Peerless Genius System

Chapter 751: Demons

But Song Feiyu himself is a cruel and fierce man. He has many lives in his hands. He will not be frightened by the bloody image of Shuro Yard below. Moreover, he has a seven-stage beast as a dependency on war. He has no fear of Upper Sholoh.

“My turn? Are you sure you can do this? ”

Song Feiyu smiled cold, and the next second, Poor Qi rushed down from the air at his command.

A wind descended from the sky, sand and dust floated on the ground, and many of the bodies were lifted far away.

Poor Qi opened his mouth, revealed Sensen's fangs, and pounded hard at Sholoh. At the same time, two strong and coarse foreclaws were also grabbed at Sholoh. The black, sharp claws were barbed, sharp, and the cold flashed. Once embedded in the flesh, the skin could be locked tightly, making the struggle more painful.

Faced with this enormous beast like an elephant, Sholoh's face is like water, only his right palm is extended forward, and the vast true force forms an invisible shield.

“Boom ~”

Poor shocked the true force that had gushed out of Sholoh's palm, making a trembling eardrum sound, the slab laid on the ground lifted up, then exploded in the air, and the sweeping force rolled around.

“To defend themselves against the shock of the poor, this...”

“Terrible guy, what the hell is he fixing? ”

“He should be 256 years old. Why does it feel like he's so tall and unpredictable? The stronger his opponent, the stronger he is? ”

The far-sighted people were horrified and, as Stan City people, they knew nothing more than the power of poverty. Under full impact, a mansion would be instantly destroyed into ruins, and the Song family was said to be very cruel in feeding the poor, using unobedient slaves as its rations, and still pushing living slaves into poor cages and eating them alive.

“Idiot, you die!!! ”

Song Feiyu's anger on Poor Qi's back was unstoppable, and the long knife in his hand stabbed at Sholo's eyes.

Unfortunately, his knife could not penetrate Sholoh's true force shield any faster. It was directly halfway there, and the tip of the knife was only 20 centimeters away from Sholoh.

Sholo looked cold and cut off the dragon knife.

Poor Qi shouted a loud scream from the heavens and the earth, as his left wing was cut down alive by Sholo, and a great deal of blood was spilled out.

At the same time, Song Feiyu only felt a sharp pain coming from his left arm. At first glance, the whole person was scared to find that his left arm had detached from his body. Sholo had just cut off not only the poor left wing, but also cut off his left arm, and blood was shooting from the broken arm.


Severe pain laid heavenly sweep, Song Feiyu screamed, crying, even the knife in his right hand fell to the ground.

Sholo stretched out his hand, grabbed his collar, and kicked Poor Kick.

“Boom ~”

With a leg full of true power, surrounded by a horrific burst force, that enormous, elephant-like poor beast flew rapidly backwards, almost parallel to the ground.

“Boom! Boom!”

It crashed three buildings in a row and eventually drowned in rolling sand and rocks.

“He's a duck. What a big leg!” The Duck King couldn't help but express his emotions.

And the people who looked at it from afar were stubborn. All they felt was a cold air poured from the heavenly lid down to the bottom of their feet. Finally, the whole body was cold. It was a seven-stage beast, and they kicked one foot away. Who was that guy?

At this moment, Song Feiyu has been lifted in the air by Sholo's collar.

Song Feiyu was scared to death when he perceived Sholo's terrible death: “Let go of me, let go of me! ”

“Let go of you? ”

Sholo smiled, "I'm sorry, I told you, you're all going to die! ”

By the time the bodies of the little girl and her mother had been thrown in front of him, he had erected the slaughter knife.

“I am the Young Master of the Song family, you... If you dare to kill me, my father and the elder in the family will avenge me even if they chase you to the sky, and my grandfather in Dan Huizong. If he knew that I was killed, he would never forgive you, he would definitely throw you into the furnace to live as a Dan medicine...” Song Feiyu told me all about his family and his dependence. This guy really killed red eyes in front of him, and he had no doubt that Sholo would not have the guts to kill him.

“You have people in Dan Huizhong? ”

Sholo hesitated for a moment, after all, he was going to Dan Huizhong to use the transmission array, which did give him a slight discomfort, but it quickly suddenly became possible to make a fortune in Stan City, naturally there were some backstage, people in Dan Huizhong could not be more normal.

Song Feiyu thought that Sholo was scared. He could not even feel the pain of his broken arm for a while. He raised his head with pride and said with pride: “Of course, my grandfather is the elder of Dan Huizhong, and he has important voice in Dan Huizhong.” It slowed down and went on to say, "So, Ben, let's see if you can fix it, or join our Song family and serve our Song family. As long as you join our Song family, the resentment between us will be cancelled! ”

This is of course a respite plan, Sholo cut off his arm, he can only use ten times more venomous methods to retaliate against Sholo, how can mediation be possible.

Sholo saw the chills hidden beneath his smile and knew he was lying to himself.

“To serve your Song family? ”

Sholo mocked, “The Songs are nothing to me, don't say the Songs, Dan will be nothing to me! ”

“Goddamn kid's pretending again! ”

The Duck King whispered, although he said so, but he knew that Sholo was not pretending, but really had this arrogant capital, looking at the whole mystery, I'm afraid not many people would be against Sholo, if he really wanted to destroy a doorman, that would be a minute.


Song Feiyu's expression clotted and his teeth stared at Sholo.

Sholo stopped talking to him, the knife flashed, the blood surged and Song Feiyu's other arm flew away from his body.


The terrible screams were like the evil ghosts being punished in hell, making their scalps sound numb, and the far-sighted masses couldn't help but tremble.

Sholo threw Song Feiyu, who had no arms, next to the body of the little girl and her mother, and stepped forward, slowly raising the dragon knife.

“No... don't... spare my life... I... I will never dare again... please..." Song Feiyu was really scared, his pupils shrunk, his eyes filled with fear, in the face of death, he was scared to pee.

Xiao Luo's face had no expression, his hands lifted and fell, and the sound of "Pu” cut off Song Feiyu's head, blood splashed, Song Feiyu's headless body struggled for a moment and then nothing moved.

Those people who look far away are afraid to fight, and there are only two words in everyone's mind: the devil!