Peerless Genius System

Chapter 791: God's Will

Sholo glanced indifferently at Chen Junbin, then pulled out his foot and hit Chen Junbin in the jaw.

“Pfft ~”

A lot of blood erupted from Chen Junbin's mouth and nose. His body was even more brutally smashed out. Two stunned Twilight College students were knocked over before stopping. After landing, he raised his head unbelievably and looked at Sholo. His eyes were black and he passed out completely.


The students at Twilight College in attendance were horrified, beating their heads to the ground with one punch. How is this possible? Their heads are real martial arts masters. How can they be so easily beaten down?

Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi stared at the scene equally stunned, I can't believe it, second kill, real second kill, no effort to blow, how the hell did that guy do that?

Even if people still don't believe that Chen Junbin has been defeated, this is the iron-like fact, and Chen Junbin's death on the ground is the strongest proof.

Zheng Feihan's entire petrification was in place. He looked at Sholo like a monster. His forehead was full of bean-sized sweat beads. As Sholo looked at him, he couldn't help but swallow a cold sweat waterfall.

“Is it fun?” Sholo spoke faintly.

“You... what do you want? I'm telling you, my grandfather is the elder of Twilight College. If you touch me, my grandfather will tear you to pieces!” Zheng Feihan said in horror.

“I hate people threatening me the most. ”

Sholo has a temper now, like Zheng Feihan, in which case he is zero tolerance.

Just kick it out and kick it in Zheng Feihan's chest.

“Boom ~”

A dull blast, the pounding force centered on the point of contact, rapidly spread to the surrounding area, five dirty six-hearted tremors, Zheng Feihan mouth sprayed blood, like a broken kite threw out backwards, the flight trajectory was a parabolic line, smashed into an unknown place and disappeared, his screaming across several alleys.

Horror Russ!

The students at Twilight College in attendance revealed a profound sense of consternation to Sholo's eyes. In their eyes, Sholo and a Shah God were alike. How could they not have imagined that a warrior in the district had such a terrible fighting power, is this still a warrior?

Shorona's cold eyes swept past the students at Twilight College and scolded: "Get lost! ”

These people don't dare to say anything. This is the person whose head can be instantly killed. All of them are scattered as birds and animals. Before leaving, they didn't forget to lift up the unconscious Chen Junbin.

“Okay, well played, that was so much fun! ”

Rockingstone was in a very comfortable mood, "Zheng Feihan and the others were upset long ago, Brother Shaw, you kind of waited for me to take a nasty breath. ”

He said as he lifted Hu Qingsong up.

“The bad guys are supposed to fight! ”

The ghost held the little red umbrella in front of Sholoh and said, a sense of justice burst.

“We're in trouble. We're in big trouble. ”

Hu Qingsong shook his head with deep sigh. “Elder Zheng is famous for his short protection. Whether he is a student under his command or a future generation, no one else can move as long as he has a little connection with him. Now you hurt Zheng Feihan very badly. He knows that after this is not good enough, it will also affect your use of the transmission array. As long as Elder Zheng stops, nobody dares to let go. ”

Sighing, although he only met Sholo and the ghost for half a day, he felt the relationship was relatively close, and he didn't want to see Sholo and the ghost stay in Twilight forever for that reason.

“It's all right. My handsome Lolo isn't afraid of anyone, is he? ”

The ghost saw the power of Sholo, even their blood-sucking elder allies were defeated by him, and looked at the world. Apart from the Light Holy Land, surely no one would be Sholo's opponent, and she was quite confident in Sholo's strength.

Sholo couldn't help but laugh and ask, "When did I become your home?"

I nodded, however, and it was a welcome default.

Hu Qingsong shook his head and sighed. Obviously, he felt that the ghost was too naive and ignorant. He thought: Don't say that you don't know where it came from. Even the director of Twilight College wouldn't dare to say such a great word of convulsion and say something that doesn't scare anyone.

Of course, he doesn't blame the ghost and Sholo. After all, at an age of ignorance, he's a little talented, and he thinks it's normal that there are no more enemies in the world.

He asked seriously, "You must go to Moon Country, right? ”

Sholo nodded: "Yes. ”

“Then we hurry to the college, catch the news of Zheng Feihan and Chen Junbin's injuries have not been returned to the college this time difference, you use the transmission array to get out of here, go, hurry up, you will never be able to go again late!” Hu Qingsong took the lead and rushed to Twilight College.

“Brother Xiao, Ghost Girl, listen to Master Hu, let's go.” Rockingstone is also a haste.

The ghost thought it was strange: "Handsome Lolo, is that what Ben said wrong? ”

Sholo raised his eyebrows, stalled his hand, and then followed Hu Qingsong.

“Be careful with the boat for 10,000 years, goddamn it, boy. Don't make the same mistake this time.” The Duck King is scared too. Remind Sholo quickly.

“You relaxed. ”

Sholo turned back and answered, in the same place, he wouldn't fall twice.



In a hurry, after a fragrance, he finally came to Twilight College.

The college is beyond imagination, situated in the center of Twilight, it occupies about one-tenth of the area of Twilight, the quaint gates, the green stone steps, engraved with the sense of the years, and there is a solemn and sacred atmosphere all over the college, carrying the precipitation of the millennia.

There are countless pavilion pavilions, blue blue lakes, and a vast battlefield filled with war will...

Coming here, Sholo seems to have returned to the university of the original world, except Twilight College, which should be larger than any other university in the original world, where students in uniform are everywhere, few people in Twilight City, if any, have people like him who need to use the transmission array.

The transfer array is set up on a square, upright apron to the west of the college, and many people using the transfer array are blocked from the outside, with senior college mentors and several elders filling up the transfer array.

“It's broken, the power of the transfer array is just depleted and needs to be replenished! ”

Rockingstone's sad face, "How could there be such a coincidence in the world, what can we do now? ”

As he spoke, he glanced at his mentor Hu Qingsong and looked at the past, hoping that Hu Qingsong could come up with a way to deal with it.

Hu Qingsong was a long sigh: “God, it's all God's will. God also helped Zheng Feihan's villains. ”