Peerless Genius System

Chapter 743: One Blade, All Dead

“One last chance for you and your men, now get out of here, and I will spare you immortality! ”

Sholoh was intentionally suppressing the killer demon in the body, and in this mystery where there was no law and strength to honor, the killer demon easily took the upper hand, and he repeatedly allowed them to choose, indeed, to give these people a chance to live and at the same time to make less unnecessary killings.

“Yes, get lost or the ducks will fan you to death!” The Duck Fox is a fake tiger, with a wave of presence.

Xiang Yangitis and Purple Moon Cave Heaven elders and disciples deeply pinched a sweat for this man, even though he hid his strength, there were at least 700 or 800 black blood mercenaries present, with knife guns in his hand, more arrow arrows, and the lowest is also the level 10 martial arts, the vast majority of them are martial artists, and more than a dozen martial arts. As the leader of the black blood mercenary, Xiang Qing's strength reached the level of Wuwang Mid-term. Faced with such a powerful group, this man's odds of victory for a duck are infinitely close to zero.


Xiang Qing was like hearing the world's funniest joke. He looked up and laughed a few times. Then, the only right eye killing machine appeared. "Ok, ok, I grew up so big, this is the first time I've encountered a product like you. Silly, go ahead and kill them! ”

By a single order, more than a dozen members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps, armed with a long knife, drank heavily and pounded on Sholo and the Duck Emperor. These are the masters of the murderous cargo, each carrying at least one human life, rushing to kill, and having a strong fierce atmosphere.

“Be careful! ”

A female disciple of the purple moon cave subconsciously shouted.

Others in the purple moon cave were also suffocated, some horrified, others closed their eyes directly, afraid to see the next bloody scene of Sholo and the Duck King being cut into mud.

Sholoh's right foot slammed to the ground in the face of more than a dozen upcoming members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps.

“Boom ~”

A loud, deafening noise, the true force from the feet into the ground, locked these dozen people like a dozen earthquake dragons, rushed towards them quickly.


There were four screams, more than a dozen master martial artists, flying directly upside down, mouth and nose spraying, struggling for a moment after falling, did not move.

The people in the purple moon cave stared and shook their faces.

They could understand that after all, this guy had the strength of a martial artist peak, but a dozen martial artists were beaten down by him again, and with just one move, they instantly defeated a dozen martial artists without any moisture.

How is that possible?

This guy looks at the age of twenty-six and seven at the most. Even though he practises talent against the sky, he can reach the peak of the Great Martial Arts Master quite well, how can he have such a strong strength!

The Black Blood Mercenaries were also amazed, opening their mouths and looking at Sholo with horror and horror, as if looking at a monster.

“Aren't you going to get out? Do you really want Grandpa Duck to die with his wings?” Once again, Duck Emperor Fox Fake Tiger Wei cleared his voice and called Xiang Qingdao, who stood high on Yaotai.

Xiang Qing's heart felt a slight bad feeling. He whispered to him: “Captain, get out of here. This kid is so weird, we're afraid it won't be his...”

“Bang ~”

Before I finished, Xiang Qing slapped him around, pointing to his nose and scolding him: “I waited so long to destroy the purple moon cave, you actually told me to retreat? One more thing, I'll kill you first! ”

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.” The Duck King said sarcastically.

Xiang Qing glanced at it coldly and shouted at his men: “What the fuck are you still standing there for, all of you, cut them to death with a knife! ”

Hundreds of members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps returned to God, a dozen martial spirits took the lead in the disaster, the rest of them followed, the swordsmanship, the true power echoed in the vast main palace.

Sholo snorted slightly in his nose, the dragon knife sheathed out, and a record was cut out by sweeping a thousand armies towards the members of the upward Black Blood Mercenary Corps.

“Buzz ~”

An intangible knife in the form of a round moon curved knife, running parallel to the ground from the bodies of these people, silent and fast, only a second of kung fu, these black-blooded mercenary members roaring forward stood on the spot as if petrified.

“Phew ~”

Sholo's dragon knife falls into the sheath.

Just the next second, a bloody mist erupted from the chest of these black mercenaries, the effect was the same as being swept by a machine gun, and then hundreds of people screamed down, not even struggling, laying on the ground without anger, a strong bloody smell scattered in the air of the main hall, smelling nauseating.


Xiang Yangitis and the elders of the purple moon cave opened their eyes and shook their faces.

“Too strong, this little brother his strength is at least Wuhuang. ”

“Yes, the explosive power of that moment is absolutely Wuhuang's strength. ”

“Young enough to reach Wuhuang's cultivation, this cultivation talent is a demon! ”

The elders were shocked, they had met Wuhuang practitioners, so they knew what strength it would be to reach Wuhuang rank, and they lived at such a great age that they had never seen such a young Wuhuang, a 20-year-old Wuhuang, which was horrible just to think about.

Xiang Yangitis was similarly stubborn, can't say a word, who can believe that the young man who was just a martial artist turned into a powerful Wuhuang, a Wuhuang, enough to reverse the situation, but he can't recall any intersection with Sholo, can't be any intersection, but to help his purple moon cave sky.

“There is such a thing, there is such a thing, hahahaha...”

Looking at the palace full of the corpses of his subordinates, Xiang Qing was difficult to accept, and his face became a little crazy.

The only other members of the Black Blood Mercenary Corps who survived were those martial arts, one horrified and afraid to move lightly, and at this moment Sholoh is undoubtedly the most horrifying demon in their minds.

“Forgive me... Forgive me, brother, forgive me... I'm going away, I'm going away...”

Xiang Qing's heart and soul were scared to death. There was no courage to resist. He surrendered his weapon and knelt on his knees to ask Sholo for forgiveness.

With him in the lead, the surviving martial arts masters also threw away their swords and begged Sholo for forgiveness.

“Pfft ~”

The sudden calamity, one knife cut off the head of one of his belly's men, who knelt down and begged for forgiveness.

Then the head took off and landed like a leather ball, and the "knock knock knock knock knock" rolled to the side, the blood came out from the neck, the headless body arms moved, eventually convulsed and fell.

Xiang Qing's face was stained with blood water, accompanied by his fierce expression. He looked horrible and angry at the headless corpse. “Eat what's inside and out, yuck! ”

He sipped a sip at the corpse of his belly.