Peerless Genius System

Chapter 763: The Ghost Returns

Sholoh's cultivation, although lowered to the rank of a warrior, did not diminish the slaughter breath, the whole battle machine like a human form, as long as there is a wolf beast close, he does not want and does not want to be a knife, almost a reflex of physical conditions, subconscious movement.

Blood sprinkled, whining and howling!

Suddenly, a falling werewolf-like beast opened its mouth and bit him on his ankle. His sharp fangs ripped open the flesh and bit him on the bone. The bone on that ankle instantly broke apart.


Sholo couldn't help but scream and stab his wolf-like beast in the face with a knife.

He pulled his right foot out of the vast mouth of the blood basin and blurred his ankle, clearly visible inside Sensen's ankle bones in blurred blood water.

The surrounding werewolf beasts were thrilled, howling, and rushed up towards Sholoh. Their weapons were claws and fangs, Sholoh's right foot was injured, his movements were seriously affected, and he retreated. The group of werewolf beasts left countless impressive wounds on him with claws, and a group of werewolf beasts appeared after herself without signs, biting his shoulder.

“Cuckoo ~”

While the blood splashed, a crushed fracture of the scapula instantly burst into the brain with the sharp pain of drilling.

Sholo bit his teeth so hard that he stabbed a knife in the belly of the wolf beast, which freed his right shoulder from the mouth of the blood basin.

And the attack, no doubt fatal, Sholo was covered in blood, backed against a big tree, with a dragon knife on the ground to barely stabilise, blood flowing from his wounds, from the soles of his feet to the surrounding area, quickly dyed the surrounding ground red.

The end of the crossbow!

It is not enough to describe him in these four words at this moment.

Sholo wiped the blood off the corner of his mouth and looked up in front of him. This group of werewolf beasts did not rush up, but fan-shaped around him, with no signs of attack. Obviously, this group of werewolf beasts knew he was the end of a strong crossbow. There was no need to add unnecessary casualties and keep a safe distance until he fell. As soon as he fell, they would flock up, tearing him apart with their sharp teeth and swallowing him.

Do you really want to use the system again?

Sholo smiled bitterly, his power had long exceeded the most powerful power the system could give him, and he realized in the underworld that there was a mafia behind the system, that he really didn't want to use the system anymore, because he didn't know what the mafia was going to do, but now he seemed to be in the Jedi, and if he didn't use the system to heal his wounds, he would surely die.


Just as he walked the path, a man fell from the tree behind him.

A long wine green hair with air Liu Hai in front of his forehead, wearing a black dress with a chest smear, a long dress with a wave propulsion from below his waist, can be seen from the prominent skirt pendulum, the back of the dress is purple, while his feet are wearing a pair of red boots, and he also has a little red in his hand.

But not the ghost girl!

“Hey, little Lolo, Ben said it's dangerous here. You're not listening. Now you're in pain.” The ghosts treat those werewolf beasts like air, only talking to Sholo.

Sholo looked at her, like a mute eater of yellow lotus, with bitter words, and ended up laughing bitterly with bloodstained teeth.

“Don't worry, with this girl here, these little wolves won't hurt you.” The ghost patted his chest and laughed.

After that, she turned around and turned to the wolf beasts.

Sholoh Min found that this group of werewolf beasts became anxious and hidden signs of retreat, as if they were extremely afraid of the ghost girl in front of them.

“Wolf King, for your sake as a neighbor of this girl, now take your men and leave this girl without blaming you for hurting my friends, otherwise don't blame this girl!” The ghost pointed his little red umbrella at that wolf-like beast in the crowd.

Obviously, this wolf beast is their leader!

The other wolves look at the Wolf King and wait for his command.

The Wolf King is humane and already has the mind of a five- or six-year-old. His dark green eyes set on the ghost, seemed to be thinking and struggling, and eventually he shouted and gave instructions to the other wolves.

Hearing its low roar, dozens of wolves turned around and left. He seemed unwilling to give up the meat on his mouth, but did not disobey the orders of the wolf king. Finally, there was only a strong wolf king, and he stared at Sholo with saliva for a long time. After all, he chose to evacuate.

What the hell is going on here?

Sholobes was incomprehensible and very curious about the identity of the ghost, who was now being repaired into a sharp decline, unable to see the exact strength of the ghost.

“Little Lolo, you're hurting so bad! ”

The ghost turned back and looked at Sholo, "And there was so much blood, so much blood on the ground, so wasted. ”

Sholo did not know if it was his illusion, but he found that the ghost, after seeing the blood on him, revealed greed in the eyes of the apricots, and couldn't help but swallow and spit.

“Who are you exactly?” Sholo asked.

“Didn't I tell you, Ben's a ghost.” The ghost raised his head, a naive path.

Sholo was speechless, and of course he didn't ask for a name, but for the power of the family behind her, but obviously the ghost didn't want to, or not, just didn't get it.

“Watch out for the beasts, they're cunning, I'm afraid they're faking retreat. ”

“Don't worry, with me, they won't dare come back, hip-hop...” The ghost waved his hand and smiled confidently.

Sholo, that's when she saw that she did have two tiny tiger teeth, one on the top row, one on the left and one on the right, pointy and cute looking.

“You're badly hurt, I'll get you some herbs to put on. Wait here. I'll be right back.” The ghost leaped and disappeared here.

In the middle of the night, Sholo was so afraid of what kind of danger one of her girls was in, she was looking for herbs, how could she find them so late?

But rather than worrying about ghosts, he's more worried about the wolf beasts coming back and hunting him and the Duck King again.

Surely, your strength is the most reliable!

Sholo deeply realized that his strength brought him a sense of security. Now he is too weak. In this dangerous forest, he does not have a slight sense of security. If he had a chance in the future, he would definitely go to the Dan sect again to find out the culprit who caused the imbalance in the transmission corridor in order to avenge this great revenge.