Peerless Genius System

Chapter 778 Dead Bodies

This sword stirred up the fierce wind of looting. As a strong man of the martial arts class, the camel apparently burst out of everything, vowing to split Sholoh in half with one sword. Wishes are good, but reality is very different.

“Boom ~”

The knife fell twenty centimetres above Sholoh's head and stopped, like a powerful and invisible force to trap the knife, the camel was shocked, because also trapped was his body, motionless, as if the surrounding air solidified, and the whole of him.

What the hell is going on?

What happened to this big, real power that burst out of this kid?

The camel was terrified, the bean-grained sweat beads rolled down from his forehead. At this moment, the guy in front of him suddenly gave him a highly unpredictable feeling, but the other party was clearly a martial artist. How could he have such a masculine true power, and hold him by the only real power he put aside, how could it be possible? What happened to this guy last night to this day?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk!” The Duck King sighed heavily in his pocket.

Sholo stared lightly at the camel and lifted his right hand gently, slowly clinging to the camel's chest.

“You… what are you going to do? ”

The camels were sweating cold, at a time when Sholoh was more terrible and evil than the bloodsucking tribe.

Sholo had no expression on his face, did not speak a word, and the next second, a powerful force swept out of his palm and hit the camel's chest hard.

“Pfft ~”

The camel spit blood on its mouth and its torso flew out uncontrollably backwards.

“Boom! Boom!”

Successively smashed several large trees, eventually submerged in heavy branch leaves, large mouth of blood gushed out of his mouth, only felt the five dirty six hearts as if it was broken, constantly coughing blood, chest pains tremendously, but there were two broken ribs.

How is that possible?

How did that guy suddenly become so powerful?

The camel was terrified, and if it wasn't for that stinking duck, he'd think he'd met two people who looked exactly the same today as yesterday, but were quite different in strength.

He struggled to get up and coughed up five or six more pieces of blood as he stood up.


A broken voice rang in his ear, turning his head, and Sholoh, who had been dozens of meters away, came to him like a ghost.

Cold sweat falls, pupils shrinking, a frightening chill spinning all over his body, the hair had to be rooted upside down, before the camel could react, Sholo's hand resting on his shoulder, five fingers grabbing, he felt his shoulder blades were about to be crushed.

“Do you know where Dark Castle is?” Sholo asked coldly.

“Yes, yes! ”

The camel nodded vigorously. In fact, he knew only one general direction, the exact orientation was unclear, but he smelled the killing machine on Sholoh. If he said he didn't know, he would most likely be wiped out by Sholoh without hesitation.

“If you know it, point it out. How do we know you know it? Besides, you gai can't ignore us. If you can't find the Dark Castle, unload eight pieces of it and feed it to the Beast.” The Duck Emperor borrows Sholo's mighty path.

The camel hastily pointed out the direction in which he fled: “The Dark Castle is... just over there...”

Sholo did not speak, his other hand five fingers, grabbed his collar, and flew straight up to the sky, rushing in the direction of Dark Castle.

Wu... Wu Wang?!

The camel was so frightened, how could you not believe that Sholo had reached the rank of Wuhuang, which was horrible. How could this guy surge overnight and reach the rank of Terrible Wuhuang?

It's ridiculous to think that you just said you wanted to kill each other!



“See, is that Castle Dark? ”

Almost half an hour after the flight, the Duck King pointed a few kilometres ahead, and the castle at the tip of the iceberg shook up in the mountain forest.

In fact, there is no need for it to remind Sholo that he has already seen it. Although he is confident in his own strength, he will not neglect to survive any more carelessness, to prevent such bad things as impaired power from happening again, so he falls back to the ground, it is best to be cautious.

“You go ahead.” Sholo sipped lightly at the camel.

The camel couldn't help but strike a chill, which made it clear that he was going to find his way. Once there was any danger, he was the first to be attacked, and he was never convinced that Sholo would come out and lift the siege for him, but he held it in his hands, and he had to respond with a "yes" stiff scalp.

“Squeak... Squeak...”

The forest is darker, with bats howling from time to time and a thick fog that makes the atmosphere strange and gloomy.

The beasts of the Dark Forest also seem to know that this is an ominous place and that few beasts have been encountered within a dozen kilometres of each other.

After dozens of meters in the direction of the Dark Castle, the ground became swamped with mud pools, some of which were still bubbling, like some monster hiding beneath them.

“Boy, it looks a little scary here. It's like a place where evil ghosts come from. This is what Ben Duck sees in the ghost movies.” The Duck King felt so infiltrated that he couldn't help but make a sound.

Sholo walked silently, stepping on empty feet, avoiding mud on his shoes and pants.

Every step of the camel took a frightening walk, and it didn't get cold sweat and wet.

Suddenly, a rotten man's hand came out of a mud pit, like a hand from a hell of a demon, grabbing his ankle.


The nervous camel was terrified and shouted, and there was a scream from the Duck King, because the hand was so horrible, the flesh had rotted, revealing Samson's fingers inside.

The camel kicked hard and tried to break free of this rotten man's hand. He grabbed his ankle tightly. He retreated, but pulled the rest of his hand out of the mud.

“Murder... Murder! ”

The Duck King's hysterical screams came out, his eyes burst, his face filled with fear.

Sholo was also stunned. This corpse brought out of the mud pond by the foot of a camel really looked like a carcass in a large part of the original world biochemical crisis. Although covered with mud, those mud could not hide the signs of its decay. Many places revealed white bones, and the clothes on him were shattered, accompanied by mud, like a demon.

Most incredibly, this rotten corpse is still alive.

“Let go, let go, let go! ”

The camel fell to the ground, scared off his face and kept kicking this rotten corpse with his other foot. After kicking a dozen feet, he finally broke free of its control. Then the wolf also ran back and ran back to Sholo to feel a little safer.