Peerless Genius System

Chapter 788: Moon State

You can have this kind of trouble eating a meal, Sholo. Don't mention how silent it is.

The boss and the paperman finally persisted, but he and the ghost took the lead in serving their meals, hoping that they could finish eating and leaving before Zheng Feihan brought people back, so that a dispute could be avoided.

“Delicious, these dishes are really delicious! ”

The ghost had no girl's baggage, let go of her hands and feet and eat the delicious dishes at the table. It was completely inconceivable that she was actually a bloodsucker.

Duck Emperor and her virtuosity, irresistible to the delicious dishes, jumped directly to the table, holding an oily red roasted pork hoof that tasted delicious in Nazjin.

Compared to a duck, Sholo's eating photographs looked very much like Sven, with chopsticks and a slow clip of vegetables.

That was when an elderly man and a young man walked in with a smile on his face.

“Hello! ”

They greeted Sholo and the ghost, Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi.

“Who are you?” The ghosts put up a food guard as if they were afraid that they would take the delicious food in front of her.

“Hello girls, we are from Twilight College too.” Rockingstone smiled.

Twilight College?

As it turns out, the ghost's eyes flashed animosity: "Turns out you were with those people just now. ”

“No, no, no, no, no, the girl misunderstood, although we are also from Twilight College, but we are not with them, and Twilight College students do not all like to cheat people like Zheng Feihan.” Rockingstone is busy swinging.

“Oh," the ghost. That's how hostility fades. Bury your head and continue eating.

“What's wrong with you guys? ”

Sholo only then raised his head faintly, this transmission array to the next destination is at Twilight College, this is the message he had long asked, for Twilight College is not intentionally close, but will not deliberately alienate, while the one named Zheng Feihan was just an accident, stepped on his head, naturally have to be taught a lesson.

“Hello, my name is Luo Jinshi, and this is my mentor Hu Qingsong. I have a question for you, or a question for you.” The Rockingstone attitude is very friendly.

Hu Qingsong nodded: “Yes, gentlemen, I saw what happened between you and Zheng Feihan just now. If I'm not mistaken, my little brother's fix should be the mid-level martial arts master, right? ”

Sholo nodded and ate the appetizer: "Yes. ”

Hu Qingsong looked at the ghost: “And this beautiful girl had no fluctuations in her true power. Rather, she was an ordinary person, but she was an ordinary person. She was a trick to bring down Zheng Feihan of the Great Martial Arts Realm. You have also performed well, giving the two great warriors a relaxed ambush, and what happened to you is incredible and hard to believe that tens of thousands of years of universally recognized cultivation seems to have lost its rightful utility to you. ”

The most intuitive thing is, with your strength, how can you beat Zheng Feihan's gang?

Sholo smiled: “Sometimes, ears and ears may not be true, and similarly, eyes and eyes may not be true! ”

He is now in a state of regression, the breath is restrained, of course no one else can detect his true strength, and the ghost belongs to the bloodsucking family, the power system of the bloodsucking family is different from that of humans, no fluctuations in real power can be more normal.

“Ears and ears may not be true, eyes and eyes may not be true...”

Hu Qingsong repeated it over and over again. Soon, the frowns stretched out tightly together, and there was a feeling of unmistakable cheerfulness, "I see, you practiced some kind of secret, hiding your true strength? ”

Sholo thought, "What do you get? No, you still don't understand anything?

And he said, “Well, we did practice some kind of secret. ”

“Thank you little brother to help me solve the confusion, otherwise I fear that this will continue to rage, even my rest will be affected, the original reason is so simple, why didn't I think of it?” Hu Qingsong's breath was long and relaxed. If something really happened that went beyond the level of challenge, even if the power system in this world was wrong, even if there was only one example, it would suffice to indicate that the system was wrong.

Luo Jinshi: “It seems that the real strength of Brother Tai and the girl is also the least of the great martial arts master. In this way, should it be the peak of the great martial arts master? ”

Sholo didn't answer, raising his eyebrows was a default, and he had no obligation or reason to explain himself in detail.

The ghost enjoys the delights of the food and has no time to worry about it, eating cherry little bites surrounded by oil stains.

This girl is beautiful!

Rockingstone only now sees the ghost clearly, and the young girl's eating photographs is not elegant at all, but she will not lose points for her beauty. On the contrary, there is an innocent, lively and lovely rhyme.

“Ask me, how do I get to Twilight College?” Sholo is also welcome, and the courtesy deals with each other. Ask what you have to ask.

“Are you going to our academy?” Rockingstone Road.

“To be precise, we are going to the Moon Country through your transmission array.” Sholo knows his next destination by following the route marked on his map.

“Moon country? ”

Rockingstone and Hu Qingpine are all rapidly changing, like hearing a terrible name.

“What, what kind of trouble does the moon have?” Sholo frowned.

Luo Jinshi grinned bitterly: “Actually, I don't know what kind of place the moon worship is, but there are a lot of rumors about it. It is rumored that only women can go to the moon worship country. If a man goes, he will never come back. Whether you are Wu Wang, Wu Wang, or even Wuzong Qiang, as long as you go to the moon worship country, you have never come back. ”

Hu Qingsong nodded: “The Moon Country is called a forbidden place for men! ”

Man's Forbidden Land?!

Sholo feels that the situation is not very good. These two don't seem to be joking. What kind of powerful beast does Baiyue have to eat men for a living?

The Duck King also heard two shouts of “Gaga” 's golden stone and Hu Qingsong.

Neither of them understood, and Schollo laughed and translated with a funny smile: "Does it say that the duck would suffer the same thing? ”

Luo Jinshi couldn't cry: “It shouldn't be, it seems to be limited to men, of course, it's all rumours, we don't know if it's true, because the Moon Country is 800,000 kilometers away, and there are such horrible rumours, no one will risk their lives to go there unless they lose confidence in life, they will only go there to beg for death. ”

Sholo did not speak and frowned into contemplation.

“By the way, little brother, what are you doing in Moon Country?” Hu Qingsong asked curiously.

“Nothing, just passing through there.” Sholo laughed.