Peerless Genius System

Chapter 797: Do Your Best

Sholo's body stood straight like a pine tree. Liu Hai in front of him did not wind automatically. He looked indifferently at Elder Zheng. The power of the sky spread through him, as if everything was under his control. The dark battle between Elder Zheng and Elder Zheng also quietly opened the prelude.

The airflow in this space seems to be stopping, and the participants in the room feel a lot of pressure!

Hu Qingsong, Luojinshi, and Irinda were nervous, and the smell was really a little sword-shaped.

“What realm have you reached above your martial arts master?” Elder Zheng stared at Sholo like a snake.

The corner of Schollo's mouth rose slightly and a rubber was raised: "Try it and you'll see. ”

Try it?!

Participants present around had to take a breath of cool air.

“This guy is so arrogant, he dared to call Elder Zheng to try. ”

“Elder Zheng is Wuhuang, he has reached the mid-term level, he actually asked a Wuhuang to try his cultivation, too arrogant. ”

“It's not arrogance, it's arrogance, he's bound to pay for his arrogance! ”

Zheng Feihan stepped forward, pointing to Sholo's anger: “Son of a bitch, stop talking fast, my grandfather is going to kill you as easy as stepping on a termite, die here and fart, go fuck yourself. ”

Chen Junbin put his hands crossed in his chest: “What are you talking about with a dead man? Look at him. He looks like a dead man. When he dies, strip him naked and hang him on the walls of the city. Wouldn't that be nice? ”

“His duck master, these two * * bastards are so harsh, God damn it, don't spare them.” The Duck Emperor, who stayed in the ghost's pocket, couldn't help but say.

Sholo glanced slightly at Zheng Feihan and Chen Junbin. To be honest, he really didn't want to do anything about this stuffed shrimp.

But that's when Elder Zheng moved.

“Crazy boy, slap the old man! ”

Elder Zheng scolded and drank. Elder's right palm greeted Sholo.

The fierce and unparalleled hand rolled like a wave, turned into a hurricane sweeping wildly towards Sholoh. In this hurricane, a dragon formed by real power screamed at Zhang Teeth Dancing Claw, like it was going to tear Sholoh to pieces all at once, the hurricane passed, the ground collapsed, the sand rolled over, and the shock was overwhelming.

“Get out of my way! ”

Hu Qingsong shouted out, he really didn't want to see any innocent people die in the hands of Twilight College. In his heart, Twilight College has become a subdued and authoritarian dark ruler, people living in Twilight City are covered in this darkness, and there is no dawn of hope.

Sholoh did not move, and the true force in his body spontaneously moved, spreading out of his surface from hundreds of millions of pores, covered by an invisible shield.

“Boom ~”

Elder Zheng firmly struck this shield, the dragon made of the illusion of true power growled and shocked, but in the moment, it broke apart. The thick palm power was centered around Sholoh, the ground collapsed, the floor broke, the endless power of Zheng Feihan and Chen Junbin flied out, and the far-sighted students pushed three or four meters away.

Hu Qingsong, Rockingstone and Elenda are supported by ghosts and are not affected, they just feel like they are in the wind.

It was not until the interest rate was counted that the ravaging hand gradually dissipated.

The crowd looked toward the field, and saw Sholoh with his hands on his back, standing safely there, careless at all. The state of silence was like that of a god of war.

How come?

He took care of Elder Zheng, and nothing happened?

Everyone was so horrified that they couldn't believe it.

Zheng Feihan and Chen Junbin realized something was wrong and hurriedly took the opportunity to be lifted by the wind and retreated further away. Sholo was too evil in their eyes.

Elder Zheng's face also changed color. Although he didn't do all he could, he also had 40% of his strength. Once he did, a Wu Wang had to explode and die, and this boy had nothing to do with it. Is it possible that Wu Wang's manipulation?

With this possibility in mind, the whole body had to fight a spiritual spirit and immediately rejected the assumption that it was impossible, how could he be young enough to train to the ranks of Wuhuang, which was absolutely impossible.

“Do your best, or you won't have a chance!” Sholo looked at his faint path.

When I heard this, Elder Zheng was stunned, his eyes were bloody, and an old face filled with rage and anger: “Okay, good, good, boy, it's been a long time since anyone dared to talk to my husband like that!” He shouted at the students around him, "If all the participants quit the five husbands, don't blame the husband for not reminding you. ”

Elder Zheng, is this serious?!

All the participants took a sip of cool air, and a guy who didn't know where to run from actually pushed Elder Zheng to the real thing. It was hard to imagine. They hurriedly retreated back and fully withdrew six lengths before relaxing.

“Get out of here, too.” The ghost grinned at Hu Qingsong Road.

How could Hu Qingsong not know that he underestimated Sholo's strength? After a glance at the ghost and Sholo, he let Rockingstone and Irinda help himself back to one side. His heart was so high, he was so nervous and angry.

“Boy, madness means madness. Are you sure you have it? ”

Elder Zheng left the ground and floated slowly into the air. As the height rose, his breath soared. The spirituality of heaven and earth was influenced by his breath. Like rage, he rose and rolled. Everyone below felt like there was a mountain pressed against his chest. It was unbearable.

Sholo raised his head and stared at him with no expression: "Don't you think you're talking a little more? ”

Elder Zheng's mouth pounded: “Okay, I'll show you how horrible Wuhuang's power is, and how ignorant and ridiculous you are. ”

He reached out his right hand, his spirituality was drawn in all directions, and he poured wildly towards his palm, slowly condensed into a clear white sphere, the white sphere was getting bigger and bigger, the surface seemed to have electric fluttering Zz sound, the surrounding space also produced distorted images, since it came out, thunderbolt rolling, wind raging.

“Sex ~”

A dozen figures appeared on the top floor of the surrounding courtyard, with the lid being the other elders of the college.

“Dean, really let Elder Zheng do this? Aren't you afraid he'll tear down the academy?” An elder's indignation revealed his dissatisfaction with Elder Zheng.

Dean raised his hand to stop: “Don't worry, my brother has his share! ”

The elder said bitterly like a yellow lotus. He muttered: "I don't know whether the director of Twilight College is Elder Zheng or you, Dean Ai. ”

The Dean did not think otherwise: “I am in the same company as my brother, and the Dean of Twilight College is me or him. What difference does it make? ”