Peerless Genius System

Chapter 784 Twilight College

“Of course not. You see, I live well.” The ghost immediately vetoed.

After hearing this, the Duck Emperor quietly relieved his breath and said, "Fortunately, I don't need to suck blood every day, so it's still acceptable."

On the way to Twilight, Sholo and the ghost had a chat without a word, and there was a deeper understanding of the bloodsucking tribe.

Fear of sunshine, but prefer moonlight. If injured, letting moonlight pour on you at night can speed up wound healing, and soaking in the blood has a kinky effect. Blood is not a necessity for the blood-sucking family.

If you have to compare a thing to blood, it is the drug of the original world, don't touch it, but if the blood sucking family has touched it once, then it is difficult to stop, blood addiction will erupt every other time, pain and suffering, life is better than death, blood must be consumed in order to keep blood addiction under control.

And the ghost and Lewis and Lester were just half-sisters, and the ghost knew nothing about Sholo, and there was nothing to hide, telling him that her mother was actually human.

Sholo suddenly figured out why the ghost was able to contain the bloodthirsty nature of the bloodsucking family. The lid was half human, but at the same time had the perverse physique of the bloodsucking family.

“What about your mother? I don't think I've seen her.” The Duck King curious.

The ghost stunned, his eyes flashed away and he felt sad. “My mother had a difficult time giving birth to me, she died of illness shortly after giving birth to me. ”

The Duck King thought he asked a stupid question. “Well, I'm sorry, little girl, I don't know about your mother..."

“It's all right, Ben. The girl's been looking away.” The ghost can see it.

Sholoh, with the dragon knife sheath, pestled the duck back of the duck king, very silently said: "Would you stop biting the word ‘mother’? ”

“Isn't that what he meant by Grandpa Duck's mother and mother?” The Duck King rolled his eyes.

“Your mother!” Sholoway.

The Duck King was furious: "God damn it, kid, why are you yelling at people? ”

“Your mother!” Sholo changed his mouth.

“What the fuck is he yelling at? Believe it or not, I'm on strike, falling from the sky?” Duck royalty.

Sholo closed his eyes and raised God, not as much as he saw it.

“Phew ~”

The ghost was made to laugh softly, squinting the apricot eyes of the moon's teeth: "Handsome Lolo, ducky duck, you two are so in love. ”

“Don't call me a duck if you love my ass. It's too bad. I told you, I'm over 500 years old. You have to call me Grandpa Duck.” Duck King's Road.

“All right, duck, duck, duck!” The ghost nodded innocently.

“Pfft ~”

The Duck King's consciousness is already spraying blood.



There are thousands of miles of horses in the world, thousands of miles of daylight, and the Duck Emperor is a million miles of duck that can fly a day. Of course, it is also excellent to see the results of the flight, and if you do your best, you will probably have to double the distance.

Leaving the stacked dark forest, and flying north for about half an hour, we saw a huge pool standing below the ground, cloudy, cranes flying from time to time in the air, which is naturally Twilight City.

“Wow, is this Twilight? It's huge! ”

The ghost's passion for something new, after all, was only sixteen years old and had never left the dark forest, and everything out there was new to her.

“Big is big, but why does a duck think it looks like a pretty duck?” The Duck Emperor's imagination is amazing, looking down from the sky, and thinks the silhouette of this Twilight City looks like a female duck.

“Are you springing?” Sholo dug it cold and hard.

“Goddamn kid, you just sprung up. Your whole family sprung up. Take a closer look at this Twilight is like a pretty duck girl.” The Duck Emperor jumps like a radar.

“I think it's like a big cock.” Sholoway.

“Your Duck, I...”

The Duck Emperor wanted to refute a few words, but Sholo reminded me not to say that this Twilight really looked more like a big cock than a female duck, and I couldn't help but think: Is it really time for me to fall in love?

Still a hard mouth said: "I told you it looked like a pretty duck, you bit me. ”

Sholo raised his eyebrows and turned the subject around: "Okay, go down, let's walk into town. ”

If you don't want to mess with the right and wrong, it's Wang Dao. If the Duck Emperor is allowed to fly him and the ghost directly to Twilight City, it will be the focus of people's attention in Twilight City for a moment.

“I knew to command the duck! ”

The Duck King complained, but landed quite nicely on the ground, waiting for the ghost and Sholo to come down, and it returned to the mini version of the duck and landed on the ghost's shoulder.

Without requiring any verification, Sholo was surprised that the city guard was not a soldier in armor, but a young man in cadet clothing, men and women, with cufflinks on their clothes and silk stamps on their cufflinks with the words "Twilight College”.

Upon entering the city, it was also found that the patrol was carried out by students from Twilight College, who had a harsh face and were not angry and arrogant, making people afraid to lean forward.

Is Twilight College the dominant place?

Sholo frowned slightly, and the dark speculation in his heart was that, after all, it was 670,000 kilometers away from the purple moon cave sky, and the left-hand side of the purple moon cave sky had been here in the future, so there was no information on the route map indicating the door faction that dominated this part of Twilight City, but in this case, 89 out of 10 was Twilight City College.

Twilight is very lively, there are performing jugglers, there are drinking and selling beasts, and selling beasts is naturally mercenary.

Ghosts are very interested in everything, bought a lot of things in a while, what rouge powder, cloth, dolls... etc., put them all in Duck King's space ring, left hand umbrella, right hand with four or five columns of ice sugar gourd, not happy to eat.

Luckily, in the purple moon cave sky, Schollo was given a lot of holy coins, but he didn't look overstretched.

The Duck King and the Ghost have a common hobby, which is to eat and eat, and what the Ghost eats and eats, of course, are snacks that cannot fill their bellies.

While passing through the transmission array, the ghost needed a verifiable identity. Upon inquiry, Sholo quickly found the group that made the false identity, and it took a little money to get it done.

“Hungry, find a store to eat.” Sholo said to the ghost.

“Yes, yes, the food outside is really delicious. I've never eaten anything so delicious.” The ghost rejoiced.

“Then eat more. ”

Sholo laughed and looked around her little mouth at the honey pulp filled with ice candy gourds and found it very delightful.