Peerless Genius System

Chapter 787: Get Down

The ghost grunted softly, walking forward by mistake, and a beautiful shoulder drop came out.


Zheng Feihan screamed, that was one hundred and seventy and eighty kilograms of body back to the ground first, fiercely collided with the ground, the strength fierce, directly vibrated his whole body bone like it was going to be scattered, blood in his body, a bloody smell flickered between his throat, he knew it was blood, when he was about to swallow it back into his stomach, he took a heavy blow to the chest.

It was a ghost stepping on his chest, strong and horizontal force poured down, the ribs in Zheng Feihan's chest made a series of "clicks”, like the sound of the beam when it was about to break.

“Pfft ~”

Thick blood could no longer be controlled and the mouth gushed out.


At this time, the scene deeply impacted the hearts and minds of the people present. The ordinary girl in their eyes actually defeated Zheng Feihan, who had a great martial arts master at Twilight College, as soon as she took the shot. How is this possible?


The entire second floor of the Drunken Immortal Building is quiet enough to allow people to hear their breathing clearly.

Luo Jinshi and Hu Qingsong were also stunned. They thought they would compromise with Zheng Feihan, but did not expect it to be an anvil board. This Zheng Feihan obviously kicked on the anvil board.

“Do you want to take over our table? ”

The ghost put his hands in his back and looked at Zheng Feihan angrily, biting his teeth tightly, his face full of anger, daring to interrupt her to eat the world's food, that is unforgivable.

Zheng Feihan was stepped on his chest, don't talk, even breathing was very difficult, looked at the ghost eyes filled with horror, he had no idea that he would be stomped on the ground by a teenage girl without any ability to fight back.

“Let go of Senior Jung! ”

The male cadet returned to God and drew a long sword, chopping it off to the ghost.

The ghost glanced at him with no good intentions, the white show hand grabbed him, and directly grasped the long sword cut off by the male cadet in a slight pinch, and the sharp sword could no longer be cut into pieces.

Take the sword with your hands?!

At this moment, no one will think that the ghost is a harmless young girl, capable of taking over with her bare hands the sword of the next great warrior, which is enough to demonstrate her horrific power.

“Take the sword with your bare hands, how is that possible! ”

Rockingstone's pupils were huge, his mouth was wide open, and he looked at the scene with his eyes closed.

Mentor Hu Qingsong's hand with chopsticks can't help but tremble slightly. Although he is a mentor, he also has only the peak level of Wu Ling. With his strength, it is absolutely impossible to intercept that sword in such a trivial manner. You know, the girl did not grab it, but gently pinched the sword body with her fingers. There is no real power flowing all over her body, but she has terrible strength. Where does this girl come from?


At this point, the ghost wrist flipped and the male cadet's sword was broken into two pieces.

“There are so many haters, go away! ”

The ghost screamed and slapped the male cadet in the chest.

Fiber Hand, seemingly devoid of any threat, but when he patted it on his chest, the male cadet's face changed dramatically because he felt a surge of power sweep in, and then his body flew out completely uncontrolled.

“Boom ~”

Smash the neighbor into pieces, spill the food and drink, and lay on the floor in pain and mourning.

As for the Guests at that table, they were quick to react and flash in time to avoid this delusional disaster.

Fear, unnamed fear, began to rise in the hearts of people, this fear, inspired more clearly in front of the ghost's exhaled expression, broken sword with his hands, and hit the great warrior with one hand, this is an unimaginable thing, the ghost is undoubtedly the most unscrupulous of all at this moment.

The two remaining female cadets sweated coldly and never expected this to happen. When the ghost's apricot eyes looked at them, they were forced to strike a chill and have a strong sense of crisis, which prompted them to turn their unconscious eyes to Sholo, a small warrior, who would not have ended up like Zheng Feihan had they been able to ambush the girl.

As soon as the idea arose, they drew their swords and Qi flushed towards Sholo.

Sholo was drinking tea, saw the two women against themselves, couldn't help but laugh, waved gently, a powerful force erupted, directly shook the sword in the hands of the two female cadets to fly, then reached out and grabbed it, the two female cadets returned to him, pinched his neck with one hand.

The two female cadets were shocked and unconsciously broke Sholoh's hand, but a strong hand came from the hand, tightly strangled their throats, leaving them with only a whimpering sound, a rapidly rising complexion and a strong sense of asphyxiation pouring into the brain.

Fill your heart with despair, helplessness, and panic!

Once again, the people on the second floor were shocked, and they could see clearly that the two female students of Twilight College could all be cultivated by the great martial artists, and Sholo was cultivated by the martial artists. It was unusual for a martial artist to restrain two great martial artists.

“How did this happen? How can a martial artist stop a martial artist? And still hold two at once?” Rockingstone was shocked, even frightened, and the world view seemed to have been subverted.

Hu Qingsong did not reply to him, his mouth was slightly open, and he was obviously also in a deep shock.

“Handsome Lolo, throw them out and watch them get bored!” The ghost frowned.

“Makes sense. ”

Sholo nodded and threw the two female cadets out the window without hesitation.

“His duck master, two pretty girls too!” The Duck King whispered.

The ghost threw Zheng Feihan and the male cadet one hand at a time, and then clapped and sat back.

Since then, calm has returned to the second floor...

For half a day, no one has awakened from this chain of transformations and shocks.

“Are our dishes on?” Sholo asked the owner of the Drunken Immortal House.

The owner of the drunken Immortal House smiled bitterly. He said: "Brother, you beat up the people of Twilight College. Run away. Why do you still have the heart to eat here? Why is your heart so big?

But on the face of it, it was a smile: “Sir, you better get out of here. They are from Twilight College. They will not stop there. ”

“If you dare come again, this girl will beat them to the ground with claws.” Ghost Way.

After hearing this, the boss and the paperman almost fainted. Twilight College is the biggest force here. Winning one or two is fine, but can you defeat all the experts at Twilight College?