Peerless Genius System

Chapter 759 Adolescent Girls

The space storm swept like a hurricane, filled with the sound of beasts roaring like the old forest in the deep mountains, seemed to crush everything. This space was distorting and deformed. In this storm, Sholo was rapidly depleted of real power. As the space storm gradually became stronger, the shield formed by real power became weaker and weaker.

“Hold on... Hold on...”

When the space storm came in, the Duck Emperor could not withstand this powerful air pressure and bled out a sip of duck and passed out.

Sholo was also uncomfortable, his body was getting tired, he was feeling uncomfortable all over himself, and those infused space storms cut dozens of wounds on him like a blade.

One minute, two minutes...

Over time, there was blood spilling out of his eyes, nose and ears. That air pressure was too strong, strong enough to crush a mountain. Sholoh's head felt like it was about to burst open, and every inch of his body's muscles and skin was like suffering from the fire of hell, burning, and pain was intolerable.

For the first time, Schollo felt that Reaper was so close to himself that this space storm was too powerful to be manpower capable of carrying, and belonged to the power of the space level.

Are you going to die here?

No, Su Li is still waiting for herself to save her at Guangzhou Holy Land. How can she die here?

The firm belief allowed Sholoh's body to reappear with strength and constant true power, his five officials distorted and deformed by the rapidly rising pain, and more and more space storms were pouring in, cutting his flesh, eating his clothes, and the blood gushing from him dyed him into a blood man.


The space storm was ruthlessly raging, like a bunch of unknown monsters, coming from all directions to destroy Sholoh.

Weak sensations swept across the body, consciousness and vision gradually blurred, and the true power in the body drained extremely quickly, although Sholoh bit the blood-dropping doorway teeth and held on bitterly.

Finally, at some point, the space storm stopped, the chaos passage slowly disappeared, Sholoh saw the blue sky, turned his head, and saw the underlying overlapping woods, as well as the hidden mountains in the distance. He knew that he had survived, left the chaos passage, and fell somewhere in the mystery.

The spirit relaxed, his eyes darkened, the whole person passed out, at the moment of the fainting, his hand grabbed the past duck emperor, then the whole person fell freely from the altitude, and the speed grew faster, eventually falling into the forest below.



In the endless darkness, the unconscious unknowingly walked for how long, Sholoh slowly regained consciousness and became sore, as if all the bones had been broken, he tried his best to force his eyes open, his gaze blurred, and it took a long time to gradually become clear.

“Another forest! ”

Bitter smile, this is really a forest, the trees are stacked, the branches are very leafy, because the branches are too lush, the light cannot penetrate all of them, so the environment below looks dark and obscure, actually look up, can still see the sky is blue between the leaves, that is, it is day, not evening or night.

“Hey, you're awake! ”

A girl's voice rang behind her head.

Sholo looked back, shocked, and a young girl, about sixteen or seven years old, was standing not far away with a pile of fruit.

A long wine green hair with air Liu Hai in front of his forehead, wearing a black dress with a chest on it, a long dress with wave propulsion from below his waist, can be seen from the prominent skirt pendulum, the back of the dress is purple, while his feet are wearing a pair of red boots.

Sholo was stunned to see such a costume as a teenage girl, because such a costume was a bit like the design of the original world.

Looking at the girl's face, the white melon face, bent eyebrows are a pair of Spirit of Water eyes, her body is wonderful, her height is measured by one meter, 65, her skin is special white, really white like white snow, in addition to holding a pile of fruit, she also holds a small red umbrella.

Girl approached, put the fruit on the ground, then went up and down and measured Sholo. “You fell out of the air and broke your leg. It was this girl who connected your leg. Are you going to thank me? ”

Put my legs together?

Sholo just glanced at his legs. I don't know. I was frightened at first glance. I did break my right leg, and I got it. But this girl's bone clipping technique sucks. I don't know where she picked up the branches from. I can wrap a couple of green vines around it and it's over. If it all works out, then it's really fucked up.

But anyway, it was good intentions, and Sholo said, "Thank you."

“You're welcome. If you let this girl happen, she can't die.” The girl smiled and then picked up a fruit and ate it.

“What is this place?” Sholo is eager to find out where he is.

“Dark forest.” The girl replied with fruit.

Sholo asked, “How far is it from Twilight? ”

“More than a thousand kilometres of roads.” The girl replied.

More than a thousand kilometers?

Sholoxon took a breath, luckily he didn't fall far away, just over a thousand kilometers. Once his body recovered, he could make it under full speed and arrive in a day.

He stopped talking, and the girl took out a sheepskin roll and said, "Hey, is this yours? ”

At first glance, Sholo nodded, “It's mine.” Then he asks, “How did you get it? ”

“Don't get me wrong, this girl is not in the habit of searching for other people. I found this elsewhere. No one is around for hundreds of miles. I knew it was yours.” The girl threw the parchment back to Sholo.

Sholo properly put it away and put it back in his arms, which should have fallen out of his arms when he fell in the air, while the Duck Emperor was on one side of the ground, still sleeping in a coma.

“Are you going to the Halloween?” The girl asked.

In the talking room, she had eaten only one piece of fruit and was thrown on the floor at will by her.

Sholo heard her ask the question and knew that she had seen her map, without denying it, nodded by default.

“What are you doing in the light sanctuary with your martial arts master?” Girl's Way.

“It's natural to go there.” Sholo sighed.

The young girl decided to look at him for a moment: “In your current situation, no three or five months can be better. Even if you are, you will have sequelae. For example, your repair will definitely be lower than it is now. Your journey is afraid to be delayed. ”

Schollo did not go to refute the girl's words, although she was wrong.

Because the real situation is that his injuries can be healed in two or three days, after all, this is a secret place, with enough spiritual energy to allow him to recover quickly. Even if this doesn't work, he still has the healing power of the system, but he has been constrained about whether there is a manipulator behind the system and not to use it.