Peerless Genius System

Chapter 786 Blocking

Sitting in the other corner of the second floor, two people, one elderly and one young, at this time young to the elderly, said: “Then Zheng Feihan is at war again to cheat, Master Hu, shall we help? ”

The two are self-appointed members of Twilight College. The young young man, Luo Jinshi, is a fellow of the same class as Zheng Feihan, while the elderly is a mentor, Hu Qingsong.

“Look again, this grandfather of Zheng Feihan is the elder of the college, if I suddenly teach Zheng Feihan a lesson, I'm afraid his grandfather will give me shoes in the future. ”

Hu Qingsong frowned. He obviously felt that the matter was a bit tricky and inappropriate. "I think the girl and the young man will compromise. As long as they compromise, I think Zheng Feihan won't embarrass them. We should do more than one less thing. ”

“A martial artist and a girl who has nothing to fix will naturally compromise under Zheng Feihan's obscene authority! ”

Luo Jinshi bit his teeth and grabbed his fist and patted him gently on the table. “This bastard is really disgusting. It is not evil because Grandpa is an elder of the college. A lot of female students have had sex with him. Now the college has recruited a group of new students. There must be three of them beside him. The two sisters look very handsome. Zheng Feihan must want to chase them to his hands in order to deliberately become sexy, so as to show off the prestige in front of them. ”

“Well, don't clog your heart. Eat. ”

Hu Qingsong persuaded him to take his eyes back from that side and continue to eat the chopsticks and vegetables.

Luo Jinshi's heart was really blocking an anger, because he had long been unfamiliar with Zheng Feihan's behavior, and then he met him again, and this unfamiliarity was amplified to the extreme.

In addition to them, the other Guests on the second floor also stared at Sholo's table, apparently attracted the attention of the ghost's questioning.

At first glance, Zheng Feihan looked at the ghost as a girl with such a spiritual water spirit. She couldn't help but look up and down at the ghost. She couldn't help but wonder. She wondered: How could there be such an excellent chick in the world, her skin was as white as snow, and her delicate as if she could drip out juice just a little pinch.

I suddenly hit Xiao Jiu Jiu in my heart and gave another boy a look.

The male leader said, "Girl, we are students at Twilight College. This is Senior Zheng Feihan. ”

“This girl doesn't know what Zheng Feihan is or what Twilight College is. We came first. Then this table is ours. Why give it to you?” The ghost raised his head, angry.

Never even heard of Twilight College. Is it new from somewhere else?

A few people thought in the dark, but at the same time became more unscrupulous. There was no power background in Twilight, so they stepped on it as they wanted.

The boy laughed: "The girl has never heard of Twilight College. It doesn't matter if you're sitting here eating with us, but the person next to you has to leave. ”

He refers to Sholo.

“Why?” the ghost asked curiously.

'Cause I think he's upset, for that reason. ”Zheng Feihan was careless.

The two female students at Twilight College watched cold-eyed, and they were happy to hear about this pedaling, which would give them a sense of superiority.

Sholo glanced up at Zheng Feihan and said coldly: “I also saw how upset you are. Before I was angry, I hit and rolled. ”

Words without any emotion, and without any room for discussion, seem to be ordering Zheng Feihan.

As soon as it came out, the whole second floor calmed down and everyone's eyes focused on the table, forcing them to take a sip of cool air.

“I go, where does this guy have the guts to talk to Twilight College students like that, don't you know that Twilight College students are responsible for Twilight City security? Those are people who belong to the system, and the people of Pingtou can only avoid walking away. ”

“I really don't know if my brain is in the water, these students at Twilight College are taught by the great martial arts master, he is a small martial arts master, dare to be so arrogant. ”

“This guy won't lose faith in his life. You want to go down and see Prince Yan soon? ”

Everyone said, "I'm so shocked at what Sholo said and did. See you soon."

In the other corner, Luo Jinshi, who had been observing the developments, was also shocked by Sholo's words a few times. He grinned bitterly: Brother, are you out of your mind? How dare a small martial artist talk to Zheng Feihan like that? Is it too long?

Instructor Hu Qingsong sitting opposite him held his forehead and sighed for a long time. He could have been safe with each other, but as soon as this sentence came out, things would never have gotten better.

Zheng Feihan, who was accustomed to traveling in arrogance, had a lump of brains, and never thought that Sholo would say such things.

The other three also stood still and found it incredible, looking at Sholo like a fool.

“Boy, do you know who you're talking to?” Zheng Feihan grinned coldly. The chill in his eyes grew stronger.

“I don't know, I don't want to know. ”

Sholo stared straight at Zheng Feihan, and he wouldn't bother, but that doesn't mean someone else would bully him and he would be impatient.

The Duck King, who stayed in the ghost's pocket, mourned for a few seconds.

When Zheng Feihanton was angry from the head, the corner of his mouth pounded a few times, then raised his hand and fanned at Sholo's face, scolding him: “Okay, I'll let you know who I am now. ”

It's over. If you don't die, you'll have to be beaten!

Luo Jinshi and Hu Qingpine suddenly changed color, I know Zheng Feihan is angry, otherwise there will be no real power in the palm of his hand. If this clap is true, the guy will definitely have a concussion. Zheng Feihan is the peak level of the great warrior, half of his foot has entered the realm of Wu Ling.

However, Zheng Feihan's powerful palms suddenly stopped in the middle of the sky, as if the image had been set, still motionless.

Everyone looked at it and stopped the big dandelion hand, not something else, but a fiber show hand. This show hand grabbed Zheng Feihan's wrist and blocked the palm hard, and the master of the show was the ordinary girl who had no real power fluctuations in their eyes.

How could that girl block Zheng Feihan's hand?

How is that possible? She has no real power fluctuations!

Everyone glared at their eyes and nothing could be more shocking than a weak show hand stopping the next big arm.

Ghost Apricot eyes stared at Zheng Feihan like a torch, holding his show hand still like a mountain tattoo.

“Release... Release...”

Zheng Feihan got very nervous because he couldn't take his hand back from feeding his milk, which was really weird and unusual.