Peerless Genius System

Chapter 793: The Public

Sholoh led the ghost and the duck emperor to the lesser mountain, looking at the dense woods, but there were many artificial trails stepping out in the woods.

If you don't look at the vintage buildings outside, just this forest, Sholo can easily connect the back mountain of his university to this place, because it's so similar, the environment is quiet, and the sound of birds, he and Zhao Mengqi have been walking in the back mountain when he was in love, of course, he and Zhao Mengqi haven't been there since he saw a used condom in the back mountain of the school, there has been a shadow in his mind.

He never thought that the rumors that many of the university backyards that were circulating on the Internet were wild Yuanyang sex places were true, and that their university was one of them.

Thinking about it, something very silent happened to him.

A depressed woman moaned in her ear. He and Su Li had had many skin affinities. Naturally, it was clear that it was the voice of a man and woman who loved each other. Her eyes looked down at the source of the sound. The bodies of two white flowers appeared hidden in the woods. She sat on the ground, taking heaven as her seat, and concentrated herself in joy.

The man above was very brave, and every time he struck, he let the woman below make a soul-racing cry.

“What's that sound? ”

As a bloodsucker, the ghost's five officials were also very acute, and Sholo could hear the sound, and naturally she could hear it, and then she saw the wild fairies 100 meters away, like Sholo, and she blinked her apricot eyes, curious, “Oh, handsome Lolo, what are they doing? Was it a fight? Why do you have to take off your clothes to fight? ”


Sholo almost choked.

“Fighting? Where? Where?” The Duck King was very excited.

“Well, isn't it there?” The ghost showed it with his finger.

At first glance, Duck Emperor spoke heavily: “Little girl really didn't see it, how could it be a fight? That is clearly the most beautiful thing in the world. ”


Sholo coughed twice and glanced at it, meaning don't talk nonsense. If you teach the ghost bad, he'll be fine.

The ghost couldn't understand it at all: "Isn't there something beautiful about the world that can't be eaten? ”

“That's because you haven't done that, and that's why you think that eating food is the best thing in the world, and if you've done that, you never will.” The Duck King ignored Sholo's eye warning and took the ghost to the pit step by step.

“Really?” The ghost half-letter was suspicious.

“Of course it's true, if you don't believe me, you can get this goddamn kid to do it now and see if what Ben Duck says is true.” The Duck King glanced at Sholo.

“Yes, yes, yes. ”

Ghosts are excited, jumping to try, “Handsome Lolo, let's do it too. ”

Sholoh gave her a chestnut directly on her head melon. The ghost covered her head melon and whispered. Chu Chu looked at Sholoh pathetically: “It hurts. ”

Sholo scolded: "You don't know what to do, you can't understand anything. You believe what the stinking duck is saying!? ”

Then he reached out and grabbed the Duck King's neck and threw it at a tree.


The Duck King was like a small shell, colliding sharply with the tree, and the scream of "Gah” slipped to the ground like a piece of mud.

“Killed the duck, killed the duck...”

When the Duck King landed, he howled loudly.

Sholory ignored it and headed straight for the top of the mountain.

Or a ghost, walking over and putting the duck king in his pocket: “Duck, were you lying to me? Why else would handsome Lolo be angry? ”

“Little girl, haven't you ever heard of accompanying a king like a tiger? The boy killed on that day is‘ Jun ’. We are‘ companions’. We have to be careful what we say or we will lose our lives.” The Duck Emperor began to pull the camp and felt it was still safe to build a united front with the ghosts.

“Bullshit. How can Lolo be so cute and dangerous?” The ghost dares not agree.

“Cute? ”

The Duck King grinned, “That's because you didn't see his cruel side, killing people, it's a demon. ”

“Handsome Lolo must have been unbearable to kill, and he must have killed some villains.” Ghost Way.

If you think about it, it seems like it's really like the girl in front of you said, Sholo is some villain who couldn't bear to kill.

“What are you still standing there for? Come on. ”

At this point, Sholo stood in front and turned back to shout.

“Coming." The ghost hurried up and followed his ass.



The pair of wild Faithful are at the waist of the hill, the top of the hill is not high enough, but only about 400 meters, to overlook the entire Twilight College.

“Looks like the whole academy's headed for the transmission array.” The Duck King muttered.

“Yeah, it looks like a bunch of ants are crawling.” The ghost sounds in harmony.

Sholo frowned because he could see exactly what was happening on the apron of the transmission array.

[Transfer Array Apron]

Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi were strapped to the cross and were unable to move. Their faces were a little pale and their mouths were covered with blood stains. It was clear that they had suffered internal injuries, which helped nothing.

In front of them was an old man in a grey robe, who had to be white and stand there with his hands on his back. An old pair of eyes breathed a cold breath. It was the elder Zheng of Twilight College.

Zheng Feihan and Chen Junbin were held on his sides and looked at Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi with their teeth cut.

Nearby are hundreds of students at Twilight College, who have different faces and are talking in a low voice.

“What happened? Hu Qingsong injured Zheng Feihan and Chen Junbin and was tied up by Elder Zheng to show the public here? ”

“Of course not. Just Hu Qingsong, the junk mentor, gave him 10 guts, he didn't dare to hurt Zheng Feihan, and with his strength, he would not be Chen Junbin's opponent. ”

“Then why did Elder Zheng tie them up? ”

“Zheng Feihan and Chen Junbin were injured by a man and a woman who were very close to Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi. We searched the whole city and didn't find them. They must have been hidden by Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi. ”

“So this junk instructor is really looking for something! ”

“Sinned Elder Zheng and had his good fruit to eat. ”

“By the way, what is the attitude of the Dean and the other elders on this matter? ”

“What kind of attitude can there be? In the college, Elder Zheng is the one who has the real voice. The Dean is his brother, forgive and forgive. The other elders know Elder Zheng's tantrum. How can he come out this time? All he can say is that Hu Qingsong and Luo Jinshi are bad luck for the teachers. ”

“Yeah, it's not good to hang out in the college, you have to eat up and hold on to the elders, and mess with elders Zheng as soon as you mess with them, so you can't blame anyone. ”