Peerless Genius System

Chapter 792 Mobilization

“How long does the process of filling up take?” Sholo asked.

“It'll take at least a day. ”

Hu Qingsong sighed back, a day long enough for Elder Zheng to react.

“Master Hu, what shall we do? Shall we hide Brother Shaw and the ghost girl first? ”

Luo Jinshi pondered for a moment, "Why don't we order them an inn to rest outside, wait until the transfer line is full of energy, see if we can touch the fish, avoid Elder Zheng's eyes and leave through the transfer line. ”

“This can only be done, but it cannot be booked in the city. Once the news of Zheng Feihan's injuries reaches Zheng Elder Ear, the college will send a large number of students to carry out a carpeted search of Twilight City. No matter where the inn stays, it is not a good choice.” Hu Qingsong frowned.

“What does Mentor Hu mean?” Rockingstone is a little confused.

“The most dangerous place is the safest place, so go find two sets of trainees' clothes.” Hu Qing Songdao.

Rockingstone was so happy: “I get it, Master Hu wants them to pretend to be our college students, tens of thousands of our college students, fish eyes mixed beads, staying in the college is the safest, I'll find two new clothes right away. ”

Then he ran away.

“We'll wait here for a moment.” Hu Qingsong against Shao Lo Dao.

Sholo nodded his head and looked at the transmission array in the square. It seemed so natural that something so terrible would happen to him.

Soon, Rockingstone came back with two sets of college students' clothes.

Sholo and the ghost wandered around the college after Hu Qingsong's place was changed. According to Hu Qingsong, if Elder Zheng learned about the news, he would definitely send people to search for them. After the search outside was unsuccessful, he would definitely turn around to ask Hu Qingsong and Rojinshi about their whereabouts, so it would be wonderful not to stay with the two of them.

“Handsome Lolo, they are such good people who will take so much time and effort to help us not long after we meet.” Walking side by side in Twilight College, the ghost couldn't help but say to Sholo.

Sholo raised his eyebrows: “He's a good man indeed. ”

Although there is little difference between help and no help, it is undeniable that Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi are really trying to help them.

“In these days, good people don't live long, and evil lasts a thousand years!” The Duck King said coldly.

“Do you have a saying? You didn't make that up, did you?” The ghost half-sanctioned half-scientific.

“Compilation? If Ben Duck can make up such a philosophical sentence, I can't help but ask the boy who killed this day if he has such a sentence.” Duck King's Road.

Though I would very much like to deny it, Sholoh would not deny this old world saying, nodding his head and affirming it.

“In that case, the girl is not a good person. Ben wants to be a scourge, hip-hop...” the ghost smiled softly.

“The scourge is the bad guy, little girl. You're far from that standard.” Duck Emperor Strikes.

“How can that meet the standards of the bad guys?” The ghost seeks passage.

The Duck King coughed twice and flew to her shoulder, a serious statement: "First, you have to do something bad! ”

“Doing bad things? ”

“Of course, if bad people don't do bad things, do good things. ”

“Okay, well, what bad things to do?” The ghost leaps to try.

The Duck King thought about it and looked away. "See the trash can in front? ”

The ghost nodded: “I see. ”

“It's a bad thing to walk over, kick it over, and let the garbage spill all over the floor. ”

“That simple?” The Ghost asks.

“It's that simple.” The Duck King nodded like a tall man.

“I'm not going.” Ghost Way.

The duck emperor almost fell, mobilized for so long, but ended up not saying, “Why? ”

“You can smell it from afar, Ben doesn't want to get her feet dirty. ”

The ghost screamed his little mouth, “Another bad thing. ”

“Another one? ”

The duck emperor touched his chin and his eyes lit up, "See that toilet over there? ”

“I saw it. I saw it.” The ghost is coming again.

“You pick up a rock and hide it, and when you see someone throwing a bomb in it, you throw it in the thatch, hey... that shithole is bound to splash a butt, that picture, just think about it, it's exciting.” The Duck King is like a demon who encourages others to do bad things, and his teeth show a sly smile.

The ghost first heard the smell, but soon frowned: “No, I'm not going. ”

“Why?” The Duck King started speaking English.

“What's crooked?” The ghost is unknown, so.

“It's horrible to have no culture. I'm asking why.” The Duck Emperor's Superiority Blast Shed.

“'Cause it's dirtier than kicking a trash can and it stinks.” Ghost Way.

“You're a tough girl, so I'll give you another idea.” The Duck King touched his chin and thought carefully.

“Bang ~”

At this point, Sholo unnecessarily rewarded a chestnut on his duck's head.

The Duck King's thoughts were interrupted suddenly, covered with a duck head, stared at Sholo, and asked angrily: “What? ”

“There's no end to it. Don't you know how to teach good?” Sholo sank his voice.

“The little girl herself said to do bad things, it's none of my business.” The Duck Emperor argued cunningly.

“I'll beat you up. You got a problem?” Sholo scoundrels once.

In that sentence, let the Duck King not know how to reply, can't fight, can't have fought in his life, reason with others, he talks to you about fists, talk to others about fists, uh, forget it.

“Hey, which department are you from? What are you doing wandering around? ”

At this point, a loud voice sounded, and Sholo and the ghost turned around and looked, a group of Twilight College students, shouting at one of them.

“We are the propaganda department.” Sholo responded with Hu Qingsong's prepared remarks in advance.

“Since it is the propaganda department, then stop this grinding and tell everyone to report to Elder Zheng. ”

In short, the group ran from them in flames.

“His duck master's, it seems the news has returned, then what Elder Zheng is assembling everyone to dig three feet to find us too.” The Duck King looked at the backstage of the group's departure.

“All of a sudden, it's as funny as when I was a kid and Louis and they were hiding from cats.” The ghost is excited.

Sholo was speechless for a while, then swept around and saw a mountain, a woodland, where he could hide as the entire college boiled.

"Let's go there. ”

“Okay, okay, hide in there, they won't be able to find us, hip-hop...” Ghost Apricot Eye glowed.

“Little girl, you have a really big heart.” The Duck Emperor lifted his forehead.