Peerless Genius System

Chapter 766 Agreement

Sholo's hunter status was recognized by the group, who accepted Sholo.

After a familiar encounter, Sholo knew that they were indeed mercenaries, called the Silver Wings Mercenary Corps, specializing in hunting beasts in the Dark Forest to be transported to Twilight for sale, headed by that powerful man, Silver Dragon, who was the leader of this mercenary corps.

“Brother, next time you need to be careful, don't go too far into the dark forest, with your martial artist's fix, it's easy to hang up here, and hunt in the margins later.” Silver Dragon patted Sholo on the shoulder, "he said.

One pedestrian is already walking out into the dark forest, the others are responsible for guarding the surroundings, the arrows on the crossbow trigger, ready for battle at any time, so that Silver Dragon looks relatively idle in the team, and there is no word with Sholo.

Sholo nodded to show himself he knew.

“You are a hunter, we are mercenaries, the profession is almost the same. If you encounter us, you can go out with us. If you are lucky enough to encounter a fierce beast, then it will not be such a good thing. If you are lucky enough to encounter a bloodsucker, Psst...”

Silver Dragon did not go on, as can be seen from his expression, this bloodsucking family seemed to be a taboo, the color of the conversation changed, and the rest of the Silver Wings mercenary group all changed their faces slightly after hearing the word 'bloodsucking'.

“What exactly is a bloodsucker?” Sholo asked.

“is a vampire. ”

The man named Camel suddenly came together and drew a comparison between his teeth, “With two pointed teeth, feeding on human blood, hungry vampires can suck a living human into a dry corpse. If a human being is not dead after being sucked, he becomes a puppet of the blood sucking tribe, and walking corpses generally follow the instructions of the blood sucking tribe. ”


Sholo and the Duck Emperor, who kept his mouth shut, were all in their hearts. Thinking of the ghosts' two pointed tiger teeth, one duck at a time couldn't say shock. Is it possible that ghosts are vampires?

Combined with what the ghost said before, be careful of her brother, etc., the probability that the ghost is a member of the bloodsucking family is extremely high, but why hasn't she harmed herself?

Sholo frowned, according to these silver-wing mercenary groups, the bloodsucking tribe was cruel and extremely bloodthirsty, but the ghost, instead of sucking his own blood, saved himself and even warned him to watch out for her brothers, the reason why he couldn't figure it out.



Dark forests are large, and walking in the evening has not yet reached the margins.

The campfire was raised and the barbecue was used as dinner, and the Silver Wings mercenaries were very friendly to Sholo, who was given enough barbecue.

Fearing trouble, the Duck Emperor kept his mouth shut. It was only then that he whispered: "God damn kid, that ghost little girl eight achievements is what they say about the bloodsucking tribe, luckily you wisely dumped her, or we will be finished. ”

“Finished? ”

Sholo didn't think so, "If she had done it to our detriment a long time ago, but she didn't, she saved us. ”

“Don't you get it? The food has to be fresh to eat. No, it's the same blood. She's definitely going to use us as a moving blood bank and take a sip or two when she wants to drink blood.” If the Duck King has something to do with it.

Sholo frowned slightly and looked at the swinging bonfire. He did not believe that the ghost intended this, although he was certain that the ghost would react strangely after seeing the blood.

The Duck Emperor slapped his chest in shock: “Fortunately, we got rid of her control. The duck's legs couldn't stop trembling when he thought of being bitten by the neck to suck blood. ”

Sholo ignored it and went into luck to heal the wounds, only to regain his strength as soon as possible was Wang Dao.

On the other hand, the camel of the Silver Wings mercenary group went to sit next to the silver dragon and turned away and whispered: “Boss, why are we taking this kid in? He's just a small martial artist, and he's seriously wounded. It's useless to take him in is to put ourselves in trouble and waste our food. ”

“Eh... can't say that everyone has a use for everyone. If we encounter a bloodsucker, we can give him a sacrifice and avoid an unnecessary battle.” Silver Dragon looked at Sholo and smiled.

When I heard this, the camel shocked me: “So that's what the boss was going to do. I said, why are you so obsessed with a trash hunter for no reason? That makes me understand. ”

Silver Dragon drank a sip of wine: “Although the blood suckers live in the dark castle, they are less likely to encounter them, but be prepared. No, the strength of the blood suckers cannot be diminished. They were born as martial arts men, and they do not need to practice. As they grow older, they also grow, waiting for them to become adults,

The strength is comparable to that of Wu Wang, and as long as there is enough blood, they can live forever. They are said to sleep in the dark castle for a thousand years old blood suckers, they are all monsters, with the strength of martial dignity. If it were not for the Kuang Holy Land to be repressed personally, the owner of Twilight City would be a blood sucker. In order to be able not to be exterminated, the blood suckers were forced to sign an agreement. The agreement stipulated that they would not be allowed to leave the dark forest for eternal life. ”


The camel laughed, "It's just an oral agreement. The Guangdong Holy Land is millions of kilometers away from here. Even if the Blood Suckers break the agreement and leave the Dark Forest, they won't be able to make any sanction for a short time. ”

“You are so wrong, Guangqi Holy Land has ruled the secret for not knowing how long, they are not fools, when the agreement is said to be signed, the life of all members of the blood sucking family is concentrated on a blood sucker, Guangqi Holy Land took the blood sucking people, if the blood sucking people dare to violate the agreement, just kill the blood sucking people, then the blood sucking people this race will be extinguished in the gray smoke, completely disappear from the world!” Silver Dragon Road.


The camel took a sip of cool air: "Very harsh trick. ”

“Of course, there are ways to deal with endangered races in light sanctuaries.” Silver Dragon sighed.

They did not know that this conversation had fallen into Sholoh's ears, after all, his body had been systematically transformed, his sight and hearing far exceeded those of ordinary people, and his strength had weakened, but his ability to do so had not diminished.

What a silver wing mercenary!

Sholo was laughing in his heart, helping him clearly, but secretly counting him. Well, let's see who counts.

In addition, from their conversation, he had a preliminary understanding of the bloodsucking family, and he wondered if the person who clustered the blood sucking family's life would be a ghost's relative, which was the real reason the ghost decided to go to the Light Holy Land?