Peerless Genius System

Chapter 783: Leaving

Sholo left Castle Dark with a ghost, and the blood-sucking elders pointed him in the direction of Twilight, and he turned the Duck King into a giant white duck, carrying him and the ghost straight towards Twilight.

“Brother, this young man is the big man we noticed before, right?” A blood-sucking elder gazed at the sky.

“Need I ask you something else? Of course it's him.” The elder also looked at the sky and his eyes were very hot.

“But how did he get to the legendary Wusheng Realm when he looked like he was in his twenties? ”

“Yeah, he definitely broke the human cultivation limit. ”

“It's horrible, young is Wusheng, it's hard to imagine, he will continue to practice, I'm afraid he will break through the secret to build a hierarchical barrier to reach a deeper and more unpredictable realm. ”

“Why did he go to the Guangzhou Holy Land? Is there anything wrong with the Guangzhou Holy Land? ”

“It should be. Otherwise, how could he have promised to help the ghost girl find Curris, a prisoner of the Light Holy Land? From this point of view, he and the Light Holy Land have stood opposite each other. ”

The old man's dark tongue felt that Sholoh's existence was too amazing to use common sense at all.

“In any case, our bloodsuckers are on the rise.” The Grand Fuhrer was thrilled with his beard.

Lester walked up and said, "Why do you say that? ”

“Because our ghost princess and he are friends, that is, our bloodsucking friend, a friend of Wusheng Shu's, a friend of immense potential, I tacitly felt that that guy would change the way the world works. ”

Grand Fuhrer said, "Lester, carry on, release all human prisoners, tell them that they are free, and that our bloodsucking tribe has since abstained from sucking human blood. ”

“What do we do when we have a blood addiction attack?” A senator asks.

“The blood of a foreign beast, though not comparable to that of a human being, can also relieve blood addiction, and from now on, the blood of a human being will be replaced by the blood of a foreign beast.” Grand Fuhrer.

“You can suck on the blood of a beast and fix it to stagnate, we...”

“What does it say that even with the blood of mankind, our mending is stagnant and cannot be elevated any further? This suggests that the limit that our blood suckers can cultivate by sucking blood is Wuzong, and sucking more human blood is no longer useful. ”

The Great Fuhrer interrupted without courtesy, "Now that we are friends with the bloodsucking tribe and a human martial arts, we must change this relationship with humanity as the enemy, otherwise it would not be embarrassing for the Holy Lord to be caught in the middle. ”

The other senators think it makes sense.

“Or the big brother thought carefully, yes, our blood sucking tribe needs to change. ”

“In fact, the relationship is still not very strong. If our ghost princess rubs off the spark of love with him and combines to produce future generations, the relationship will become indestructible. ”

“It makes sense that our bloodsucking family's genes are very powerful. Combined with strength, the offspring must be stronger. I think there's a play in this. Our ghost princess is so watery, a man would like it. ”

“Necessary. Didn't you see her call him Little Lolo and he wasn't angry? ”

“Yes, masters like this are very proud, random calls can make him angry, but the princess of ghosts calls him that childish, and he's not angry, which means they have a play. ”

The more these bloodsucking elders talk about it, the more they missed it, and in the end they all want something to happen between the ghost and Sholoh. Of course, those humans in Dark Castle who were caught preparing to suck blood are lucky, because Sholoh's arrival allowed the bloodsuckers to forgive them, and hardliners changed the bloodsucking tradition of the bloodsucking family.



The Duck King turned into a white giant duck, with its wings stretched out, with a great landscape. It flies fast, passing over the dark forest, occasionally causing a howl of warnings from the beasts beneath it to protect their territory.

“Ben Duck is just passing by, yell a duck egg!” The Duck King shouted down a roaring beast called the boardwalk.

“Duck, you shout at it, and it doesn't understand. ”

On the back of the duck, the ghost lay comfortably there, holding on to the little red umbrella to shield the sun, and a pair of apricot eyes turned into moon-toothed fun.

“I am simply dissipating the inner imbalance. ”

The Duck Emperor glanced at Schollo sitting on his duck's back, complaining, "The boy who killed himself could fly, but he had to rely on my back, saying that he couldn't say anything, he couldn't curse, so I could only vent this imbalance on the beast at the bottom. ”

The ghost gazed at Sholo: “You're so big, it doesn't matter if you carry another handsome Lolo, why should you have an imbalance in your mind? ”

Because the elders of the clan ordered her not to call Sholo Little Lolo, then she changed the word and changed the word 'little’ to ‘handsome’.

“Little girl, you don't understand this. You've heard of the last straw that crushed the camel. A straw as light as a feather can sometimes be the most critical weight, because it adds so much weight, the camel is crushed to death.” The Duck King has the same sermon.

Sholo couldn't help but say, "Stay on my shoulder and in my pocket. What did I tell you? ”


In one sentence, he said the Duck King without any objection. He just made his teeth embarrassed and smiled: “Don't you remind me, I forgot, hey...”

“Then stop whining and fly to Twilight!” Sholo has no way of being angry.


How dare the Duck Emperor complain that, by the way, it still takes advantage of the cheap, and has always used Sholoh as a free means of transportation.

The ghost was made to laugh: "What a lovely duck.” And then I glanced at Sholo, "Handsome Lolo, you can cure it, if you change it to someone else, absolutely not. ”

“It's just a beating. ”

"By the way, are you bloodsuckers afraid of the sun? ”

The ghost nodded: "Yes, the sun will tan my skin. ”


Sholo feels very speechless. Is that why you're afraid of the sun?

It's good to add after the ghost: “The sun will also burn our skin, and if exposed to the sun for a long time, I may burn all over my body and burn alive. ”

“Beyond the fear of sunshine, would you fear crucifixion or silver?” Sholo asked.

The ghost thought and shook his head: "No. ”

Sholoxon's breath makes a big difference between the bloodsuckers here and the vampires in the film.

“Little girl, Ben Duck asks you, must you suck blood to survive?” What the Duck King cares about most is whether he will one day become a ghost's blood bag.