Peerless Genius System

Chapter 789: Minister of Security

Familiarized with Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi, after the meal, they led the way to Twilight College, and the owner of the drunken Immortal House said that he dared not take anything to take the money from the meal. He could throw the students of Twilight College downstairs like sandbags. Sholo and the ghost were revered by him as gods, so he could protect himself. How dare he ask for the money for the meal?

Sholo saved a little money, but he couldn't have stuffed it.

“Does that Zheng Feihan have any idea?” Sholo asked clearly, and he didn't want Dan to repeat what he was doing, and he asked clearly to prepare.

“His grandfather was an elder of the college and a noble man.” Rockingstone Road.

Another second ancestor with elders in the backstage?!

Sholo was surprised, not knowing what to say, to come this way and meet all these people.

“Xiao Xiao brothers don't have to worry, so much about the sesame size, Zheng Feihan should not tell his grandfather to start, otherwise he would lose his dignity in the college, get the handle behind the discussion.” Hu Qingsong comforted.

Although he is a mentor, he is grounded, most importantly because he is a new mentor and his qualifications are far from sufficient, and his position in the college is just a little higher than that of the students.

Two platoons of Twilight College students came to clear the streets.

“Out of the way, all of you!!! ”

The cadets and guards in Stan City were of a moral nature, with a little strength, pushing ordinary people off the streets wildly, a ground serpent, and not putting anyone in sight.

“Oops, looks like Chen Junbin, the head of the security department in charge of this area. Did Zheng Feihan tell Chen Junbin to come and take his place?” Rockingstone's face changed color and he felt familiar with the students at Twilight College.

His voice had just fallen, and two people walked out of the crowd, both of whom were Lord Zheng Feihan, whose body was strong.

“These are the two of you? ”

Chen Junbin's eyes squinted slightly, his eyes swept over Sholo and the ghost.

“Yes, brother, you have to take charge of me. My wounds are all caused by them.” Zheng Feihan seemed to have suffered tremendous grievances.

“Fei Han, not my brother said you, add one more martial artist in the district... Huh... that girl looks good, cough... a martial artist plus a woman who doesn't even have real power fluctuations, how could they teach you a lesson, can it be that the culmination of your great martial artist is fake?” Chen Junbin carried his hands with his head raised high.

Hearing this, Zheng Feihan couldn't help but laugh: “Dude, you don't know anything. These two evil doors have to be very good. They're not as good as us. But their strength is really scary. We didn't even have room to fight back. They threw us off the second floor of the Drunken Immortal Building like dumplings. ”

“What, did they throw you off the second floor? ”

Chen Junbin's face was full of surprises. The next second, he couldn't help but laugh out loud. "Fei Han, you guys are too bad. If this gets out, how can you be so dignified in college? ”

Zheng Feihan's face rose red: “Brother, please don't make fun of me, just take them off. The chick is excellent, take her back to serve, it is definitely a very enjoyable thing. ”

“Hey hey... that makes sense! ”

Chen Junbin's eyes swimmed over the ghost. He struck a lot of little 99 in his heart, and even more in his mind, he thought together.

“Jun Bin, as the Minister of Security, you deserve to stand on the side of justice and do justice for the bullied, not stand up for evil and cheat people. ”

Hu Qingsong stood out at this time and said, “Xiao Luo and I were in the drunken Immortal House at the time. We all know how things went. It was Zheng Feihan who tried to rob someone's place and hit him hard. He was taught a lesson. This is called taking his own fault, and he can't blame anyone else. ”

“Yo, who am I talking to so well? It turns out that Hu Qingsong, our college teacher is extremely tall and respected, disrespectfully, I just didn't see you as your teacher.” Chen Jun Bin Yin Yang said oddly, the pronunciation of the two words of the mentor was very bitten.

How can Hu Qingsong not hear the sarcasm between the lines, suddenly angry and jumping.

“Master Hu, you don't take your precious trainee with you and train him to do nothing about it. ”

Zheng Feihan put his hands crossed in front of his chest, and did not put Hu Qingsong in his eyes at all. “Look at you, all the mentors inside, you are only the cultivation of Wu Ling, my senior brother Bin is now in the middle of Wu Ling, how can you continue to rely on the college to enjoy the service of the college? ”


The surrounding Twilight College students couldn't help but laugh. It was clear that Hu Qingsong, although a mentor, had a very low status in their hearts.


Hu Qingsong was angry with Buddha to ascend to heaven, and Buddha was born. His raised hand shook at Zheng Feihan.

“Zheng Feihan, keep your mouth shut and don't insult Master Hu!” Luo Jinshi started for his mentor and drank heavily for Zheng Feihan.

Zheng Feihan's eyes instantly cooled down: “Luo Jinshi, how dare you talk to me like this? ”

“Aren't you fighting for yourself to have a grandfather who's an elder? What can be arrogant, more than cultivation, I am not worse than you, under the guidance of Master Hu, I am also the peak level of the Great Martial Master.” Luo Jinshi scolded and drank. He was never used to what Zheng Feihan did. At this moment, it erupted like a mountain flood.

Zheng Feihan couldn't find anything to refute for a moment. He stared at Rojinshi with his teeth cut.

“Peak of the Great Warrior? That's fast. Why don't we have some time to compare?” Chen Junbin looked at Luo Jinshi with a cold smile.

In the face of a Wu Ling, Rojin Shitong struck a spiritual spirit. Where did he dare to compete with Chen Junbin? This Chen Junbin is a recognized training genius of the College. Before he was even thirty years old, he had reached the level of Wu Ling in the medium term.

“What, is that shriveling? Retracted? ”

Chen Junbin laughed at the scene and drank coldly. "If you don't have the guts, then shut up. There's no part of you here! ”

Hu Qingsong pulled Luo Jinshi back and said to Chen Junbin: “Chen Junbin, as the Minister of Public Security, it is your duty to provide justice, maintain public order and protect the physical safety of the people. If you want to arrest people indiscriminately, I will report you to the top. ”

“Report me? ”

Chen Junbin made a frightening statement. “Master Hu, I'm really scared...”

The look of terror slowly turned into a laugh.

Other Twilight College students laughed.

“Don't you think you're a joke? Again? Do you think the Academy will value the report of one of your junk instructors? Hu Qingsong, I called you a mentor to give you your old face, don't give your face shame.” Chen Junbin's cold ways are no longer empty with the serpent.