Peerless Genius System

Chapter 781: Super Fist

“Phew ~”

Sholoh blinked in front of Lewis, leaving a shadow behind, and the blood-sucking elders sucked in the cool air, wondering what speed it was.

“Remember what I said yesterday?” Sholo lowered his head and stared lightly at Lewis.

Louis had a terrible pain and a sweat bead appeared on his forehead, but he bit his teeth: "Sorry, I forgot! ”

Speaking, he rose up, and in a moment he flew more than a dozen meters away from Sholola. Then he locked Sholoh under precisely and slapped him.

The true power of black is so turbulent, the apparition of terror is transformed into a huge bat, scattered through rolling pressure, from this sky to the bottom of Sholoh impacted, destroying the shackles and possessing a destructive threat.

It was his ultimate move, his full strength!

Sholo was too lazy to move even a little, and a spontaneous burst of true force formed an invisible but substantial shield outside the body.

“Boom ~”

The black bat collided with this shield, and a loud, deafening sound erupted, accompanied by a violent wave of energy that swept wildly like a hurricane, and the rubble and debris on the ground were swept into the air.

The ghost was guarded by Lester before it was affected, but the wind still wielded Liu Hai on her jade forehead.

“Little Lolo seems like a different person. How did he become so powerful in one night?” The ghost couldn't help but shout, and it was hard to believe that this would be the weak Sholo he had met the other day.

Lester was silent, his eyebrows wrinkled, and he didn't know what he was thinking.

With that fluctuating backing of energy, Sholoh was like King Gestapo, hectic and unbeatable.

“Get down!!! ”

A scolding shout, Sholo's right hand hollow, a giant palm made of the illusion of true power appeared empty-handed, a fierce wind shook up, suddenly grabbed Luis in the air, then slammed to the ground.

“Boom ~”

The earth trembles, dusty skies, and countless cracks appear on the surface, spreading like a web of spiders.

Lewis collided hard with the ground and felt his whole bone crumble. The five dirty hearts were hit hard. He was covered in sand and dust and lay on the ground in a huge palm print.

Sholo didn't intend to let him go, and the big hand that had been hallucinated by real power lifted up and beat him several times in a row.

“Boom! Boom!”

Every time the next shot, the ground trembled, even the dark castle was shaking, and the palm print on the ground was expanding and deepening, and Louis inside was bitter. After the second shot by the major players, he bled his nose and mouth, and his clothes were shattered. A few times later, he was covered in blood and dust, lying there dying.

When he saw Sholo's illusionist big hand raised high and ready to slap him hard, Lewis' tears came down, the pain was too unbearable, it was worse than death, and too humiliating, Sholo was going to make him live in front of all the blood suckers.

“Stop!!! ”

Lester shouted in the future to stop Sholo, a powerful airplane outflow, like a hurricane, caught in a tsunami-like threat, rushed towards Sholo, the ghost claws ripped out, with a sharp wind in the formation.

Sholo didn't even think about it. He patted it like a mosquito, and the big hand with the illusion of real power followed him manually, his hand on Lester's back.

“Boom ~”

A seemingly light-hearted stroke with explosive impact.

At a moment when he was touched by the back of a giant hand, Lester's face suddenly changed and he felt his face squeezed and deformed, then smashed out completely uncontrolled on his side.


Hitting a thick wall outside the castle through a large cave, it still didn't stop, allowing him to penetrate several walls and eventually submerge in a large number of bricks.

“How could this kid be so evil?! ”

“Not bad, obviously a human martial arts master, but even Lester fell into the wind. ”

“It's more than an evil gate. It's weird! ”

The blood-sucking elders are unchanging, and it is hard to believe that a human martial artist can play such a terrible power.

The ghost looked at Sholoh, and Sholoh was mightier than she expected. You know, in her eyes, Lester and Lewis were the most powerful people besides the senators, but in quantity, they seemed unscathed in front of Sholoh.

How is that possible?

What the hell happened to Little Lolo?

She can't figure it out. It's only been a night. Sholo's as strong as a human being.

Just thinking, the duck emperor flew to her shoulder: “Forget it, the goddamn kid was so handsome, only a little accident occurred during the transmission, injured by space forces, so much power damage, only the previous days of bullying happened, with his such handsome strength, I'm afraid only the four kings of Guangzhou Holy Land are eligible to fight one. ”

When it comes to Sholo, it's very proud, just like it's showing off.

- What? - What?

Only the death of the Light Holy Land is eligible to fight him? Wusheng?

Even though the ghost is not familiar with the world, she also knows the secret cultivation system. Wusheng is the peak of the legend. I'm afraid there won't be more than ten vast and boundless secrets. Now, right in front of her, there is one, which is very unreal as a dream.

“His duck master, when can I be so handsome!” The Duck King looked at the shattered, windless and automatic Sholo, envious of everything.

Sholo ignored Lester and came to Louis in the pit like a phantom.

He stepped on Lewis' face and stepped half his head into the dirt.

“Now remember what I said yesterday?” The cold voice seems to come from hell without any human emotion.

Sholoben was not a good man. He remembered very well. If he had no blood ties to the ghost, he would have killed Lewis directly.

“I… I…” Lewis felt nothing but humiliation, unspeakable pain and impatience.


A soft-hearted noise in Sholoh's nose kicked him out of the pit, and Lewis passed out because of excessive blood loss and serious injuries.


A loud roar burst out of the castle, filled with sand and dust, like a wild buffalo, strong close to Sholo, gripping the iron fist wrapped around the raging wave clapping shore fierce impact.

“Super Fist! ”

The spiritual energy between heaven and earth fluctuated wildly, Lester joined the evil gods, and his whole body was filled with pitch-black sayings. All the sayings were poured into this punch, gathered together a little bit, the wind was raging, the heavens and earth were discolored, and thunder sounded in the sky.