Peerless Genius System

Chapter 776 Dragon Knife Awareness

Lester's words, wake the senators up violently, yeah, they're the bloodsuckers, they're called "vampires” by humans, they're hostile relationships, they're the bloodsuckers, they teach the Aoyi of practice to the strong of humans, isn't that the initiative to get in big trouble?

“That makes sense. Luckily, Lester, you're calm and sober. We're really old. ”

“Not bad, too eager to break through the bottlenecks to reach the realm of martial dignity, so that we all forget the fact that we are bloodsuckers. ”

“If we go to that big man and talk about the cultivation of Ao Yi, there is a good chance that we will suck blood into the scourge of extermination. ”

The senators nodded and thought Lester was quite right, but also sweated cold at the thought just now.

“Isn't it just a Wusheng? Give me enough time, I can definitely reach that situation, and then it will be the rise of our bloodsucking tribe.” Lewis rubbed his thumb down a confident path on the tip of his nose.

“Overconfident is complacent!” The Grand Fuhrer has no courtesy to reprimand.

Lewis was uncomfortable in the dark, but he didn't dare say anything.

Lester asked him, "How's Little Sister? ”

“I sent her to the blood pool, immersed her in the blood pool, and the wounds on her were quickly healed. ”

Lewis replied, then revealing his fierce appearance, "I'll bring back the fat pigs who missed the net later, so they can't survive. Please don't die! ”

“No!” Lester raised his hand and drank.

“Why?” Louis was full of surprises.

Lester glanced at the sky: “Come to Wu Shengqiang in our dark forest, this is an extremely uncertain factor, if you can't figure it out, it can cause huge trouble for our blood sucking tribe. In this day, let's not wander around in the dark forest, preferably don't leave the castle, everything will wait for this big man to leave. ”

“Nice. From today on, our whole blood-sucking family is forbidden to go out, stay in the castle, nowhere!” The Grand Fuhrer sounded conciliatory, and apparently he was also deeply afraid that Louis was not light or heavy enough to provoke the big man.

“The fat pigs just let it go? ”

Lewis was really upset, especially for Sholo, who hated itching at the root of his teeth, and let it go, and he couldn't say it was uncomfortable.

“Of course not, there's no need to risk it for two prey! ”

Letters said in an irresistible tone, "Penis, you better listen to me and the Führer this time, otherwise don't blame me for not thinking about brotherhood, you hear me? ”

“Okay, I can't hear you. ”

Lewis said so in his mouth, but his heart was unhappy, looking far away into the sky, biting his teeth and holding his fist tight.



When Sholoh was successful, the giant spiritual gas vortex gradually dissipated, and the air in the heavens and the earth slowly recovered from solidification.

He opened his eyes, looked far away, looked farther away, and he could see an ant climbing a tree 500 meters away, and he could even see it and the ants down there colliding with each other at a touch-angle to exchange information.

There was more sound in his ears, and if he wanted to, he could even hear dozens of meters away, a mountain mosquito fanning its wings.

A gentle fist grip, long disobeyed power, long disobeyed feeling, from his injured power impaired to now only three days, but these three days are as long as a century for him, in this strange environment, only his own strength can give him enough sense of security.

Looking around, he found the duck emperor flying over the sky. He waved at it and asked, "What are you doing flying up there? ”

As soon as he heard this, the Duck King couldn't help but jump down like a small fighter and use his duck wings to reward Sholo's head a few times: “He's a duck, you think, you killed a kid in luck when he was healing wounds, look around, the mountains collapsed, the ground fell, those centuries of ancient trees turned to ashes, the cliffs under your buttocks became columns, it was all your fault, if the duck didn't fly so high, it would have been like those ancient trees in the street (gai). ”

Sholo only measured it seriously. He sat on the edge of a cliff last night, but now the cliff is gone. There is only this pillar-shaped stone mountain beneath him. Once his true power is withdrawn, this pillar-shaped stone mountain collapses as if it had been subjected to an accurate blast. Sholo stays in the air without any justification. The divine color is slightly strange.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk... If you're going to the world to demolish houses, you're definitely a giant!” Duck Emperor spit trough.

Sholo was too lazy to take it. He turned and said, "Where's my knife? ”

The Duck King took the Dragon Knife out of the space ring and threw it in Sholo's hand: “Here, it's just a broken knife. You think this duck will be rare. ”

“Bang ~”

The dragon knife already in Sholoh's hand knocked like a stick over the Duck King's head, hurting the Duck King Gaga to call.

He stared at Sholo, “What? I can't say! ”

“It's none of my business. The Dragon Knife wants to hit you himself.” Sholo raised his eyebrows.

The Duck King opened his eyes and felt his IQ hurt by 10,000 points: "Do you think I would believe that? ”

“Try it again if you don't believe me.” Sholo doesn't care.

Of course the Duck Emperor does not believe: “If you curse, you curse, a broken knife, who is the rare mother of the duck, you can't do anything to help you during your injured power loss, return the dragon knife, I think it is the worm knife. ”

This time, the dragon knife can be angry, freed from Sholo's control, the knife violently trembles, the buzzing sounds of the sword, although it has no face, it is just a knife, but anyone can feel its anger.

“His Lord Duck, what is this...? ”

The Duck King was shocked, looking at Sholo, "Goddamn it, kid, is this knife fine? ”

“It was built by a powerful alien meteorite in the original world, and after thousands of years it has developed a sense of knife spirit and autonomy.” Sholo explained.

“His duck master's, he's really fine.” The Duck King swallowed a hard sip of saliva.

And by then, the dragon knife had already launched an attack on it, without sheathing, and with the sheath it hit the Duck Emperor in the past, flowing extremely fast, very fast.

“Oh, my God!”

If the duck emperor touches it hard, he dodges immediately.

However, although it moves extremely fast, the dragon knife also moves very fast. Once it fails, it immediately turns the tip of the knife and rushes up towards it again.

The Duck Emperor dodged again, and the dragon knife hit the summit of a mountain, listening only to the loud noise of “Boom”, and the peak instantly became crushed.