Peerless Genius System

Chapter 755 Doesn't Work

Liang Xinghua caught up with Sholo at the fastest possible speed and then offered his salute to Sholo.

“Something wrong?” Sholo asked indifferently.

In response to Sholo's eyes, Liang Xinghua shook a chill and smiled with a stiff scalp. “Here's the thing, we have a little wine and dishes in the house. I solemnly invite the little brothers to come to my house for a rest. What do you think, little brothers? ”

Such a powerful young man, if he can pull up to their Liang family, it is definitely a centuries-old benefit for the Liang family, in addition, he has a daughter, it would be better if they could form a marriage.

“Not interested! ”

Sholo refused outright, he was not a man of the world, and he was in a hurry in Stan City. There was no reason to marry any Liang family. Besides, the middle-aged man in front of him was no good.

When they refused, they pushed the cart away.

Liang Xinghua was eager to pull together a few more times. He saw the harsh power that Sholo had just killed Song Tianbao and others, but he dared not touch the mold again.

“Homeowner, this guy showed up in Stan City empty-handed, we didn't know anything about his situation, and it shouldn't be possible to pull him together.” The deputy came up and looked at Sholo's back.

“Then learn about him from now on. ”

Liang Xing Huadui said, “You have the task of this spacing. ”

“Me?” the deputy opened his eyes and pointed at himself.

Liang Xinghua took a picture of his shoulder: “Yes, you are my rightful subordinate. I can trust you. From now on, you will follow him secretly to find out why he came to Stan City, his hobbies, etc., is a human weakness. Once you find it, pull him together, it becomes possible. ”

What difference does it make to looking for a dead man when his deputy is shaking cold and sweating in cold blood and secretly following him? My lord, you have too much respect for me.

“Homeowner, I...”

“Don't be afraid, as can be seen from his ability to save a little girl who meets Pingshui, he won't kill innocent people unless it pisses him off. You could have followed him, if he warned you, then don't follow him, but you are my best subordinate, don't let me down.” Liang Xinghua has a long way to go.

After hearing this, the deputy somehow created an impulse to cry. The second half of the household owner meant not to let him fail. If he fails, he is afraid that his position in the Liang family will fall. This clearly means that he will see death as home.



Sholo pushed the body of the little girl and her mother to the outskirts of the city, searching for a place that could be seen far away, and stopped, looking at the little girl's white, bloodless face, in a heavy mood, he thought he had saved her, but didn't think she was still dead.

“Don't be sad, you son of a bitch. I'm afraid it's meant to be in the middle of nowhere. It's the little girl's life.” Duck Emperor Fei exit bag, falling on Sholo's shoulder comfort.


Sholo chuckled, "I never believed in my life, I never admitted my life. ”

“This is how you lift the lever. Ben Duck studied the Tai Chi Yin and Yang of China, and found that it was huge and deep, and it was all over the Xuan machine. Ben Duck also believed that a man's life was destined. It was a lifeline. When the lifeline reached its end, it was the Da Luo Immortal who was also powerless.” Duck King's Road.

Sholo didn't talk.

The Duck King continued: "For example, if you were to go to the Guangzhou Holy Land to retrieve your wife, it would have been fated long ago. Fate dictates that nothing you do can change that outcome. ”

“Destiny? ”

Sholo chuckled, "All I know is that things are artificial, and when a person's faith is incredibly powerful, there's nothing he can't do. ”

“I can't tell you why. Forget it. If we don't discuss this, let's bury them quickly. It stinks when the bodies are exposed to the air for too long.” The Duck King couldn't say anything about Sholo, so he bluffed a few words and turned the subject around.

At this time, several people came out of the woods with hoes in their hands. It was Liang Xinghua's deputy and two guardians of the Liang family.

Deputy Bi Congratulations ran up and saluted to Sholo: "Brother, let's help you bury them. ”

Instead of hearing from Sholo, he waved to the two guards and started digging hard.

“Isn't this the Stan Leung family? I just saw you. How can I help you bury your little girl now?” The monk couldn't touch his head and whispered in Sholoh's ear.

“The intention is so obvious that you don't even know, it is a duck head, even if you speak human language well, you won't learn how to think.” Sholo laughed at it.

“Damn!!!” The hair root on the duck's head was upside down and cursed.

With free labor, Sholo naturally saved a few things, and the deputy did a good job of burying the little girl and her mother in an hour with three people working hard.

The tomb was a small earthen bag filled with white flowers and, as for the tombstone, a marble from Stan City. They also investigated the mother's and daughter's names, and their names were engraved with swords on the tombstone.

“Brother, do you think this is okay? Need some more tweaks?” The deputy was overwhelmed with sweat and asked about Sholo's attitude towards the grave of the little girl.

Instead of answering his questions, Sholo asked him, "What's your name? ”

The deputy froze and answered honestly: "My brother's name is Liang Kuan. ”

Leung Foon?

Sholo raised his eyebrows because he was too familiar with the name. In the TV drama or movie he used to watch a lot, Huang Fei-hung's apprentice had a name named Liang Kuan.

“You go back and tell your master not to waste any more energy on me. I won't stay in Stan City for long, and he will leave soon. If he makes a mistake,” Sholoway.

Liang Kuaninner smiled bitterly. I also want to go back to the report, but if I really want to go back, I'm afraid the Liang family will have no place for me anymore.

"Brother, this is a matter in Stan City, we Liang family have the obligation and responsibility to stand up and deal with it. The people of Stan City have long complained about it. You killed the Song family for the sake of the people, but also for the sake of our Liang family. This unjustly dead little girl and her mother, we should bury them properly. If this little thing still needs to be done by Brother Liang, then we Liang family are really unwise. ”

"You're pretty good at it," said Sholo, "but it doesn't work with me! ”

During the conversation, his body slowly vacated and stood in the void like a god.

Wu... Wu Wang?

The two Liang guards were paralyzed softly. Liang Kuan was also stunned. He looked at Sholo unbelievably. Guess it was one thing. He confirmed it was another thing with his own eyes. A 25-6-year-old Wu Wang was simply not able to imagine it.