Peerless Genius System

Chapter 740 Changes

Looking at the wretched, especially the body of the giant python, the deputy leader of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps couldn't help but beat a chill, dispelled the idea of rushing to Purple Moon Cave to assist the leader, instead activated a letter falcon, wrote to the leader to evacuate, then the letter falcon will be released.

A falcon can fly 20,000 kilometers a day and is the most mainstream mode of communication in the secret world!

“Captain, will he evacuate when he sees the letter?” A member of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps is half-hearted and half-hearted.

“I'm afraid not. The captain was once the old mischievous apprentice of Purple Moon Cave. He hated it because the old mischievous hair drove him out of the division door. He thought every day about how to destroy Purple Moon Cave, or else he wouldn't have developed our Black Blood Mercenary Corps into a team of more than a thousand people. Now he knows that the old mischievous is seriously ill and is a great time to destroy Purple Moon Cave, how could he easily give up.” Another humane.

Listening to the conversations between the two, the others showed a complex and heavy colour on their faces, and the Deputy Head of Mission sighed heavily.



A pedestrian left the endless forest and then walked a dozen miles north to see a mountain standing in front of him. Dan cliff monster stone, shredded wall peak, Yao Wei Qihua, Qingpin Cuipei, the peak shrugged into the clouds, watching the immortality, quite spectacular.

“Senpai, this is the blessing of our purple moon cave. ”

To the left, Ming introduced Sholo to the grand square, within tens of thousands of kilometers, which is the most wonderful view of the mountain where their purple moon cave is located, like the one shown in the mountain water painting. When introduced to others, there is always a sense of pride in the deep inside.

“In this scenario, which is a blessing, this duck wants to sing a song to express his mood.” The Duck King looks at this breathtaking sight, the desire to sing has returned, its resilience is extremely strong, and the wounds on his body have healed long ago.

As soon as he heard it said he wanted to sing, the six men in the purple moon cave had changed their faces.

Sholo gave a chestnut directly to his duck: “Not enough trouble? If you hadn't bothered that giant python last night, would it have come to the door? ”

“He's a duck. Shit, it's all the fault of this duck. ”

The Duck Emperor said uncomfortably, “Ben Duck can vouch for the ticket. The stinking snake is useless. If it fails to break through, he will spill his breath on us. Fortunately, we are not pinched, or else he will die too unjustly. ”

Sholo wasn't interested in being poor with him, giving him a look and letting himself feel it.

Left smiling and playing the field: “Seniors, honored ones, let's go up the hill. ”

Sholo nodded as he went up the hill.

Halfway up to the mountain waist, a gate appeared in front of it. It was a mountain gate made of precious wood. It looked like a three-story tall tower. The door was three or four lengths wide, and there was a huge plaque hanging in the middle. The plaque said “Purple Moon Cave Sky” in four large gold letters. The four large pencil spells were rugged, with a sense of strength, making people quietly take revenge.

“Brother Song and Brother Li are not here to keep an eye on the mountain gate. Where did they go to lazy?” When a female disciple saw the mountain gate empty, she complained for a while.

“This has to be reported to Master, although we Ziyue Dongtian are just a small door pie, but there are no rules and rules. Brother Song and Brother Li are too disciplined.” Another female disciple looked at Ming Dao to the left, obviously hoping that Ming to the left would be able to report the situation to the Master.

To the left, the light god was shady and uncertain. As can be seen, he was also dissatisfied with the two brothers guarding the mountain gate.

“Brother, look, there's blood here! ”

A man with an eye spotted blood near the mountain gate, not much, and had a leaf cover, which was harder to spot.


Everyone was shocked, and a bad hunch oil was born.

Several people ran over, squatted down and checked, and found that it was indeed human blood. Following the direction of the low blood flow, after walking out a dozen meters, they saw two people lying in the bush, all with bloody mouths and noses and a pale face.

“Brother Song and Brother Li! ”

The six men of Purple Moon Cave rushed past at the fastest possible speed.

One of them reached out and probed between their noses and touched them behind their ears. Finally, he rose and shook his head to the left and said with sadness: “They... are dead...”

Kneeling down to the left to see where the fatal wounds were, he finally found that both had a black palm print on their chests and his eyes opened wide: “The wind and the clouds, it was the traitor Xiang who dried them out! ”

Xiang Qing?!

The other five people brushed their colors together. This Qing was also a member of the Purple Moon Cave Heaven. He was abandoned by their master to chase out the Purple Moon Cave Heaven because he raped a teenage girl under the mountain. Since then, he hated the Purple Moon Cave Heaven. He created a black blood mercenary group under the mountain to pull the bad guys together, specializing in non-criminal acts. At this time, he must have heard that their master was seriously ill, so he took the opportunity to hit them with the Purple Moon Cave Heaven.

“He's a duck, his hands are so harsh, he smashed five dirty hearts in one hand!” The Duck King looked at some of the bodies and took a breath of cool air.

Without saying a word, Sholo just vacated and flew to the top of the mountain. He was going to use the transmission array. If the Gate of the Purple Moon Cave was killed, it would be a lot of trouble for him.

“Holy shit, kid, wait for me! ”

The duck emperor also pounded his wings and chased up towards Sholoh at a fast speed, turning back to the left and shouting to Ming, "In the afterlife, you too hurry up, there's no fun to watch when you're late. ”

Six people were in deep grief, unable to appreciate the Duck King's cold joke, leaving two guards to prevent the mutilation of the bodies of Brother Song and Brother Li by insect ant birds, then left to take the remaining three to the top of the mountain quickly.



At the top of the mountain, there is the deep pavilion, the Pearl Palace Belle, and the quiet room.

Inside the main palace, five or six hundred purple moon cave disciples in purple clothes were bound with their hands and feet, controlled by a group of strong men with swords and crossbows. More than a dozen elders were also seriously injured, and the tray legs sat in one place, with a bloodstain on the corner of their mouths.

Yaotai, originally at the main gate, is sitting with a big man.

The big man only revealed his right eye, his left eye seemed blind, covered with a black blindfold, he put his right foot together on a clean yawning platform, the whole person almost lay on his side, he just finished reading the admonition of the vice president brought by the falcon.

“What kind of masterpiece of shit, even purple moon cave old mischievous hair is now my subordinate prisoner, could there be a stronger practitioner in this area? Did that dead scorpion get his ass kicked in the head?” Xiang Qing handed the letter to the belly next to him and scolded him.

At this time, the deputy chief is afraid that he will not wake up. ”

“Ignore him! ”

Xiang Qing sat up from Yaotai and looked viciously at an old man who was not far from him. "Master, when you expelled me from the purple moon cave, did you ever think there would be a day like this when you regretted not fixing me up to scrap? ”