Peerless Genius System

Chapter 798 Slaughter

Air solidification, pressure surge!

The people present were shocked to see Zheng Elder brewing a powerful blow in the sky, and they dared not breathe.

“Crazy kid, die!!! ”

Elder Zheng scolded and drank, and the white spirit energy ball in his hand slammed to the bottom of Sholo.


The white spiritual energy ball quietly crossed the void and didn't even bring up a little wind along the way. However, it was in such a light and floating position that the people beneath it had their roots upside down. Soon, the white spiritual energy ball hit Sholo.

“Boom ~”

An uncontrolled and astonishing explosion sounded, devastating energy fluctuations spread out, and at this moment the void space filled with ripples, ripples slowly spreading to the periphery, the ground burst into flames, thunder rolling, the wind raging, the heavens and the earth lost color at this moment.

The surrounding participants retreated and could not speak of fear. This energy fluctuation was like a dragon roaring, like a wave sweeping, like a hurricane raging, causing a feeling of numbness in the scalp, and a chestnut spreading from the deep inside.

“This is the destructive power of Wuhuang?!” Hu Qingsong struck a chill and his eyes trembled violently.

“Under such a powerful blow, Brother Shaw feared that it was...”

Rockingstone was bitter in the face. The blow was too strong. I'm afraid the ground had collapsed into a big pit. Sholo was afraid he couldn't hold it.

Gradually, the sweeping energy fluctuations stopped. Otherwise, a large pit about three feet in diameter appeared on the ground. Then, looking at the center of the big pit, everyone opened their eyes, unable to describe in words the shock on the surface.

“How? How is that possible? ”

“After such a terrible blow from Elder Zheng, that guy is still safe! ”

“Oh, my God, who is he? What realm has his strength reached? ”

“Impossible. How could this happen in the world? ”

“He... is he a monster? ”

The people's hearts shocked the river.

“What the hell is going on with this bastard..." Zheng Feihan sincerely produced a trembling chestnut on his soul.

Chen Junbin did not speak, but his body trembled slightly.

Hu Qingsong, Rojinshi, and Elenda also looked at the front with a gaze. There was indeed a big pit, but the center of the big pit was intact. Sholo stood there with his hands on his back and a ghost. He remained calm and calm.


The other elders in the college looked at each other in surprise. Although Zheng Elder Zheng deliberately controlled the scope of the blast, he really used Wuhuang-level strength. How could he still be intact after taking that blow? They stared straight at Sholo in the field and thought this guy was too evil.

“Who are you exactly?” In the sky, Elder Zheng's expression cracked and Sholo roared underneath.

Sholo's mouth rose: “It doesn't matter who I am, it's my turn now. ”

The voice just fell, his right hand grabbed the emptiness, and a great hand of annihilation appeared in the emptiness, and he shouted at Elder Zheng in a haunted manner.

This great hand of extinction was like the Buddha's hand, and suddenly he shot Elder Zheng from the air to the ground. Elder Zheng was like a shell and smashed the ground out of a huge pit.

Sholo suddenly remembered what happened to Dan Huizhong, and the killing machine appeared in his eyes.

“Forget it, please go to hell! ”

The faint words came out lightly, the dragon knife came out of its sheath, and he did not hesitate to fall towards Zheng Elder Zheng, who was struggling to climb in the great pit.

“Buzz ~”

A nearly five-length knife flash, a brilliant rainbow with a horrible power straight down.

“No, stop it! ”

President Ai shouted and rushed up first. The other elders reacted equally slowly. They rushed out like photovoltaics and tried to stop them.

Sholoh had long felt their presence, and he had to hum, and the rate of chopping had suddenly accelerated.

Elder Zheng raised his head from the pit and watched this brilliant knife slice down, instantly scared the dead soul, immediately mobilized the true force of his whole body to fully defend him, but he was frightened and desperate that Sholo's blow just now damaged his five dirty six hearts, the true force could not be mobilized at all.

“No!!! ”

A grunting roar came out of his mouth, and the next second, he was overshadowed by a brilliant knife.

“Boom ~”

Wind lightning arrays, ground tortoises, wild winds, dusty skies, terrible energy fluctuations between heaven and earth, invisible pressures like waves of anger swept out, rushing elders and deans were stopped and stayed a few blocks away.

When the storm dispersed, the ground was a striking knife mark, and Elder Zheng had been turned into a fragment of the ground.


The people present breathed a breath of cool air. Why didn't they expect the elder Zheng to be killed? It was Wuhuang, the moisture-free Wuhuang, who actually died under the sword of that guy? There are no remains!

Unbelievable, unacceptable!

“Grandpa! ”

Zheng Feihan looked at the shredded corpse and shouted painfully. It all seemed so unreal. His grandfather actually died. How could this be possible? How could this be true?

Chen Junbin took a hard sip of saliva, quickly pulled away from Zheng Feihan, and stood with most of the trainees. They encountered a fierce, a fierce one that even Wuhuang could kill.

“Tsk Tsk Tsk, little girl, now you know this goddamn kid is cruel.” Duck Emperor Tsk called it a wonder.

“There's nothing wrong with that. Ben killed someone, too. That makes me cruel.” The ghost didn't think otherwise, she worshipped Sholo and thought he was doing everything right.

Sholoh's body was nailed in place like an iron pile, surrounded by a raging energy storm, and his figure gave a feeling of immobility, like the emperor of King's Landing to deter all sides.

“Who are you? Why are you in my Twilight College?” Dean Ai scolded and drank.


Even Elder Zheng died under his knife. Is this Sano's category?

Other elders can't believe their ears.

“Believe it or not, I didn't want to cause trouble, but your college students were constantly provoking me. ”

Sholo reached out and Zheng Feihan was attracted, flying directly into his hand, his neck strangled by his five fingers, a strong sense of asphyxiation poured into his brain, his face rose red, but he couldn't escape.

“What are you doing? Let him go!” Dean Aye was stunned.

“Sure. ”

Sholo grinned brutally, the dragon knife in his hand swung, Zheng Feihan's left arm chopped off, the blood shot, then he let Zheng Feihan go, throwing it aside like garbage.

Zheng Feihan, who fell to the ground, rolled in pain, screaming Lian...