Peerless Genius System

Chapter 790: Strike

As a mentor, Hu Qingsong naturally has a dignity that belongs to him. At this time, this dignity has been wantonly trampled by Chen Junbin and Zheng Feihan and others. The mud man still has three kinds of fire, not to mention that he is a man of flesh and blood.

“Boom ~”

Step out and step the ground into a pit.

A powerful aura erupted from Hu Qingsong's body. True force surged. Crushed stones floated into the air under the influence of his aura. His eyes stared dead at Chen Junbin, biting his teeth: “Tell me again! ”

Wu Ling's aura is naturally immense, and all the students at Twilight College in the presence felt a lot of pressure.

The ghost can't keep watching, to help Hu Qingsong, but it is stopped by Sholo. If it can avoid trouble, it is naturally good to avoid it. If it can't avoid, it is also up to him to do it. A girl's house, don't move roughly.

“Yo, angry? You think you're the only one with a temper, I'm not? ”

Chen Junbin snorted coldly, his face was furious, and he took a step forward. Since his face had been torn apart, how could he be afraid of this junk mentor without any backrest? Most importantly, they were both medium-term fixtures of Wu Ling, and nobody feared anyone.

“Chen Junbin, you're lying too much! ”

Hu Qingsong was extremely exasperated and embodied a phantom. He flushed up on Chen Junbin like an optoelectronic.

“So what, you bite me? ”

Chen Junbin's nostrils made a nasty soft-hearted sound. A powerful pressure burst out of his body instantly. His long hair was not windy and automatic. Others saw Hu Qingsong rush towards him, but what he saw was a dozen interwoven boxing shadows smashing him.

He drank loudly, his right fist swung out, to resist, completely fearless of Hu Qingsong!

The fist wrapped in real power was like a golden ray, powerful force created distorted images of space, as if to tear up the nearby void, huge pressure everywhere, surrounding Twilight College students subconsciously retreated back, that terrible energy fluctuations made everyone feel palpitations.

Two punches in the air!

“Boom ~”

A shocking thunderbolt erupted, a terrible energy fluctuation erupted like a mountain flood in the field. The surge pushed students from Twilight College, who had already stood far away, one or two meters harder. Zheng Feihan, close to him, had a precarious center of gravity, retreated sharply. If he was not held up, he would probably have fallen to the ground.

The surge of energy caused the whirring wind, the sand and dust flickered, covering Hu Qingsong and Chen Junbin's shadows inside.

For half a day, this fluctuation gradually stopped. Chen Junbin stood like a pine tree, while Hu Qingsong knelt down and covered his chest. There was blood on the ground. His mouth was also stained with blood, and his face was filled with pain.

Whoever wins or loses, the result is obvious!

“He threw up blood. ”

Looking at the blood on the ground, the characteristic of the ghost's bloodsucking family forced her to swallow spit.

“No wonder I don't have much standing. It turns out strength is really not very good. ”

The Duck Emperor sighed, “The naked eye is obviously bitter. What did the original world say? Well, I can't remember, I can't afford to go anywhere. The good man just perfectly showed the meaning of this sentence. ”

Sholo glanced at it and looked forward indifferently.

To him, Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi are only the leaders, not many friends, and they are also very superfluous for themselves. To be honest, he has no gratitude in his heart.

“Master Hu! ”

Luo Jinshi rushed up and tried to hold Hu Qingsong.

But Chen Junbin refused to allow it. He kicked him directly on the ground with one foot. Wu Lingxiu kicked him with one foot. He allowed Luo Jinshi to turn two heels on the ground in a row before stopping. His qi and blood surged. Finally, he couldn't help but spray a breath of blood.

“A mentor is a piece of junk, and a student is also a piece of junk, a piece of junk!” Chen Junbin stared coldly at Hu Qingsong Road.

“Master Hu Qingsong, I told you to stay out of your business. Look, my brother Bin punched me in the face and threw up blood. Although you are the same as Wu Ling in the medium term, there is still a difference.” Zheng Feihan walked up and laughed.

Hu Qingsong stared at both of them with his teeth cut, and a deep sense of humiliation surged into his mind. He hated no one else, he hated only his weak strength to suffer such insults.

“Ignore him, this time I'm here to make an appearance for you. In my land, if anyone doesn't give you Zheng Feihan's face, he won't give me face. ”

Chen Junbin skipped Hu Qingsong directly. A pair of snake-like triangular eyes swept towards Sholo and the ghost. “Do you two want me to come with you or do you want me to do it? ”

Sholo took two steps with no expression on his face and stared straight at Chen Junbin: “Are you the Minister of Security in this area? ”

“In Twilight, I don't even know Chen Junbin. You're sleepwalking.” Chen Junbin said.

“Looks like it. ”

Sholoquan smiled, "I just wanted to ask, what have we done? ”

As soon as he heard this, Zheng Feihan was angry: “You hurt me and my friends, and you dare ask what has been done, son, you are afraid not to wake up. ”

“Why did you hurt you and your friends and you didn't have a point in your heart?” Sholo grinned coldly.

“I…” Zheng Feihan mute.

Chen Junbin waved impatiently: “Don't be ridiculous. If you have any, I'll just ask you, did you fight the wound on his body? ”

“It's this girl. You got a problem with that.” The ghost admitted generously.

“Well, then there's no wrongdoing. Attacking Twilight College vigilante is a felony. Take it!” Chen Junbin pressed forward and gave orders to his own men.

There's nothing to talk about!

Sholo's expression condensed instantly. The next second, he came to Chen Junbin in a transient fashion.

Chen Junbin was shocked. Why didn't he expect the guy a dozen meters away from him to appear in front of him? His pupils couldn't help but shrink and his subconscious mind had to retreat. He wouldn't be allowed to react. Sholo punched him in the stomach.

“Boom ~”

The sound of a dull limb collision burst, without the whistle of flowers, just a simple, clean punch.

Chen Junbin's body immediately bent into a bow, his hands tightly covered his abdomen, endless pain poured up his face, a burst of hissing in his throat, then the whole person slowly knelt down on the ground.


The pain, unspeakable in words, swept all over the body, as if the intestines and guts were stirring together, tearing the heart off lungs, even bending over the abdomen, the pain did not relieve much, after kneeling on the ground, eventually unimaginable, howling like a pig.