Peerless Genius System

Chapter 779 Arrival at the Castle

“Squeeze ~ Squeeze ~”

Along with a skull-numbing staggering sound of bone joints, the decaying corpse climbed up in a slow, self-muddy swamp, his head shrugged, his left arm bent and his right leg curled slightly. This standing position was extremely devious, as if it were a puppet carried by a line.

“It turns out the movie wasn't a lie. There really are zombies.” The Duck King panicked.

“Definitely... definitely a vampire puppet, drained blood and left it here...”

Camels can't help but sweat cold, he always knew that vampires suck blood and become puppets. Of course, he listens to rumors, but rumors are very different from reality. Vampire puppets do not have pointy teeth, but, like this monster in front of them, they rot and stink and are still alive.

“Squeeze ~ Squeeze ~”

All of a sudden, the sound of bone joints swinging around, infiltrating people, can't help but root upside down.

Then one corpse after another, decaying and disfigured, climbed out of the mud pools, and they threw up turbidity in their mouths, like they'd just woken up from sleep.

“His duck master, how come all of a sudden, at least a hundred!” The Duck Emperor's eyes were wide open.

The camel's legs were shaking, unprepared, and he never thought that a vampire puppet would turn into such a horrible creature, like hell, and the air smelled like a stinking corpse.

When he saw that his two companions of the Silver Wings mercenary regiment were among the deceased, becoming one of them, the tight nerves of the camel could no longer bear to break, and the scream of "ah” turned to rush away from the dark castle, recklessly.

As he moved, the corpses around him were activated, his teeth clawed, a bloodthirsty howl in his throat, like a bunch of evil ghosts pounded on him, and as soon as he changed the harmless appearance of human animals, the whole thing became a horrible hellish creature.

“Goddamn kid, save him, or he'll be out on the street (gai)!” The Duck King hurried.

“Save him?” Sholo's eyes squinted and asked back.


Seeing the indifference in Sholoh's eyes, the Duck Emperor knew he was naive. If the camel was still around Sholoh and had a chance to survive, he turned around and fled now. He gave up this opportunity on his own initiative. Sholoh would not have intentionally gone to save a mercenary who wanted to kill himself.

“Well, Ben Duck thinks it's good to let him die for himself.” Duck Wang Dao turned to the camel.

The camel gave him the strength to feed his milk, but he was injured, unable to explode all the strength of the spiritual cultivation. The speed was still slow, but the surrounding corpse burst wildly. One of the corpses jumped first and fell on his back, opening his mouth full of yellow-haired black teeth, one bite on his neck.

“Pfft ~”

The blood splashed and the camel screamed and shook hard: "Get off me! Get off me! ”

The swinging force was fierce, and the one on his back flew out like a rotting shell, smashing four or five.

The camel fled desperately, the bite on the neck of the blood gummed outward, and there was a sharp sore self-wound radiating all over the body, the sharp pain spread everywhere, the nerves trembled, the muscles shaken uncontrollably, a sense of powerlessness slowly spreading all over the body.

Corpse poison?

The camel ran and thought frighteningly in his brain.

Suddenly, his foot ached, looked down, a rotten corpse detected a rotten head from the mud pool under his foot, opened his mouth and bit his ankle, just one bite, the flesh on his ankle was missing a large chunk, as he was hit so hard during the run, his body immediately unbalanced “punched” and fell.

At the moment of the fall, a large swarm of rotting bees came up, tearing at the neck, eating the arms, tearing the thighs... Those teeth with yellow hair and black hair were like serrations, easily biting a piece of flesh and chewing.


The scream of the camel was particularly terrible, the despair was overwhelming. At the end of his life, the camel clearly saw his belly torn open, his bloody intestines and liver pulled out, carried by these rotters into his mouth, the wolf swallowed the tiger, some even saved him chewing, directly swallowed his stomach, and his neck was stretched wide.

“Ok... ok his Duck Master's cruelty...” The Duck Emperor only felt numb on his scalp and vomited.

Sholoh had no great fluctuations in his heart. The camel had killed him more than once. If he hadn't killed the camel himself, it would have been an extraordinary blessing, and if the camel had escaped, he would not have been prepared to take the life of the camel, but had left it to God to decide the life and death of the camel.

“Ho ~”

At this point, a corpse howled and clawed his teeth against him.

Sholo didn't even move a second, and the real force that erupted directly smashed the rotting corpse into a broken arm limb, followed it into the grinder and stirred it to pieces of bone and flesh.

“Boom ~”

He stomped his foot again, his heroic true power centered around his footing point, like a ripple, swinging around silently, passing through the corpses, and then hundreds of corpses crushed to the ground, with no sign of a living being.

“Seconds? ”

The Duck King was shocked, "Does he have such a weak corpse? ”

“It's already weak, it's just scary.” Sholo's faint way.

The duck emperor thought about it and explained: “Yes, the blood sucking tribe is not very high, it is far worse than you, these zombies are the product of their blood sucking, naturally weak chickens. ”

Sholoh didn't pick it up and continued on to Dark Castle.

Across the muddy marshes, an ancient castle similar to the western part of the original world is covered in curtains, surrounded by tall walls, the palace is heavy inside, the entire castle is covered in mist, although the sun is high, but the sun does not seem to penetrate here, as if it is a self-made place, the dark obscurity is the mainstream here, even the temperature seems to have dropped slightly.

As soon as he stepped into the empty space in front of the castle, the enormous gate opened.

Two rows of bloodsuckers with torches ran out of the city gate, quickly forming a siege on Sholo.

“Sex ~”

On the high walls of the castle, the bloodsucking elders appeared there, and the cloudy old eyes looked underneath.

Lester and the wound healing ghost also appeared on the wall, and Lewis walked out from the gate. When he saw Sholo, he was stunned by a slight mistake and then greedy smile: “There was movement over the muddy swamp, I thought some beast had broken in, I didn't think it was you, fat pig, surprise, it was really a surprise! ”