Peerless Genius System

Chapter 747: The High Head Horse

With the Duck King walking through a colorful screen, Sholoh can clearly perceive himself as crossing the space with a sense of oppression and buzzing ears, as if in a line of trains passing through the tunnel.

After more than a dozen breathing hours, the feeling across the space gradually disappeared, seemingly stopping, and then the surrounding colorful light slowly scattered, reflected in the eye curtain, was a huge circular platform, surrounded by tall walls, he had already stood on this circular platform.

Over time, one person after another shapes on this circular platform, as if it were empty, and it should be transmitted from various places, which is a unified receiving point.

“This is Stan City. Don't just stand there on the receiving platform and go that way. Don't stop the people behind you from coming!” A cold, hard sound sounded.

Looking for fame, it was a soldier in armor, surrounded by many such soldiers, who seemed to be watching the receiving platform and had supervisory responsibilities over it, and the soldier pointed at a door when he was shouting, apparently asking the person coming through to leave the door.

Sholo didn't say anything and left with the others.

Take a look out, this Stan City is really lively...

Street pedestrians, woven or standing in front of stalls or chatting, wear simple, mostly with short sleeves lined up to look extra smooth, there are also men with wide sleeves, with very short cuffs, hands hanging from the sleeves, which should be designed to facilitate the pulling of the sword in the interlumbar sheath.

A man in a white shirt walks with a knife. He has to float in the wind. He looks like an immortal knife. However, when he sees a street juggler, he also stops to watch with a group of big girls. Then he slaps his hands and shouts out loud. But when the juggler gets paid, they regain the ruthless appearance of an immortal knife, as if to say: it's also money to watch a juggler. Why not rob it? It's impossible to pay for it.

There is a green building in the distance, the women in the green building sell the mess in the attic, ask the pedestrians below to go up and have fun.

“He's a duck. It's like this kind of scene is only available in ancient TV shows in the original world.” The Duck King revealed only one duck head in Schollo's pocket to measure the world, which was incredible because it was too much like the ancient society of the original world.

Sholo didn't care what he said. Instead, he went a distance to the street and asked an old man who set up a stall. “Old man, do you know where Dan would go? ”

The guide map given to him to the left shows that the transmission array here is in Dan Huizhong, which can be transferred directly to 500,000 kilometers away, while Dan Huizhong is not in Stan City, so he needs to ask the specific location of Dan Huizhong.

The old man was a sugar paper seller, very charitable, but as soon as I heard that Sholo was asking for directions, the smiling face of the original treatment of the guests disappeared immediately. Instead, he was indifferent and impatient: “I don't know, ask someone else to go, don't bother me with business, go away! ”

Sholo frowned and turned away, not expecting the old man to be so rude.

But he asked several questions in a row, saying he didn't know, told him to go away, don't disturb them in their business, and even ignored the pedestrian words.

“Goddamn kid, you don't understand the world. If you ask for directions, give them some money and make sure they answer your questions with enthusiasm.” The Duck King couldn't keep watching, he warned.

Sholo really forgot about this. Before leaving, Purple Moon Cave gave him a lot of holy coins, that is, money that the secret realm can circulate. He took out two pieces, asked for a bowl of rice noodles in front of a stall, and then asked the exact location of Dan's club.

“Look what Ben Duck said, just give me some money, money can push the ghost! ”

The Duck King has jumped out of his pocket and stood in front of the bowl eating ravioli, eating all the soup suddenly.

“Look, give you the power!” Sholobal glanced at it.

“Don't deny that Ben Duck has been in a chaotic space, but he knows more about the world than you do. You will learn more from Ben Duck in the future.” The Duck Emperor preached by eating ravioli.

Watching it taste good, Sholo felt some hunger, so he ordered another bowl of ravioli from the staller.

“Hey, is this your pet?” When the vendor saw the mini version of the Duck King, he asked Sholo curiously.

Sholo nodded: "Yes. ”

“A duck?” The staller's expression was very strange, and apparently he found it very unethical to pet a duck as an animal.

Sholo didn't pick him up and said, “Your ravioli is delicious. ”

“Thank you. Enjoy.” The staller walked away with a smile.

Duck Emperor would have gone mad, but Sholo cautioned him not to spit in front of outsiders, which was hard to hold, otherwise the owner just said it was a pet, it would rush to peck.

After eating the chaos, Sholoh got up and was headed to Dan Huizhong, four or five hundred kilometers west of Stan City.

At this time, a black tall horse suddenly ran rapidly on the street, a young man in a blue shirt on the back of the horse, about twenty years old, he rode a fast horse, completely disregarding the death of people on the street, all the way down, there were stalls all the way down, some pedestrians who could not escape were directly hit by horses, mouth bleeding, others were broken legs by horseshoes, more people fell to the ground to avoid this colliding horse.

It was such a wild black horse that instantly plunged the whole street into chaos!

“Mama, Mama...”

A little girl with a candy gourd stood in the middle of the street, crying in horror, and as a result of the chaos, she and her mother separated.

“Drive, drive! ”

Seeing a little girl in front of her, the young man on the black horse not only didn't pull the reins tight to stop the horse, but kicked the horse in the stomach so hard that the horse could rush over.

The little girl noticed a cold wind attack, turned around, her pupils shrunk, and the candy gourd was scared to the ground. To her, a big horse ran over like a mountain. The huge impulse brought a wind, blowing up the neat Liu Hai in front of her.

“Shit, that little girl's gonna get hit!” The Duck King shouted.

Sholoh flushed up directly into a lightning bolt, protecting the little girl with her body.

The black tall horse had a collision with him, but he didn't even touch his back. He was shocked by the real power coming out of him. Each man collided with the horse, and the black horse screamed and fell to the ground, and the young man on the horse's back was like a broken kite. As inertia hurried forward, he flew out.

The young man's cultivation was obviously not weak, and he forced his feet to land in the middle of the sky, without falling too hard, but he took more than a dozen steps backwards to stabilize himself.