man, 25 or 6 years old, was capable of killing an animal demon.

“His strength was unpredictable, and I couldn't even see how he did it, and the three of them had their throats slit and fell to the ground.” The long-faced, meat-faced man said in horror.

At this moment, a haze has covered these black blooded mercenaries, who must have encountered a fierce battle this time.

“Is he close to Purple Moon Cave Man?” The Deputy Head of Mission asked again.

“Looks like he's protecting them.” The belly of his hand replied.

The deputy chief's face changed rapidly: “No, the chief is going to attack Purple Moon Cave Heaven today, I'm afraid he will meet our chief. No, we have to hurry to the Purple Moon Cave Heaven to assist the chief. ”

Go ahead and head towards Purple Moon Cave Sky.

But the others didn't keep up, all of them standing still.

“You?” the deputy chief stopped and turned to the questionable path.

“Lieutenant, that's a strong man who can kill even beast demons. What can we do if we go?” The long-faced, meaty man grinned bitterly.

Everyone else had an idea with him, and the other side was too powerful to defeat their courage.

The deputy chief was furious, but thinking back, the long-faced men were right. What can they do if they go, I'm afraid, is just add casualties for nothing.