Peerless Genius System

Chapter 780: Let's Go

“Little Lolo...”

The ghosts were stunned and couldn't believe that Sholo had come to their Dark Castle. Didn't he escape so easily? Did you get lost and accidentally break into this place?

Anyway, the only thing she could be sure of was that Sholo was in extreme danger, and she didn't know how to save him.

“Your friend, that's him?” Lester asked plainly.

The ghost said, “Yes, brother, don't hurt him, okay?” Grab Lester's wrist tightly, "I beg you. ”

Lester has no expression on his face: “If we want to become stronger, we need to constantly consume human blood. No human being who walks into our sight should be spared. This is no wonder, only his life is bad! ”

“You're no different from Lewis at this point, huh?” The ghost snorted softly, not turning around and angry with his brother.

“Our blood-sucking people cannot leave the Dark Forest, and every human being who enters it is precious. ”

Lester looked down at Sholo and said, "It's not my opinion and that of Lewis, it's the consensus of all but you. ”

“I said he was my friend.” The ghost argued.


Lester laughed, "Hunters and prey become friends, which is a rare thing, little sister, you're so naive. ”


Ghostly, “I'm too lazy to tell you stubborn. ”

In short, he jumped directly from the walls of the city and landed in the open space outside the gates.

“Little Lolo, what are you doing here? Who sent you here? ”

The ghost shouted out loud, and when she was caught in the walrus by the Silver Wings mercenary group and saw Sholo facing a powerful opponent for her to use as a fix for the district martial artist, she had an unspeakable emotion, how could she let her own people hurt Sholo?

Her pretty face looked red and white, red like cherry, blown and ripped, her lips tiny, her eyes bright as black gemstone, her nose pretty good, her skin white as snow all over her body, and Ting Yuli was talking about a girl like her.

Sholo smiled and softly said, "I'm here to take you to the Light Holy Land! ”

To the Halloween?

The blood-sucking elders on the walls were stunned, and the four words' light holy places’ were taboo in their hearts.

Lester still looked underneath with no expression.

The ghost is stuck, what is this guy talking about? Does he think he can take her away with a little martial arts fix?

She blinked back and scolded, “Are you an idiot? Did you know that you are here as a sheep? ”

“I just came to honor my promise!” Sholo calmed down.

“Who wants you to cash in, you little martial artist pretending to be no master, you can't protect you from this girl here. ”

The ghost's apricot eyes turned red. I wondered how there could be such a fool in the world. Normal people could not hide yet. How could they come to their castle on their own initiative, fool, must be a big fool with a broken brain.

“Little girl, I don't know if you've heard anything about this. The taxi has been impressed for three days. Now this kid is not yesterday's kid.” The Duck King couldn't watch, jumping to Sholo's shoulder to paint the colorful words.

“Lolo is a fool, you duck are also a fool...”

The ghost broke a grudge, then suddenly the light flashed, didn't the duck go fast, it was definitely not a problem to leave with Sholo, immediately shouted, “Duck, get this idiot out of here, as far away as you can! ”


The Duck King shook his head like a tall man, “If you want to leave, we'll go with you. The goddamn kid said, he's going to take you to pretend to take you flying, and he won't leave without you. ”

“Do you know what you're talking about...”

The ghost grinned bitterly, pointing at the elders on the wall, "See them? They are the elders of our bloodsucking tribe, each with the same strength as you human martial arts strong, not to mention these elders, these are my two brothers, they are the strength of Wuhuang rank, what are you thinking? ”


The Duck Emperor snapped in his heart and asked Sholo, “God damn it, those old hairs don't seem to bother you. Are you sure? ”

Sholo glanced at it, ignored its words, and said to the ghost: "Come on, I'll get you out of here now and help you find your father. ”


The ghost was completely stunned, daring her to say so much for nothing.


Louis laughed out loud, "You fat pig has a clear brain circuit. He's dying and sleepwalking. The Duke's population is thirsty, so he beats you to the teeth! ”

As soon as the voice fell, his eyes blew out two bloodthirsty blue rays, and his two pointed teeth appeared like fangs, and then rushed off to Sholo, sending out the sound of an array of blood cravings in his throat.

“Lewis, dare you?! ”

The ghosts burst out simultaneously, revealing the nature of the blood-sucking tribe, chopping from one side towards Lewis.

“Little sister, with your abilities, trying to stop me is undoubtedly a stunning tree! ”

Louis's face was full of shame, ignoring the ghost attack, and still rushed towards Sholo. His eyes, staring straight at Sholo's neck, “Fat pig, let me drain your blood, hahahaha...”

At this point, Sholoh, who was immobile, suddenly pulled his knife and fell.

Go fast, clean and clean!

“Phew ~”

A near-five-length knife flashed with thunderbolts, breaking the void and falling straight down. The wind and thunder arrays on the empty ground, the wind and the sand and dust rolled over.

The power of one sword, the whole heavens and the earth are filled with bright swords!

Terrible energy fluctuations swept the field, invisible pressures swept like waves, and ghosts rushing towards Lewis were swept down by this force.


An awesome scream sounded, one arm fell out of the rolling sand, but it wasn't Lewis' and whose. Blood shot at the broken arm, Lewis covered the wound, kneeling on one knee, and beside him, a wide-legged ditch of 20 centimetres appeared strikingly on the ground, the lid was cut off by Sholo's knife just now.


Louis was frightened and breathed a sip of cool air, and his face was full of horrors.

The bloodsucking elders on the walls are similarly discolored, obviously martial arts human beings. Why is a knife so terribly powerful? Cut off Lewis' left arm at once?


The ghost opened his apricot eyes and looked at it unbelievably, as if Sholo had become strong all of a sudden.