Peerless Genius System

Chapter 754. That's it.

Swallow an explosive Yuan Dan, Song Tianbao's breath skyrocketed, a pounding force like rage sea raging around, those crushed stones on the ground and the broken legs of the corpse floated, then Song Tianbao's feet left the ground, the whole person stayed in the air, long dancing, face, the pressure on his body rolled and rolled.

“He broke through Wu Wang's barrier and reached Wu Wang's realm! ”

“The atmosphere is still climbing, and I'm afraid it will stabilize at Wuhuang's mid-term level. ”

“This explosive Yuantan is so counterproductive, it can actually raise a great realm. ”

“And the price is enormous! ”

“Song Feiyu's death made Song Tianbao lose his mind, and he must kill the young man. ”

The people who looked at it from afar were staring at it, and there was a cool air coming out of their hearts.

“Shit, Blast Won Dan is forbidden, old Song is hard on himself! ”

Liang Xinghua helped the forehead, “Go away, back away, the ghost knows if Song Ghost will come back to find our bad luck after he slaughtered that stunned green. I'm afraid he has Wuhuang's strength in the middle of the year. He has made him bull, we just need to look lively. ”

“Yes, master! ”

The deputy nodded and waved to the guards of the Leung family, indicating that they would step back a little further.

Song Tianbao, who greatly improved his strength, smiled and looked down at Sholo, red-eyed, biting his teeth and screaming: “Son, I want your life! ”

As soon as the voice fell, he swept directly from the air towards Sholoh, Wuhuang's breath swept like a hurricane, space distorted, and the bricks of the ground building were shattering. As he approached Sholoh, Sholoh's heavenly lid fell on his face.

“Boom ~”

The ground collapsed, a thick stream of sand and dust tumbled around, surrounded by a vast energy storm, buildings near the street, stalls, etc., all collapsed under the devastation of this energy storm and became ruins.

The far-sighted masses were also turned upside down, and many of them were taken off alive.

Liang Xinghua's deputy stared, horrified and disappointed: “This... is this the power of Wuhuang? ”

“Terrible, I feel terrible too, so to say, a great difference is the difference between heaven and earth.” Liang Xinghua's eyes are also full of shocking colors.

“That guy is dead. Such a horrible force is enough to pinch a martial arts king. He can't stand it.” The deputy looked at the sand and dust in front of him.

Liang Xinghua nodded and agreed: “Should be dead. ”

However, when the sand and dust dissipated, a scene of people sucking cool air appeared in front of them.

Sholo did not move, put his hands on the trolley, the external real power not only protected himself, but also the trolley and the little girl on the trolley and her mother's body. The ground collapsed elsewhere. Only he and the trolley's ground were intact. Song Tianbao's palm did not touch his body at all, but only collided severely with his external real power.

Next second, Sholo stamped the ground on his right foot.

“Boom ~”

The rigid true power burst out a thunderous explosion, Song Tianbao sprayed blood, like a kite that broke the line in the wind, flied out uncontrollably backwards, and finally fell 20 to 30 meters away.

Liang Xinghua and those people who looked at it from afar were stuck, and it was difficult to conceal the unspeakable horror in their eyes.

“How is this possible? ”

“Song Tianbao, who swallowed up Yuantan, reached the rank of Wuhuang, but is not yet the rival of this young man? ”

“This young man is a monster. Is his strength so uncertain? ”

The shock on everyone's face totally disrupted their perception of the power of the frontier.

With a dragon knife in his hand, Sholoh stood alone in his shadow, and with a vibrant spirit in the air between himself, he was a powerful and invisible shock.

“Master, he... has he reached the strength of Wuhuang too? But how is it possible that he looks at the age of twenty-five or six, even if he started practicing at birth, it couldn't have been so fast?” Liang Xinghua's deputy opened his eyes and looked incredibly at Sholo.

Liang Xinghua's eyes were complicated, his fists held tight, he didn't say a word, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

“Pfft ~”

Standing up, Song Tianbao's mouth was a thick mouthful of blood. His head was covered in blood, but his face was splitting apart, and his lust cracked like a demon.

He stared dead at Sholo, one word at another, full of hatred: "Little ~ son! ”

“That's it, sixth!” Sholo looked at him lightly and called him ‘the sixth’.

“Hahahaha... I don't believe it!!! ”

The roaring, sandy laughter rolled across his throat, Song Tianbao lost his mind and became a madman. Again, he rushed towards Sholo. The terrible repression was ravaged, and had long been destroyed by a completely unsightly street. He stepped on it and destroyed it more completely.

“Boom! Boom!”

There seems to be a thunderbolt under your feet, like a beast howling.

Sholo looked indifferent and pulled the knife straight up and down.

An intangible knife nearly three lengths long, like a ripple to tear the void straight down, Song Tianbao's body “puff” burst into a bloody fog, the knife gas fell on the ground, a burst of “bombing” huge noise, wild wind work, sand and dust cover sky, together more than 20 cm wide cracks appeared on the ground, those corpses were ravaged with almost no energy left, leaving only a piece of blood.

“His duck is finally clean! ”

The Duck King couldn't help but wipe the cold sweat off the duck's head when he said it, because it was only then that he realized that Sholoh was a heartbroken master.

By then, the Song family, who had been making a fortune in Stan City for many years, had been wiped out.

It is unthinkable that those people who look far away feel unreal as if they were dreaming, and a mountain crushed by a young man is crushing them. They are a horrified, mysterious young man with unpredictable power.

“Song... Song Tianbao is dead... dead...”

Liang Xinghua's deputy looked pale, sweating coldly and shivering, “Overdraft life function, forcibly breaking into Wuhuang Realm is not the guy's opponent! ”

Liang Xinghua was shocked more than he was.

If you can kill Song Tianbao, it's definitely at least the realm of Wuhuang, a 20-year-old Wuhuang, what's wrong with this world? Is it that simple?

Liang Xinghua looked at Xiaoluo and his heart stirred up the horror of the river falling over the sea.

And Schollo didn't stay, the dragon knife went into the sheath, turned around, pushed the cart, headed west out of the city, as if he'd done something insignificant.


Liang Xinghua yelled at him and quickly chased him up.